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TriFusion Newsletter - Oct.'10

  1. 1. October 2010 Last night to buy tickets for Trifusion End of Season Social on Friday November 19th!! See Natalie G. tonight!! BOD, Sponsors, No Place like Calendar Kona Warm you Page 12 Group Riding Pages 5-6 Kona Ironman up Soup! Etiquette Ben Greenfield Page 11 Race Report Pages 2-4 Pages 7-10Court: Triathlon not responsible “NEW” to you can help!! for Florida death A federal appeals court has upheld a jury’s I’m looking for ALL the help and contribution fromverdict that the organizers of the 2006 Florida all of you in this Club to send me anything that youIronman competition were not responsible for the would like to see put in the Monthly Newsletter todeath of a 35-year-old Montana man who collapsed share with the Club….during the race. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlan- I’m looking for any kind of articles about all thingsta issued a ruling Monday affirming the jury’s ver- from Multisport, Healthy Recipes, Race Reports,dict in the case of Barney Rice, who died three upcoming races & events etc!days after collapsing during the 1.2 mile swim por-tion of the triathlon at Panama City Beach. You can send these articles, web links etc. to my email: Rice’s family sued North American Sportsinc. and USA Triathlon for wrongful death, saying Please be sure to submit these by the end of theorganizers didn’t follow their own safety protocols. weekend before the Wednesday meeting each But an eight-person jury ruled against month, the sooner is much appreciated!Rice’s family in July 2009, and the appeals courtsaid if found no reason to overturn the ruling. You can see the Final Results of the 2010-2012 - The Seattle Times (via: Roger Thompson) Board of Directors on the Final Page of this News- letter. Thanks for all your amazing support and contribution to making this club the way it is!! 1
  2. 2. “Group Riding Etiquette” proach a situation where cyclists are going in all different directions or just blowing through stops. Part of being pre- dictable is riding within the rules of the road as a vehicle. - Roger Thompson Groups should maintain integrity when approaching inter- sections. That means staying in the correct lane, stopping together, and starting together as traffic allows. It goes without saying that if we demand the right to ride on the After riding in many groups, I started to up with a road, then we must be willing to ride responsibly… especiallylist of suggestions. After searching around a bit for some as a, I stumbled upon some other ‘lists’ and now I will sharethem with you. Group riding can be a lot of fun when people all are‘speaking the same language’. As triathletes, we often trainalone and therefore really only pay attention to what weneed. But change that solo ride into a group (4+) and thedynamics change quite a bit. What we think is commonsense, we soon realize isn’t so common afterall. Although cycling has it benefits and is relaxing andfun, it’s always more pleasurable to with someone than toride alone. However, riding with someone or riding in agroup requires adherence to certain rules. It also requiresskills that may take a little practice before mixing it up withthe local club. No one likes a squirrel in the pack so I DON’T OVERLAP WHEELS - This habit will get you inthought I’d outline several common sense “rules” of eti- real trouble. This is a good way to test you ability to do cart-quette to follow when we are out there enjoying the scenery wheels if you don’t adhere to this rule. Some people do itwith a group of friends. These “rules” will increase your from lack of concentration, others may just not know anyenjoyment and safety whether you are just putzing along or better, but sooner or later they’ll crash. There is no recoveryif you are hammering in a fast paced training ride. You from a front wheel deflection. All it takes is for the person insurely don’t want to peel yourself off the pavement or some- the front to move sideways a few inches...if someone is over-one else to be seriously injured by displaying poor habits. lapping his wheel, that someone will go down along with practically everyone who is behind him. Many times the per-BE PREDICTABLE - This may be the most important son in front can recover, but not the people behind.rule (even for solo riding) and it involves every aspect of rid-ing from changing positions in the group to following thetraffic rules. You might say that all the other rules supportthis one. Smooth predictable riding isn’t just a matter ofstyle. If unpredictability is the only predictable part of yourriding style, you are a hazard to yourself and everyone elsewho has the misfortune to ride with you. Have you everbeen on a ride where the group stops at a n intersection andpeople scatter all over the lane? Some going through on thewrong side of the road and others turning left from the rightside? Some running the stop sign and others doing it right?It’s confusing and irritating to drivers of ... Vehicles ap- 2
  3. 3. … Riding Etiquette (cont’d) tions. One note here, use your right arm straight out to signal a right turn. It’s uncool to stick out your left bent arm to signal a right turn; more importantly, it impractical and ineffective. In a big group combine this with a loud vo- cal warning of your intentions.BE STEADY - This includes speed and line. If the personbehind you fails to adhere to #2, you will contribute to acrash if you wallow around all over the road. When every- DON’T FIXATE - If you are staring at something (i.e., theone is working for the group, maintain a steady speed as you wheel in front of you), eventually you’ll hit it! When yougo to the front. Ever notice how easy it is to ride behind walk in a crowd, you don’t stare at the back of the person insome folks? If you take note of their riding style you’ll prob- front of you….so you shouldn’t ride like that either. Learnably notice they don’t yo– yo around in the pack. They are to be comfortable looking around or through the ridersrock steady. When they take the lead, they don’t accelerate. ahead of you. This will allow you to see things that are de-If they are strong enough to accelerate the group, they do it veloping in front of the group. With a little practice you willafter the previous pull has rejoined the rear of the group be able to “sense” how far you are off the wheel in front ofand they only gradually so as to not string out the pack. you.When they are leading, they ride a straight line and theirspeed. It means steady pressure on the pedals...uphill ordownhill, headwind or tailwind. When you are following STAY OFF THE AERO BARS - This shouldn’t requiresomeone like this, life is good! When they are following, much discussion. They are much too unstable to be used inthey don’t make sudden moves or they know how to control a group ride. Plus, you don’t need to be on aero bars if youtheir spacing by using their body position instead of using are in a pack as you will receive more aerodynamic effectthe breaks. Sudden braking will set off general alarms from from the other riders anyway. exception…everyone in the rear and make you very unpopular. If you when you are at the front pulling you can get away with it,do use the brakes, feather the front brake only and keep but never, never, never when you are within the group orpedaling against the resistance. This allows you to moder- following a wheel. I know there are some people, usuallyate your speed with out disturbing trailing riders. triathletes, who are more comfortable on the bars. But, sooner or later, steering with your elbows in a group will add new meaning to the term “lunch on the road”. Use aeroANNOUNCE HAZARDS - When you are in the lead, you bars for what they are meant for...solo fast riding.are responsible for the safety of everyone behind you. Youwill become very unpopular very quickly if people behindyou keep bouncing off of potholes, running over rocks, or DON’T LEAVE STRAGGLERS - If you get separated atreacting to unsafe traffic situations that you fail to point intersections, as matter ofout. You need to be very vocal when approaching intersec- courtesy, the lead grouptions, slowing, stopping, or turning and all actions should be should soft pedal until thesmooth and deliberate. Sudden, unannounced actions will rest have rejoined. Anotherthrow terror into any peloton. Riders in the pack should note here is that if you arerelay these warnings to the rear. When you are following, the one who will be caught atannounce oncoming traffic from the this case oth- the light, don’t run the reders should relay this info towards the front. light to maintain contact. If they don’t wait for you to catch up, you many not want to be riding with them any-SIGNAL - Signaling lets eve- way. Also as a courtesy to those who may not be able toryone ( vehicles and riders) stay with the group, the pack should wait at certain pointsknow your intentions… re- along the route to regroup. Especially, at turn points and ifmember #1? This makes you the stragglers don’t know the route. No one should be leftpredictable. Also it’s a good alone on a group ride. If you don’t adhere to this rule, youridea to make eye contact with “group” will get smaller each week until you’re riding solo.oncoming traffic at intersec- 3
  4. 4. … Riding Etiquette (cont’d) them? If you need to stand, shift up a gear to compensate for the slower cadence and stand up smoothly keeping a steady pressure on the pedals. This will keep youKNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS - If you’re not strong from moving backward relative toenough or too tired to take a turn at the front, stay near the rider behind you. Apply the op-the back and let the stronger cyclists pull in front of you posite technique when changing to ainstead of making them go to the back of the line. Unless sitting position. Downshift and keepthey are a complete...well you know...they will appreciate a steady pressure on the pedals tothat more that having to get past you to get back to the avoid abrupt changes in speed. Itfront. Plus, it strokes the animal’s ego as you admit that takes a little practice, but your rid-he/she is the stronger rider. Another point here, don’t pull ing buddies will be glad you spentat the front faster and longer then you have energy to get the time learning how to do it right.back in at the rear (Remember, your “pull” isn’t over untilyou do). I’ve seen this scenario many times, it comes“biker wannabe’s” time to take his/her pull and the pace is DESCENDING - The leader must overcome a muchgetting up there. The thoughts running through his/her greater wind resistance as the speed increases. If you aremind is, “I need to show these guys that I can pull 2mph leading, keep pedaling. If you don’t, everyone behind youfaster than everyone else has been pulling”. They go to the will eat your lunch. Riders to the rear will accelerate fast-front and hammer. Legs begin to burn after a monumen- er downhill as drafting becomes more effective at the high-tal it’s time to pull over and some “lesser” rider er speeds. If you are following, back off a couple of biketake a turn. Well, the “lesser” biker is all refreshed after lengths to compensate for the greater affects of drafting. Iftagging on a wheel and is ready to punch it up another you are closing on the rider in front, sit up and let the windnotch. It’s bye-bye to the first rider as he/she gets blown slow you or use light braking to maintain spacing, but inoff the back...toast! Testosterone and ego is volatile mix both cases you should keep pedaling against the resistance.and it can get you dropped in a heartbeat. Keeping your legs moving not only makes it easier to keep the spacing, but also helps the legs get rid of the acid build up form the previous climb.CHANGE POSITIONS CORRECTLY - A common be-ginner faux pas is to stop pedaling just before pulling offthe front. This creates a accordion effect towards the rear. RELAX - This is really important. It will allow you to beKeep a steady pressure on the pedals until you have smooth and responsive. You can bet that if you see some-cleared the front. After pulling off, soft pedal and the one who is riding a straight line and is very steady, he/shegroup pull through. As the last couple riders are passing is relaxed on the bike. It not only saves energy, but itthrough, begin to apply more pressure to smoothly take makes bike handling much more effective. Anytime youyour position at the rear. If you don’t time it correctly, are riding in close proximity of other riders there’s alwaysyou’ll create a gap and have to sprint to get back on. A the chance that you may come into contact. If you havetechnique used to reenter the line is to move your bike tense arms and get bumped from the side, the shock will gosideways first then your body. Try it. It will feel awkward directly to the front wheel and you will swerve, possiblyat first, but it is the safest way to move within a group. lose control, and possibly cause a massive pile up. If youIt’s just a small subtle move not an exaggerated one. If are relaxed, it’s much easier to absorb the bump withoutyou lean your body first and misjudge the speed or the per- losing control. A good exercise is to go to a grassy fieldson in front of you slows down, you’ll touch wheels and be (which is softer then pavement if you fall) with a friendleaning the wrong way...bad situation! If you move the and ride slowly side by side. Relax your arms and lightlybike first, you will have a chance to pull it back. bump each other using your relaxed elbows to absorb the (light) impact. You will become familiar with how to safely recover from that type of contact. It may save you someCLIMBING– Ever been behind someone when they stood road rash someday.up going up hill and all of a sudden you were all over 4
  5. 5. “Theres no place daveerickson360, and search "2009 Hawaii Iron- A few interview highlightslike Kona, man". include catching up withtheres no place fellow Tri-Fusion member, Kona…”like Kona ” Kathi Best. This was Kathis first Ironman in- Dave Erickson Kona. She qualified by fin- ishing second in her ageReturning to the Big Is- group at Ironman Canadaland of Hawaii was like this year. She finished Can-coming home. It was only ada in 11:27:30. She wasmy third time on the Big 2nd out of 97 women in herIsland and second for the age group. We did our in-Ford Ironman World terview while sitting out-Championship but it felt side Island Lava Java, myvery comfortable. It might second home during racehave something to do with week. Another fun andliving on Oahu for 6 easy interview was withmonths in 2005. And when Ben Greenfield. I grabbedI arrived on Sunday after- the 3x Hawaii Ironmannoon, it was just as warm qualifier for a little talkie- This year I was there on aand humid as when I left very orchestrated andnearly 12 months earlier. planned working/vacation.Even though the weather I went with the goal of in-conditions, water tempera- terviewing as many ath-ture and electricity in the letes as possible beforeair was quite similar, it was race day while also show-a very different trip com- casing a few of the eventspared to last year. Last prior; Parade of Nations,year I was there with about athlete registration, etc. Ia dozen Tri-Fusion mem- would end up interviewingbers and really more than 20 athletes andexperienced the island. I talk at Dig Me Beach. And even got an exclusive withdid manage, with Rogers before I forget, a big thank 3-time Ironman Worldhelp, shoot some great foot- you to Steve Anderson for Champion, Chrissie Wel-age on race day and helped helping me shoot video. lington. As of October 15th,interview a handful of ath- Steve would stand back I had posted more than 40letes. If you havent seen with my HD FlipVideo videos on my personal web-Rogers work in front of the camera and get "two-shots" site,camera providing live com- during my interviews. I www.daveerickson360.commentary, check out my used his footage for "cut- and still had about 10 moreYoutube page, away" shots. So far myy in- to terview with Ben has been 5
  6. 6. like Kona (cont’d) only 200 worldwide to get and ran the marathon only those slots. Heres an inter- 7 minutes slower than Tre-far and away the most esting fact about Paul, he vor. Those are some prettywatched video on my donated a kidney recently good genes.Youtube page. Ben had an and his recipient is nowamazing race and finished training to do a triathlon, Congratulations to everyoneunder 10 hours at talk about paying it for- who raced this year and I9:53:13. Another name ward. Tom is a later bloom- hope to return next yearyoure most likely familiar er when it comes to triath- and do it all over again. Un-with is Spokanes Haley lon. He started participatingCooper-Scott. We did a short just 4 years ago. At that til then, aloha and mahalo!interview the day before the time, he was 250 poundsrace. For those that dont and his health was in poorknow, Haley is another mul- shape. He was inspired totiple Ironman qualifier and start training after watchingprofessional triathlete. Even his son finish Ironmanthough she didnt have her Coeur dAlene. He decided tobest race (DNF), it was fun sign up for the same raceto do a follow up from last and hasnt slowed downyear when Roger did a three since.part interview with her. Two guys I was hoping to meet up with prior to race was father and son duo, Jeff and Trevor Blackwell. Tre- vor had a phenominal day. Like Ben, Trevor finished under 10 hours. To know Dave Erickson what a sub 10-hour Ironman 2X Ironman Triathlete looks like, check out Trevors face after he crossed the fin- KXLY4 News Anchor ish line. I caught it on vid-I also met and interviewed eo. He was zapped. He fin-two men from the Inland ished in 9 hours, 56 minutesNorthwest who were lucky and 29 seconds! Father For a complete listenough to win a lottery spot Blackwell had a fantastic of all my video reports:in Kona. Statistically, win- race too. At 53 years of age,ning an Ironman lottery Jeff finished the 140.6 mile http://slot is better than the real course in 10 hours, 53 but either way its minutes and 3 seconds. He kona2010/still incredible. 61 year old was only 14 minutes backPaul Burke and 54 year old from Trevor on the swim, 35Tom Luttermoser were 2 of minutes slower on the bike 6
  7. 7. Kona Ironman Ben the halfway "boat" in 32 minutes, pens here. You just push through Greenfield Race Report just a bit off pace - but really it and it goes away after 15 pushed the envelope coming back minutes or so.The race is over! After popping 2 into the pier (by pushing the enve-Phenocane, 8 Recoverease, and lope, I mean that I mercilessly 2. Out and back on the Kuakiniliberally smearing topical Magnesi- drafted off a big-boned guy with highway - bike fueling "clock"um all over my body, I actually large feet who was wearing a starts at Hot Corner - take 1 geldont feel the same searing pain I PZ3+ skinsuit just like me) and and 2 more Athlytes (fueling earlyfelt after crossing the finish line. made it back in 29 minutes for a and often is key for Ironman).So since Im awake at 3am after swim time of 1:01. Done. I was flying by people atconsuming nearly 20 caffeinated this point.sugar gels and a crapload of Pre-swim: Slammed my 2 delta-Coke, heres the ultimate scoop on Es and Enerprime, mixed into 3. Queen K to airport - hold egoIronman Hawaii, with my notes NutraRev. Although I was plan- back. Watch folks fly by me andinterjected into my pre-race plan... ning to take 1 double-caffeine GU trust my plan and 22-22.5mph Roctane, I kinda forgot it. So be- pacing (thats AVERAGE - thereThe Swim: fore I got in the water, I grabbed a will of course be portions where Ill half bottle of Powerbar Perform probably be going 5mph into aMy final workout leading up to out of a trash can and drank that headwind). I should be hitting thethis race was 10x400 at a 1:20 instead, keeping my fingers aid stations (spaced every 10pace, and that was in a pool. In crossed that it wasnt someones miles) every 50-55 minutes. At thethe choppy water, there will likely pre-race piss bottle. second aid station, refill water bot-be an extra 5-10 seconds per 100, tle, and continue this for everyputting me out of the water in The Bike: other station. On the aid stationsaround 55 minutes. So this was in between, grab a bottle for rins-my goal. T1 was fairly seamless and I felt ing and cooling. fresh. I wore TheRecoverySockHowever, at the swim start, I man- (my Raggedy-Andy style calf high- YIPES! Just before the airport,aged to find myself caught up in- compression socks that take an there was a big boom and I knewside a group of several dozen extra minute to put on), drank a Id flatted. In my haste to changeswimmers who seemed deter- couple glasses of water and head- the flat, I twisted the tube and hadmined to take the entire alloted ed out. Mentally I split the bike to re-insert it, making my total flattime of over 2 hours to do the into several key portions: time 6 minutes and change. Theswim (Im always curious why the- flat wasnt that big of a deal, but itse folks line up at the FRONT of 1. Makala Blvd loop - replace really affected my mental focusthe swim). swim energy with a bag of GU and my tracking of the race clock. chomps and 2 Athlytes salt cap- As a result, I underfueled by near-It took me several precious sules. I did this, and as expected, ly 90 calories per hour on theminutes to fight my way out of with as much sea water as I swal- bike. This came back to bite methis group and settle into my de- lowed, had a bit of stomach pretty hard later on.sired pace. As a result, I reached cramping, but that always hap- 7
  8. 8. ...B.G. Race Report (cont’d) out of T1, I will have 9 gels, 3 pulled up alongside me (Uh-Oh!),4. Airport to Waikaloa - Stay cool bags of Chomps and a canister of slowed down, and the official onand continue to fuel with 1 GU Athlytes). the back gave me a big smile andRoctane every 20 minutes, 2 Ath- a thumbs up. Guess I was doinglytes every 30 minutes, and half a Got off my bike for 30 seconds something right.bag of Chomps at the end of each and stretched the hip flexors.hour (total 390 calories/hr). Magical. Goal bike time: 5:00. Actual time: 5:12. Not bad with the flat. I canDue to the flat, I was now back 8. Hawi to turn back onto Queen go sub-5 on this course in an idealwith primarily female age group- K - focus and be prepared for race (but do those exist?).ers, and had to work my way back crosswinds. Fuel when crosswindsup through the crowd while trying are down, be ready to adapt. Run Strategy:to avoid any drafting penalties. Legs feeling good. Continuing to I planned on using a run-walk5. Waikoloa to turn at Hawi - pass people. pacing plan for the marathon. ForDont burn out legs, prepare for 21 minutes, I was going to runtoughest portion of course. 9. Queen K to Waikoloa - get 7:15 minute miles, which would through this portion, and then a have put me at the 3rd aid stationIt started to get a little windy here, mental high-five - done with in 21:45-ish, where I would thenbut primarily, I noticed that it toughest portion of course. walk for 60 seconds at a 15:00/seemed hotter than usual. Turns mile pace, and then begin to runout that race day climbed into the Damn. Its hot. again. This strategy would allowlow 100s, with pavement temper- me to run the marathon in aboutatures of 120 degrees! Water dos- 10. Waikoloa to airport - stay 3 hours and 10 minutes withouting became crucial at every aid mentally focused and positive. overheating (core cools down dur-station. ing each walk). Still picking up speed. Wondering6. Climb to Hawi - Maintain ca- But something didnt feel right how fast I could have ridden with-dence, no gear mashing, stay out flat. Between the 6 minutes coming off the bike. T2 was pleas-aero. ant enough, but as soon as I start- gained from the flat and the faster crowds I would have been in, 5 ed running, I didnt have theAnnoyingly windy as usual, but hours was reasonable. oomph I wanted. I sloggednothing out of the ordinary. By through 4 miles, then my worldthis time, I was back into a crowd 11. Airport to town - prepare to started to go a bit fuzzy. I stum-of competitive male age groupers. run. Stand and stretch several bled onto a lawn and stood there times. No gear mashing, cadence for a few minutes mentally adding7. Hawi turnaround - Get special slows. Take final gel at Makala up the calories I consumed on theneeds bag, which will have 8 gels Blvd. bike. Turns out I was closer to 300and 2 bags of Chomps, and a than to 400 calories per hour. Notcanister of Athlytes. (when I head At this point, a referee motorcycle good, but I knew what I needed to 8
  9. 9. ...B.G. Race Report (cont’d) Mile 18. Started thinking aboutdo, since I felt like I was about to 2) turn-around at Alii Drive pulling the trigger, speeding upfall asleep. (approx 5 miles) and going to the pain-cave.I then walked to the nearest aid I was walking by this point, and 8) Aid Station #18, another walkstation and grabbed Coke, the on- really thinking about withdrawing break, and a decision of whetherly thing that seemed palatable at from the race. Pre-Coke. or not to speed up by 5 secondsthe time. 20 ounces of Coke later, per mile.I could feel my mood getting bet- 3) Aid Station #6, another walkter. For the next 5 aid stations, I break. Sped up. Feeling good. Thanksdrank 8 ounces of Coke on ice. Coke. Glanced at my watch andThats about 100 calories a pop. Still off pace, but starting to feel knew I could beat 10 hours. Fun-Interestingly, once you begin good. ny how 90 minutes earlier I wasdrinking Coke, no other nutrition ready to quit, and now I was mak-really works well on your stom- 4) Aid Station #9, another walk ing time goals. Goes to show thatach, so I was forced into drinking break. Ironman is a long day.Coke the entire race, although Ireduced my intake to 3-4 ounces This was on Palani hill. I was real- 9) Aid Station #21, another walkat every aid station after that ly feeling the energy come back at break, and another decision ofpoint. this point. whether to speed up again by 5 seconds per mile.I only drank water twice, at about 5) Top of Palani drive, just past4 ounces. I calculated the fluid in 10 miles. Didnt want to stop and walk, eatCoke to be enough, and didnt or anything. But I forced myselfwant too much fluid in my stom- I began passing a lot of folks on too. Last thing I wanted was aach. Aside from Coke, I also the Queen K. bonk before coming back downdumped ice down the jersey at Palani.every chance. 6) Aid Station #12, another walk break. 10) Aid Station #23: final walkI also continued to take my Ath- break, and time to speed up andlytes every 30 minutes. No cramp- Toughest part of the marathon go to a world of at all in 100+ degrees, thanks really, slogging out to the Energyto these little babies... Lab on a long, lonely strip of high- Once again, tempted to not stop, way with no end in sight. but I did, for one more hit ofSeveral intermediate landmark Coke. Glad I did because once Igoals on the run I planned to in- 7) turn into Energy lab. run to got into town, just after the 3:30clude were: Special Needs, where I get one marathon mark, I was beginning more canister of Athlytes, cross to bonk again.1) Aid Station #3, where I will be the timing mat, and turn aroundable to check pacing. to head home.I knew pacing was off here. 9
  10. 10. ...B.G. Race Report (cont’d) Key Gear Used In This RaceThe Finish: Skinsuit: Blue Seventy PZ3+The finish line, was of course, magical, and at 9:53, Goggles: Blue Seventy Hydravisiona Hawaii Ironman PR. As soon as I made it, I broke Sunglasses: Zeal Optics "Slingshots"down crying (after flashing the peace sign of Bike: Gray Storm TTcourse). My breath was coming in heaving sobs, and Saddle: ISM Road Saddlemy legs were on fire with sharp pins and needles - I Wheels: Gray 9.0 Clincherscould barely walk. For nearly an hour, I simply sat Helmet: Gray Aerodome Helmeton the beach in tons of pain, surrounded by friends Pedals: LOOK Tiand family, before I hobbled off for a massage. Cycling Shoes: Specialized TriVent Running Shoes: Avia Avi-BoltsPut another Kona in the books. Will I ever race this Compression Socks: "TheRecoverySock".again? Maybe. I can get to the podium here with agood race, and thats tempting. Without a flat and abonk, I would have been able to shave nearly 25minutes, giving me the 9:30 I wanted. Thats alwayswhat keeps you coming back...But in the meanwhile, time for some R&R. Nextstop: Rosehall International Distance Triathlon inJamaica in 2 weeks -!Key Nutrition Used In Ironman HawaiiPre-Race: Ancient Minerals Topical MagnesiumOil, Scape Sunblock, Enerprime, delta-E, Millenni-um Sports Carnage, Millennium Sports CordygenVO2, Sweet Potatoes, nuun hydration, PeterGillhams NutraRevDuring Race: GU Roctane and Millennium SportsAthlytes, delta-E at all special needsPost-Race: Wicked Fast Recoverease, AncientMinerals Topical Magnesium Oil, Mt. Capra SolarSynergy, Mt. Capra Double Bonded Protein, Bio-letics Amino Acids, nuun hydration Ben Greenfield 10
  11. 11. Lentil Sausage Soup t hy H eal (via & Jessi Thompson) Es RE CIP INGREDIENTS: 8-10 servings• 1 Pound French green Lentils (recommended: du Puy) • 3 cups medium diced celery (8 stalks)• 1/4 cup of olive oil, plus extra for serving • 3 cups medium diced carrots (4-6 carrots)• 4 cups diced yellow Onions (3 Large) • 3 quarts Homemade Chicken stock/or canned broth• 4 cups chopped leeks, white & light green parts only • 1/4 cup tomato paste (2 leeks) • 1 pound Kielbasa, cut in 1/2 lengthwise & sliced 1/3 -• 1 tablespoon minced garlic (2 Large cloves) inch thick (try it with Turkey Kielbasa, lower fat)• 1 tablespoon kosher salt • 2 tablespoons dry red wine or red wine vinegar• 1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper • Freshly grated Parmesan, for serving• 1 tablespoon minced fresh thyme leaves• 1 teaspoon ground cumin DIRECTIONS: In a large bowl, cover the lentils with boiling water and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Drain. In a large stockpot over medium heat, heat the olive oil and sauté the onions, leeks, garlic, salt, pepper, thyme, and cumin for 20 minutes, or until the vegetables are translucent and tender. Add the celery and carrots and sauté for another 10 minutes. Add the chicken stock, tomato paste, and drained lentils, cover, and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer uncovered for 1 hour, or until the lentils are cooked through and tender. Check the seasonings. Add the kielbasa and red wine and simmer until the kielbasa is hot. Serve drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with grated Parmesan. (You can find how to make homemade chicken stock and other great recipes on 11
  12. 12. The Board of Directors, Sponsors and Events…. the Calendar of Upcoming Events .BOARD OF DIRECTORS• STEVE ANDERSON - SPONSORSHIP LIAISON We would like to extend a• TIFFANY BRYD - UNIFORM DIRECTOR generous Thank You to our• ERIC BRYD - MENTOR DIRECTOR truly amazing sponsors!!• NATALIE GALLAGHER - SOCIAL DIRECTOR• GREG GALLAGHER - VICE PRESIDENT• BEN GREENFIELD - WEBSITE DIRECTOR• ADAM LITTLE - MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR• JENNIFER LITTLE - TREASURER• ALISON STITT - NEWSLETTER DIRECTOR• JESSI THOMPSON - SECRETARY• ROGER THOMPSON - PRESIDENT• DANIELLE WARNOCK - TRI FUSION KID’S CLUB DIRECTOR Oct- Oct-Dec. Calendar Races: Upcoming Events: • Trifusion Sink or Swim Masters Meet • Tri Fusion’s Annual GreenBluff Social is Training Opportunities: Oct. 23rd THIS Sunday, Oct. 24th meeting at EventShow.jsp?returnPage=% Northside Starbucks @ 2:00pm, or at • Whitworth Masters Swim: Mon- 2FEventsCurrent.jsp&id=96239&team=ieswat Siemer’s Farm @ 2:30pm...for fun time Wed-Fri @ 8:30-10pm. For more • Pumpkin Pacer Oct. 30th picking pumpkins, drinking cider, pump- info. Contact kin donuts, gathering together! Don’t miss out! • Monster Dash Oct. 31, Manito Park • HLR (headlamp runs) is starting • • Tri Fusion’s End of Season Social is on TriCities Marathon/Marathon Relay up this Thursday October 21st. Oct. 31 9:30am, Richland, Wa. Friday, November 19th @ 7:00pm at 6:30pm Check out the Tri Fusion the Spokane Country Club! Tickets are • BRRC Cross Country - Qulchan on sale ($25/ each) tonight or via mail in. forum (training) for more details! Nov. 7th, South Hill, Spokane Find more info on the • Continue to post & check for any • Columbia River Classic– 2mile/10mile, on the forum. training swim/ride/run on the Fo- Nov. 13th, Richland, Wa. Next Membership Meeting: rum, Facebook page and/or send • Manito TURKEY TROT - Nov. 25th No Meeting November & December!! out an email! Get those rides in 9am, tradition to join teammates @ Happy Holidays! before the weather lays SNOW!! Krispy Kremes after for yumminess! Next Meeting January 19th, 6:30pm • America’s Marathon/Half Marathon Northside Twigs Nov. 28th 8am, Seattle, Wa. 12