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  • 1. Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment V.2 Air Force Public Affairs Agency - Emerging Technology DivisionDISCOVERY Web Posting Contact Information Has someone discovered a post Phone: 703-696-1158 about the organization? E-mail: afbluetube@gmail.com Is it positive or balanced? YES NOEvaluate “TROLLS” MONITOR ONLY Avoid responding to Is this a site dedicated to specific posts, monitor bashing and degrading others? the site for relevant information and CONCURRENCE A factual and well cited response, NO YES comments. Notify HQ. which may agree or disagree with the post, yet is not factually “RAGER” erroneous, a rant or rage, bashing Is the posting a rant, rage, joke or negative in nature. or satirical in nature? FIX THE FACTS Do you wish to respond NO You can concur with the post, let stand or provide a positive review. with factual information Do you want to respond? directly on the comment “MISGUIDED” board? YES Are there erroneous facts (See Response in the posting? Considerations) NO YES NO YESLet Stand RESTORATION Let the post “UNHAPPY CUSTOMER” Do you wish to rectify stand -- no response. Is the posting a result of a negative experience? YES the situation and act upon a reasonable solution? NO (See ResponseRespond Considerations) SHARE SUCCESS FINAL EVALUATION Do you wish to proactively share Write response for current your story and your mission? circumstances only. (See Response Considerations) Will you respond? YES YES YES RESPONSE CONSIDERATIONS TRANSPARENCY SOURCING TIMELINESS TONE INFLUENCE Disclose your Cite your sources Take time to Respond in a tone Focus on the Air Force by including create good that reflects most used sites connection. hyperlinks, video, responses. highly on the rich related to the images or other Don’t rush. heritage of the Air Force. references. Air Force.