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Amdis experton presentation

  1. 1. Blue Button: The Patient-Physician EHR Connection At Every Point of Care Bettina Experton, M.D. M.P.H. The 2013 Physician-Computer Connection Symposium
  2. 2. What is Blue Button®? A Transformative National Policy for Patients to V/D/T their Online Health Records and Adopted Nationwide for Use Today by ~100 million Americans
  3. 3. From Blue Button… to iBlueButton From a 300 page Blue Button ASCII text claims record to… A Mobile Longitudinal Health Record Available at Every Point of Care From a Simple Text File to.... iBlueButton® The ONC Industry Innovation Blue Button Challenge Winner
  4. 4. Blue Button+ Meets MU-2 V/D/T Requirements Requirements Specified in MU 2 VDT Specified for Blue Button+ Structure Consolidated CDA Consolidated CDA Section & Fields MU2 Sections & Fields MU2 Sections & Fields Transmit Direct Protocol (SMIME/SMTP) Direct Protocol (SMIME/SMTP) Trust Anchors Manual Anchor Exchange Blue Button Trust Bundle Certificate Discovery Via DNS or LDAP Via DNS or LDAP Transmit Context - In message body and optional Request.txt Download Yes Yes Transmit: Send Once Yes Yes Transmit: Send on Change - Automation & Triggers
  5. 5. iBlueButton®: a Registered Blue Button+ Trust Bundle Patient Application Name Website Domains Expires Status Microsoft HealthVault direct.healthvault. com 12/31/2039 Active NoMoreClipboard nomoreclipboard. com nomoreclipboard. com 12/9/2023 Active ibluebutton direct.ibluebutton .com 2/23/2033 Active
  6. 6. EMR Private Payer Lab iBlueButton Server Direct Registry Service Push Notification Service Download Service Direct Messaging Service Blue Button+ goes mobile with iBlueButton For Anywhere, Automated V/D/T on the User’s Own Device Push Notification Immediate Record Access File Decoding & Reformatting iBlueButton Home Screen App Direct Address
  7. 7. Mobile to Mobile Exchange of Blue Button and other records at the Point of Care The iBlueButton apps are based on Humetrix U.S. patent #5,995,965 and other pending patents. "Blue Button", the Blue Button logo, and the slogan "Download My Data" are registered Service Marks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) an agency of the United States Government and are used by permission of HHS. © 2013 Copyright Humetrix. Patient-Controlled Mobile HIE App POC Device to Device 2-way Data Exchange
  8. 8. HIE and Care Coordination Shortfalls: The Medicare Use Case  In 2011, only 31% of physicians can exchange records electronically  With the average Medicare beneficiary seeing 7 physicians per year, 2/10,000 odds that all of a given patient’s physicians could exchange medical records for that patient  Under 5% of SNFs, Rehabilitation or Long-term Care facilities have installed EMR systems  Given that 1/3 of Medicare patients are discharged from a hospital to one of these facilities, large gaps exist in making medical records available which are not addressed by conventional HIE strategies
  9. 9. “Advancing Interoperability and Health Information Exchange” By Leveraging the Blue Button Initiative (Question #9 RFI) Response to ONC/CMS (April 22, 2013)  Broad outreach communication campaign to Medicare beneficiaries  Large scale healthcare provider outreach to let them know about the value of the 3- year longitudinal history provided by the Medicare Blue Button for transitions of care and drug reconciliation.  Register Medicare patients for Blue Button record access at the time of the Welcome to Medicare and/or at the Annual Wellness visits.  Upon admission & prior to hospital/ER discharge, register Medicare beneficiaries for Medicare Blue Button record access at My
  10. 10. “An eye opener to me…” “You’ve got to see this because it is that good” “There are 38 Million on Medicare now who could be doing this and there are 38 million on Medicare who have not done this”. Bipartisan Policy Center December 10, 2012 ONC Annual Meeting December 12, 2012  Dr. Mostashari shares his personal iBlueButton experience caring to his father  Consumer Partnership for e-Health (CPeH) of 150 consumer/patient groups advocate iBlueButton for use by Medicare beneficiaries, their family caregivers and healthcare providers . (Letter to CMS/ONC , April 22, 2013) National Leader and Organizations Spread the Word
  11. 11. When iBlueButton Saved Beth’s Father’s Life White House Patient Access Summit June 6 2013
  12. 12.
  13. 13. iBlue Button App Password Entry TRICARE User Name & Password Entry iBlue Button Portal Screen New First Use Portal Credentials Entry
  14. 14. Auto-Download/Auto-Pull & View of Blue Button Record
  15. 15. Android Display of Medicare Blue Button Record Auto-Download/Auto-Pull & View of Blue Button Record
  16. 16. 17 MedlinePlus Drug Side Effects with Patient Annotation Medications Displayed Display of Medicare Blue Button Record Medication Reconciliation, Look up and Annotation Functions Medications Aggregated from Multiple Records Patient Medication Annotation
  17. 17. 18 MedlinePlus Condition Information Conditions Displayed My Conditions Anemia Chronic kidney disease Depression Hypertension Fracture Syncope Coronary artery disease Hypercholesterolemia Candidiasis YES Condition Information Currently experiencing? Cholesterol Conditions Aggregated from Multiple Records Condition Annotation by Patient Display of Medicare Blue Button Record Problem List, Condition Look up and Annotation Functions
  18. 18. iOS and Android Phone and Tablet Applications with Device-to-Device Cross-Platform Data Exchange Capabilities Device to Device 2-way proximity data exchange iBlueButton Professional Display of Patient- Noted Change in Condition
  19. 19. Provider Look up by iBlueButton Professional app Display of All Providers (from last 3 yrs) with Specialties, and Contact Information
  20. 20. White House Patient Access Summit June 6 Launch of a Blue Button National Campaign: Will Physicians Take the Lead?
  21. 21. Learn more and spread the word #ibluebutton #bluebutton The 2013 Physician-Computer Connection Symposium