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Newsletter April '13

  1. 1. Thank You to those who con- April 2013 tributed to Newsletter! Have a race report, good read article, recipes to share w/ the club for Newsletter. Send to Race Day :!! If you are a new member and havent received MBERS Nutrition N E W ME your welcome bag of goodies (visor/hat, socks, wa- Pg.s 2-3 ter bottle, etc.) please contact and/or see Melissa Erickson so she can get you taken care of, after the meeting!! :)“How it is…” Pg. 4 Submission to Newsletter!! NEW EMAIL just for members to send any submissions from Race Reports, Arti- Training reach cles, Healthy fitness tips & training, Healthy Recipes etc. These can all be sent to Ali Tips of your Stitt : toes? Great & simple opportunity to contribute to your club! Pg. 5Intro to Bike Kids Triathlon Volunteering! Gears Still looking for any help on June 15th to make this amazing event go smoothly, Pgs. 6-7 safely and providing a great experience for these little athletes! An wonderful way to contribute and help out your club! Remembering Sign up today: Go to TriFusion page, click under Forum/Active Boston… Member Opportunities and/or link below: related articles Pgs. 8-11 See JENN LITTLE after the meeting if you would like to Thermal vest $85 purchase any of the following items that are “in stock” XS (1) small (2) medium (1) large (2) Elements Thermal Jacket $110 Massage Evolution Jersey (short sleeve) $55 Small (1) large (1) Women: small (3) large (1) Reviews Singlet $25 Women: small (2) medium (1) large (2) Evolution Jersey (long sleeve) $65 Men: large (1) XL (2) Pgs. 12-13 Women: small (2) Men: medium (1) large (1) XL (2) Fizz Tank $40 Women: small (1) Tri Suit $100 Women: medium (2) large (1) Recipes, BOD, Men: medium (1) large (3) Arm warmers $22 XS (4) Small (2) medium (1) large (1) sponsors & Pro short $70 Leg warmers $40 Women: small (1) medium (2) Calendar Men: small (1) medium (2) large (2) XL (1) Large (1) Pgs. 14-16 1
  2. 2. Nailing Race Day Nutrition are drinking and eating on race day compared to what by ironguides - Alun Woodward they promote! First steps to making nutritionIronguides coach Alun ‘Woody’ Woodward looks a non-issueinto the importance, and ways, of getting your raceday nutrition right. If all is working well in train- ing, then stick with it and DORace performance is not only about the fitness you NOT CHANGE. Stop readinghave gained through training but it is also about about nutrition products andnutrition on the day. Nutrition plays a significant articles claiming to know howrole—get it wrong and all the fitness in the world to get more sugar into yourwon’t result in a good race. body—the end result of this experimenting is going toNutrition seems to be a major stumbling block for many be you blowing your race and you’ll be throwing up byathletes come race day, yet is rarely a problem in train- the side of the Considering how much we train and how many of If you always seem to get stomach problems on raceour sessions are race specific, it is crazy that nutritional day, it’s time to look for a new strategy. One of the bigproblems are so common in races. factors in stomach problems seems to be fructose con-One of the major reasons is that athletes don’t have a tent of sports nutrition products. While studies haveplan or, the worst-case scenario, athletes read about shown that a combination of fructose and sucrose insome new super product in race week and decide to try drinks leads to greater quantities of carb absorption andit out on race day. There are so many claims and studies improved results, remember that lab results do not al-out there showing why certain products are better and ways transfer to race they will significantly enhance your performance The sole fact that so many athletes are seen throwing upthat we all fall for it and make major changes leading and in stomach distress during races shows quite clearlyinto races. that manufacturers are not getting this right and thereWe need to always take statements about the effective- is a lot of bad information out there. We are all differentness of certain products with a pinch of salt. Looking and we all react differently to different products andback over the years, we can see some of the world’s foods—I believe this comes from genetics, general nutri-leading nutritional experts claiming one product is the tion through life, and also race intensity.greatest and the result of 20 years of research, before If you always seem to suffer on race day then firstly con-they are working for a new company the following year sider looking for sports products that contain no fructoseand are promoting something completely different. and see how you get on. It could be that all your prob-The same goes with following the examples of pro ath- lems are simply coming from the way your body reactsletes; remember the athletes are sponsored and so are to fructose. Signs to look for include:going to promote their sponsors as the greatest and * bloatingmost effective products available to enhance perfor- * nauseamance. It would be interesting to actually see what they * hunger 2
  3. 3. There are now numerous products without fructose com- Also I have found that having this as the primary drinking to market and athletes are getting on much better for the first hour in races makes a big difference to ath-with them in races, so try them out and see how they letes’ performances. Looking at the nutritional infor-work for you. mation, the calories from sugar are way below that inSOLID OR LIQUID normal sports drinks and what we would expect to see, but the simple fact is it works and works well!This is a big topic and one that I see as totally individu-al; some athletes can race well on liquid calories alone We tend to forget that races can start out cold and while liquid is not important, calories are. A drink like Ensureand others will blow up no matter how many liquid cal- will have you topped up with calories while not bloatingories they consume. This is something you need to be your system with excess liquid. Later in the race aspracticing in training so that you will know how you aregoing to respond on race day. Personally I prefer to things heat up and your body has lost more liquid thenmove from solid food to liquid food as the race progress- a traditional sports drink may be more REAL FOODPROTEIN All the sports-specific food on the market is overwhelm-Protein content in drinks can make a big difference for ing and we tend to think it must be the best for us on race day but in reality real natural food can be the best!some athletes. If you are an athlete who always seemsto blow up in longer rides or has a large muscle mass, There seems to be a movement towards creating your own bars and race-day nutrition that is running downthen having protein in your drinks might make a bigdifference. Experiment with levels up to a 50/50 split from nutrition used by pro teams in major bike races such as the Tour de France.and see how you feel—you may not be getting the rec-ommended sugar content but you may feel way better Examples of this are your own oat cakes or rice cakes,and performance will increase! homemade brownies etc. This is especially going to be appealing for athletes who have certain food allergies orMeal replacement drinks are sensitive to preservatives in pre-packaged products.This is one product that I feel is underused in triathlon. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTMeal replacement drinks have been developed for peo-ple suffering nutritional deficiencies, dieters, and also It’s an old saying but one that rings true in triathlon!for use in medical circumstances when solid food cannot Make sure you make a plan, spend some time to writebe taken. A lot of research has gone into these products down your plan and then practice it over some sessionsand the end result can be very useful for triathletes! to see how your body reacts—fine tune as you go and by the time you comeEnsure plus is one such drink; it is widely available inthe USA and around the world, and I have used it exten- to race day you will be set and have nosively with my athletes. This is a calorie-dense drink but nagging doubts inthe amount of liquid is small so it’s easy to take on the back of yourboard—works great as a breakfast drink on race daywhen athletes tend to be too nervous to eat. mind! 3
  4. 4. For the second season, I am friends/in-laws, but the dates are made after Ive training for Ironman. It is a seen my training plan for the week, not vice-versa. I fully selfish endeavor. I skip or leave non-mandatory work meetings that run know this, I knew this when into my training time. I skip church to swim or run I signed up. Last year, I pre- with my team. I spend my weekends making up for tended that I was living a missed housework AFTER my training is done. I go "balanced" life. Ha! I went on vacation, but I never stop training...I look for rac- to work, I did the laundry, I es to compete in wherever we go. I dont even stay fed my husband and my overnight at my sisters place in Priest if its not con- daughter if she happened venient for my training. They plan their lake weeks How it is ... to be home, I mowed the around my summer races. Some of my so-called lawn, I went to church, I "dates" with Greg are solely spent on syncing ourvisited my parents, my in-laws, I made dates with training calendars and deciding which family/friendfriends, dates with my husband and daughter, I went events will work around our training schedules. Imon vacation, I was social. But the truth is, most of the thinking seriously of hiring someone to mow thetime...I trained, and when there was a gap in training lawn this summer for the first time ever.I did those other things. My mind is likely 50% occupied with my athleticMy entire life fits AROUND my training. To make goals, and 50% occupied with the "balance" of mythis truth real, following is an example of a typical life. That, and also my husbands athletic goals. Wereday: "there" for each other and supporting one another- wake up early enough to swim, if thats on the plan this season as we both train our way to Ironman in= 4:15 AM, throw in a load of laundry on way out August. Really though, thats not entirely true for ei-the door ther of us. If it came down to his goals vs. mine,- swim 4:45-6/6:15 would I give up my dreams for his at this point?- shower and prepare for work at gym- 7:15-3:00 work, all the while eating to recover from I recognize how crazy and fanatical this lifestylemy swim/exacting my training plan for after work/ is right now. Only four months seriously into theeating to prepare for afternoon training session training season and I already know that this cannot- ride or run or both 3:15-6-ish possibly be my life again next season. I am obsessed- shower again with endurance training and racing. It has lit a fire in- make and eat dinner (shove in "QT" with my hus- me that I think Ive searched for most of my life. Itsband) a way to escape, focus, fixate, channel energy, re-- work on the laundry (gotta have clean training lease it, and deplete and prove oneself. Its not that Iclothes!) hate my life, that Im not grateful for my loved ones -- upload training files and update TP online friends and family alike. I AM GRATEFUL. I miss my- make breakfast and lunch for the next day strong relationships. Im not intentionally escaping- pack training bag for the next day something. Im just in the midst of enjoying a selfish- text back a friend or two, same with a family mem- lifestyle.ber or two- extra time? read a triathlon blog/journal/review This is the part of endurance training that most- go to bed early 9:00-9:30, to be rested to train again blogs dont talk about, too busy uploading and ana- lyzing and rearranging training to notice how much I dont fully do anything except train. our lives revolve around US. This is what destroys marriages and friendships if left unchecked and un- Im a half-ass wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, changed. And this is why I think it is the most im-and sometimes co-worker. I feel pissy if some one/ portant consideration, for any aspect of life. Imthing gets in the way of my perfectly planned train- already working on next years be moreing. I half-listen to my husband at dinner, my mind present and be closer to a true balance of my life.on what needs to get done, that Im not doing be-cause Im too busy training/recovering/planning totrain. I make dates with my daughter/mom/sister/ -Natalie Gallagher 4
  5. 5. stage for more serious structural abnormalities Does your training reach the Tips of your Toes? like hammer toe, claw toe and mallet toe. Assessment When it comes to pinpointing these issues, ob- servation is the best place to start. Not only should the triathlete, medical or fitness profes-Despite their small size, the toes are big players sional take note of the feet, but he or she shouldin triathlon. Treat them right and they’ll serve you also closely examine the shoe and insole. Twobetter. signs of excessive gripping are callus formation at the tip of the second toe and prominent wearby Christopher Johnson, PT patterns near the location of the second toe onI am a physical therapist (PT) and I have a con- the athletes insole.fession to make: I have a toe fetish. But more Once you identify callus formation and wear pat-importantly, so should you. terns, your PT can help assess your ability toThey don’t get a lot of attention, but the toes play perform specific functional tasks. Basic single-a key role in getting us from point A to point B— leg balance barefoot on firm, level ground is aor, for the triathlete, getting us to the finish line great starting point. Most people should be ablefaster. to maintain single-leg balance for at least 20 to 30 seconds in a wobble-free manner withoutResearch has shown that during the running gait gripping with their toes. If they are unable to per-cycle, toes are subjected to forces of up to 86 form this task, more advanced single-leg exer-percent of one’s body weight. That’s a lot of cises should be avoided until the this skill hasweight for such small structures to bear, espe- been mastered as they will only serve to rein-cially over the course of an IRONMAN triathlon. force compensations. Once you’re able to exe-In cycling and running, smaller digits play a par- cute this drill on firm, level ground, attempt it onticularly important role. And during most physical a softer surface to mimic a cushioned runningactivity, the toes enhance balance while initiating shoe. (See my example).our body’s movements. In order to propel us for-ward, energy generated by our hips and knees When you’ve mastered the single-leg balancemust be transferred to the ankle—and finally, to drill, try progressing to more advanced drillsthe toes. such as marching, step-ups, single-leg balance combined with hip abduction and step-ups whileToe trouble balancing through the big toe.Triathletes simply must learn to run barefootcomfortably, since they have no choice during After you grow more mindful of your toes whilethe transition from the swim to the bike. (My ulti- performing various drills, carry this over to walk-mate goal is to get athletes to race in their ing, running and other aspects of daily life (likeshoes, sockless, since many athletes prefer to sitting at your desk or standing in line at theavoid having to spend time putting on socks dur- store). In training, strive to relax your toes duringing their races.) Because our toes are usually cycling and while pushing off the wall duringout of sight and thus out of mind, I have runners swimming, since toe trouble can occur in alland triathletes perform various drills barefoot in three triathlon disciplines.front of a mirror to provide visual feedback. Chris Johnson is a New York City physical therapist who specializesAmong my patients, excessive toe gripping is in the care of endurance athletes, and is the co-founder of Formulathe number one problem in running. To diagnose Triathlon Clubtoes compensation strategies, I start with single-leg running drills (see my example of gripping). Originally from:, an athletes digits may also be clawing news/articles/2013/04/tript-run-better-starting-with-and/or hammering, both of which begin as strat- your-toes.aspx#ixzz2Qh9xjvKpegies to offset poor balance but can set the 5
  6. 6. Triathletes new to Intro to Bike Gears cycling often won- der about two things: how fast should I pedal and, with so many choices, what gear should I ride in? Deciding how fast you should pedal is the easier of the two questions. The speed you turn the pedals is called cadence. You measure cadence by counting how many times your right (or left) leg completes a full revo-lution in one minute. Exercise bikes and some spin bikes may display this number for you.Unless you have a bike computer on your bike you may have to count it yourself. Do this in a safe area where traffic andother hazards are at a minimum. Using a watch that displays seconds, count each time your leg comes up on the pedalstroke for 30 seconds. Now multiply this number by two to get your cadence.Under most conditions its usually most efficient to pedal at around 90 revolutions per minute (rpm). Is 65 okay? I wouldsay thats a bit too slow. When you turn the pedals at such a slow cadence you fatigue pretty quickly. What about 75 perminute? Youre getting closer and that would be much better.But once you get into the low to mid 80 rpm range youre pretty close to the sweet spot. Pedaling at this cadence for longperiods of time takes practice, so be patient and keep at it.What if its just too hard to pedal that fast?If its too hard to pedal at 80, 85 or 90 rpms then youre probably using a bike gear thats too high. Shift into a lower gearto make it easier for you to turn the pedals faster. For new cyclists, it seems complicated because of all of those gears/sprockets/metal-toothed thingys on your bike.So heres a breakdown:• Those big, metal-toothed sprockets next to your right pedal are called "chainrings". Most road bikes have two ofthese but some have one (those are called singlespeeds) or as many as three (better for beginners).• The group of sprockets on the back wheel is called a "cassette".Each individual ring in the cassette is called a "cog".You have two shifters on your handlebars to change these gears. The left shifter changes the chainring gears next to yourpedal. The right shifter changes which cog you are using in the rear. The chainrings make the biggest change in difficultywhen you change these gears. 6
  7. 7. In other words, if you move the left shifter you make a big jump, making pedaling either much easier or much harder. Ifyou move the right shifter you make smaller jumps up or down; the right shifter allows for more of a fine-tuning adjust-ment.But which one should you use? Use the one that allows you to pedal comfortably in that 80 to 90 rpm cadence range.Start off easier, in the small chainring (the one by your pedal) and one of the middle cogs near your back wheel. Shift(with your right shifter) to a harder cog if that’s too easy. If you keep moving the right shifter and it’s still too easy, shift tothe big chainring. What "number" gear youre in doesn’t matter. What matters is being able to turn your pedals at a goodcadence while still being relatively comfortable.Here are a couple of scenarios: If you are riding up a fairly steep hill youll probably ride in the small chainring and one ofthe easiest cogs. If you are on a slight downhill you probably will be in the big chainring and one of the harder cogs. Ex-periment to see what works for you.ShiftingFinally, shifting gears smoothly takes practice and anticipation. You cant shift bike gears unless youre pedaling. If yourecoasting along, not moving the pedals, and you move the shifter, nothing will happen. You must be pedaling forward be-fore the gear will change.But theres a little trick with this. In order for the bike to shift smoothly you need to be pedaling softly as you change gears.If youre pushing down hard on your pedals as you shift, the gears will probably make a horrible griding sound and maynot actually change. Ease up on your force for a brief second or two (don’t stop pedaling though) and it will do what youwant it to do.Anticipating Gear ChangesWhen approaching a hill, you should shift into the small chainring slightly ahead of time, before you start to slow down toomuch. As you go up the hill, if that isn’t easy enough, you can shift to an easier cog. Try to anticipate this so you can shiftbefore it gets too difficult. Once the hill begins to flatten out or you reach the top, you will shift to a harder cog and, if needbe, to the big chainring. You want to anticipate this as well, so that your legs arent spinning around without purpose.Practice! Prop your bike’s rear wheel up off the ground, or ask someone to hold it up for you. Turn the pedals with yourhand and move the shifters so that you can actually watch as the bike gears change. Then take your bike to a parking lotor a hard grass or dirt field and practice gear changes. This way you wont have to worry about cars, obstacles or otherriders while getting used to your gears. You will gain confidence and be more comfortable after a little practice. 7
  8. 8. Madrid- Boston Marathon Bombing Called ‘a Madrid-Style Event’ by Lloyd Grove Apr 15, 2013 8:14 PM EDTWatching the images of Monday’s Boston FBI’s liaison to the Spanish police. And asMarathon bombing on CNN International one of the FBI’s team leaders on the sce-and the BBC, former FBI counterterrorism ne in Nairobi, Kenya, investigating theinvestigator Mark Rossini thought he no- 1998 al Qaeda bombing of the U.S. Em-ticed a disquieting connection. bassy there, Rossini brings special in- sight to the Boston attack. He was also the FBI’s rep- resentative at “Alec Sta- tion,” the CIA’s out-of-the- way, tiny operation to track a little-known Saudi fanatic named Osama bin Laden years before 9/11. “I’m not sure if it’s domes- tic, or if there was shrapnel or ball bearings in the bombs,” Rossini said, “but when I saw a still photo of the explosion, there was what looked like a fireballBystanders help an injured woman at the scene of the first from an accelerant like a propane tank orexplosion on Boylston Street near the finish line of the gasoline”—yet another similarity to the117th Boston Marathon. (John Tlumacki/The Boston carnage in Spain. “Of course, a pipeGlobe,via Getty) bomb could have that effect as well,” he“This has the hallmarks of a Madrid-style added.event in many respects,” Rossini told TheDaily Beast from Paris, where he was vis- Rossini speculated that the Boston explo-iting on business for his private security sives were not planted long in advance ofconsulting firm. “We don’t know who the the marathon but probably carried intobombers are, but I assume it was more the finish-line area as the race was get-than one. It’s just my gut that there might ting under way, inside harmless-lookinghave been two people involved. And al- backpacks. He said a bomber, masquer-legedly, a third device has been found.” ading as a supporter bringing food or wa- ter to a friend or loved one in the race,The Madrid commuter train bombings, a could easily have fooled bystanders orcoordinated attack using multiple explo- law enforcement officers.sive devices that killed 191 people andwounded 1,800 on March 11, 2004, wereattributed to an al Qaeda-inspired terroristcell. Rossini at one point had been the 8
  9. 9. Rescue workers center they’re burning the midnight oil, work around a de- stroyed intercity going through the database, tracking train at Atocha search terms, longitude and latitude train station after a number of blasts points, scrubbing everything they have. rocked railway sta- They are also monitoring a multitude of tions in Madrid, people that have FISA warrants on March 11, 2004. The first four of 28 them”—a reference to the Foreign Intelli- defendants in the gence Surveillance Act that gives a secret2004 Madrid train bombings were found guilty of murderand other charges Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2007, in the cul- court the power to activate secret war-mination of a politically divisive trial over Europes worst rants.Islamic terror attack. The backpack bomb attacks killed Also unknown, at this point, is how the191 people and wounded more than 1,800. (PeterDeJong/AP) bombs were detonated—by timers possi-The timing of the bombing is also telling, bly or even by cell phones, another im-Rossini said. The devices were detonated portant clue about the identity of the per-during a period of maximum traffic at the petrators.finish line and calculated to inflict maxi- Rossini, however, cautioned againstmum injury and mayhem. jumping to conclusions that the Boston“My best guess is that finding the back- bombing was the result of Middle East-packs is going to be the best way to catch inspired terrorism. “It could be a white su-them,” Rossini said, adding that he has premacist group. We just don’t know.”great confidence in the Boston Police De- The “sickening” reality, Rossini said, ispartment and especially the FBI’s special that such incidents as Monday’s bombingagent in charge, Richard DesLauriers, a are ultimately not preventable. “I doesn’tlawyer by training who runs the bureau’s matter how many drones we send, howBoston office. Rossini added that the FBI many people we kill, how many terroristsand the police were undoubtedly perform- we neutralize, how many people we puting a meticulous screening of security in Guantánamo,” he said. “They cancamera footage from Copley Square and strike with relative ease. What makes ter-beyond in an effort to identify suspects in rorism so scary is that action is alwaysthe crowd. “God willing, they have the quicker than reaction.”kind of ring of cameras in Boston thatNew York has.”Rossini continued: “Right now what theCIA is doing, along with the NSA[National Security Agency], is scrubbingany and all communications from cell-phone tower traffic and text messagesthat were leading up to the bombing oneor two hours before and also afterward.The CIA and NSA are also monitoring in-ternational traffic to see if anybody is talk-ing about it. And at the counterterrorism 9
  10. 10. Carlos Arredondo, Boston Marathon Hero in a Cowboy Hat, on the Bombs by Michael Daly Apr 16, 2013 4:45 AM EDTCarlos Arredondo was in the bleachers by the The tourniquet on the left leg went just above thefinish line of the Boston Marathon when the first knee, below which there was nothing but tornbomb went off directly across the street. flesh and a length of bare bone.“Loud,” he says. “The fireball that came out. Also Another tourniquet went on the right leg. Arre-the smoke.” dondo next grabbed a wheelchair that somebody was pushing past. He placed the young man into it and moved it as quickly as he could while still holding up what remained of the legs. The young man was still conscious, and Arre- dondo told him to assist as best he could by working his hands on the wheels. They proceeded on through the panicked crowd as quickly as circumstances allowed. “That was a whole marathon,” Arredondo says. “Getting people out of the way and getting him help.”Arredondo assists medical responders as they help aninjured man following an explosion in Boston on April 15,2013. (Charles Krupa/AP)In the next moment, the 53-year-old from Bostonwas vaulting a barricade and racing straight intothe acrid cloud, wearing a cowboy hat like someWestern hero.“That’s the first reaction, ‘We have to go helpsomebody!’” he says.He saw a big pool of blood and several severedlimbs. And there was a young man in a gray topdirectly in front of him who was trying desperate-ly to stand up. Carlos Arredondo, who was at the finish line of the 117th Boston Marathon when two explosives detonated, leaves“He had no legs,” Arredondo says. the scene on April 15, 2013, in Boston. (Darren McColles- ter/Getty)A second bomb went off 100 yards away. Arre-dondo kept his focus on the young man, asking Arredondo continued with the young man on intohis name and offering his own. the big white medical tent that had been set up“I told him, ‘My name’s Carlos, you’re going to for runners who became dehydrated or hobbledbe OK, help is on the way,’” Arredondo recalls. during the race. The runners now watched this other kind of marathon, with Arredondo and theThe man was bleeding so heavily he seemed bleeding young man with no legs proceeding alllikely soon to be beyond help unless Arredondo the way through the tent to the exit where ambu-applied tourniquets. He grabbed of the first thing lances had begun to arrive.he saw that might work. A woman had begun pushing from the rear, and“Somebody’s sweater,” he said. “I tore it apart.” a cop had stepped in to help from the front. The 10
  11. 11. young man was still conscious when he was cooperative and his identification had checkedloaded into an ambulance. out, making the authorities discount early rumors“I told him,’ You’re going to be fine,’” Arredondo that they had a suspect.says. What is known about the killer or killers is that He had only one flag left when the bombs went off, and it had they were not just trying to make a political point become soaked in blood as he helped the young man. “Look at the by disrupting the world’s oldest marathon on the flag, all bleeding,” Arredondo said. day that marked both the start of the American Revolution and the deadline for taxes. They hadMore ambulances and then still more arrived for been trying to kill as many people as they couldthe other injured, who totaled at least 100, in- by detonating the bombs in the crowd.cluding at least eight children, one just 2 yearsold. The three dead included an 8-year-old, Pure evil had struck again, as it had at the Worldkilled at the end of the marathon whose final Trade Center, as it had at Sandy Hook. But, asmile this year had been dedicated to the mur- always, good had risen to face it, and Arredondodered school kids at Sandy Hook. had not been alone. Many others had immedi- ately pitched in to help before the smoke had fully cleared. One man from Duxbury, Massa-Arredondo remained at the scene, still wearing chusetts, threw himself atop his kids when thebuttons bearing photos of his two sons that he bombs detonated, and a stranger threw himselfhad affixed to the chest of his sweatshirt before on top of the dad to give them more protection.coming to the race. The older one, Alexander,had been just 20 when he was killed serving with As night deepened, Arredondo returned homethe Marines in Iraq. The younger son, Brian, with the bloodied flag and the photos of his sons.subsequently hanged himself. He had gone to the marathon to honor them. And that is exactly what he had done.“Next to him we find a letter about how the otherbrother died,” Arredondo now told me. Meanwhile, the search for the killers continues.The marathon is on Patriots’ Day, and Arredon-do had come to hand out American flags in thememory of his sons and the others who havelost their lives as result of the war on terror thatwas supposed to help keep us safe.“I hand out 200!” he reported.He had only one flag left when the bombs wentoff, and it had become soaked in blood as hehelped the young man.“Look at the flag, all bleeding,” Arredondo said.He furled it and stuck it in his back pocket. Hestood with more blood on the sleeve of hissweatshirt and on his pants and on his shoes asthe marathoners who had filled the streets werereplaced by SWAT teams in body armor and aman in a bomb disposal suit right out of the mov-ie The Hurt Locker. Investigators on the otherside of the crime scene tape searched for clues,testing for chemical traces of the explosives, col-lecting surveillance-camera footage.A 20-year-old Saudi man had been runningaway from the explosions when a civilian tackledhim and alerted a cop. But the Saudi had been 11
  12. 12. One of our greatest sponsors of Tri-Fusion is Elements Therapeutic massage. They have pro- vided some awesome giveaways at the meetings, including gift cards & tech tees… Amazing benefits of massage therapy are paired with flexible scheduling, affordable prices and outstanding service to create the elements experi- ence. Contact Details: 340-3303101 E. Hastings Road, Spokane, WA 99218 Reviews from(509) 448-9398 some of your3209 E. 57th Avenue, Suite H, Spokane, WA 99223 fellow board(509) 928-9098 members of325 South Sullivan, Ste B, Spokane Valley, WA 99037 Tri-Fusion…. By Eric Byrd By Jessi Thompson Nowadays everything is overhyped by everyone, and What do I love about Elements? Pretty much every- unqualified descriptions full of exaggerations are eve- thing. I love how I can have a small open window in my rywhere. But, Libby at Elements Therapeutic Mas- schedule and at the last minute, get an appointment. I sage lives up to the hype. Before I saw her, I had love the hours that extend beyond the work day which been beating myself up during training in anticipation work better for my life and child care. I love the of my first massage at Elements. Up until my ap- friendly front desk folks who are so welcoming and help- pointment, I had always fancied myself a tough guy. I ful. I love the clean, nicely decorated, professional of- had asked other Tri-Fusion members about whom to fice. Most of all, I love the massage therapists. I see, and I was thrilled to hear Libby was strong. I havent had a massage there that didnt actually make requested her thinking that she would be like every- me feel better, true therapy. The therapists I have one else, strong but not strong enough. I had no idea worked with are great listeners, understand athletes, that I was about to be turned into a rag-doll. It and tailor the session to make it what I want and what started when she said, as I lay on the table, “I am my body needs. Aside from the massage, I love that sure you heard that I am ‘heavy handed’”. My defi- their business is an active part of the community. They nition of “tough-guy” and “heavy handed” changed support Tri Fusion and its community events in such a instantaneously. She repeatedly pushed me to my generous way... going there for my massages is truly my pain threshold, only to back off at the perfect time, pleasure. each time. She blew me away and she will do the same for you. But be prepared, she is modest and under-hyped. 12
  13. 13. By Meghan FaulkenberryII have a extraordinary relationship with my massage therapist, Libby, who works at the Wandermere ElementsTherapeutic Massage. By the way she mashes my back, kneads my quads, and spirals her elbows in my butt, you’dthink the last thing I’d do is schedule another 80-minutes of anguish with her. Yet I find myself sitting in the lobby,staring at the three pictures on the wall that represent what nature is supposed to exude: calmness. Perhaps it’s thecalm before the storm, so to speak. How else can I justify the utter excitement I feel, knowing the muscles that haveworked so hard to carry me through each and every training day will soon meet the strength and skill of Libby’shands?My friend greets me at the door and leads me back to the dark room of calmness. The soothing music hardlydrowns out the list of “problem areas” I make Libby aware of. Quite frankly, I don’t know why I always repeat my-self, as she has yet to miss a muscle that isn’t already aching or tight, just by her skill alone. She simply stands, lis-tens, and then exclaims calmly, “I’ll go get some heat. You lay on your stomach.”Let the “therapy” begin.Libby starts by poking and prodding my back, coaxing muscles to literally jump out into her hands using her touchalone. It’s like a game of hide-and-seek, but upon finding the culprit muscle, she tackles it with whatever tool she findsmost useful—her thumb, her forearm, her elbow. I know Libby for her deep tissue technique, and so her thumbs, herforearms, and her elbows hardly do the work her entire body weight can do far better.Then she has me roll over so she can target my legs, perhaps the most tortured part of my body. With all the cy-cling and running I do, I usually arrive at Libby’s doorstep with quadriceps riddled with knots, hips resistant to move-ment, and butt cheeks whose muscle mass makes a great target for impending elbows. I know when Libby warns meto “take a deep breath,” I’m in for a soft tissue mobilization that will leave me sweating and breathless (I may inhale,but I forget to let it out). For Libby, one time isn’t enough. God blessed humans with just about two of everything,and for me, those “two of everythings” come with a whole load of prob-lems.What makes Libby so genuine and perfect as my massage therapist isher ability to target my muscles using her uncannily precise tools: herhands. Libby’s deep tissue experience may hurt, but the result is why Ikeep going back. She does the job exceedingly well. In all the pain andsweat, her conversation keeps my attention on her instead of on myscreaming muscles. Her nutrition ideas continually inspire me to try newrecipes and foods, and her jokes make me laugh through tears of painthat blind my vision.As I write this, I look forward to my next massage with Libby I havescheduled tomorrow. While my mind may know what this body is in for,thankfully, my muscles do not. If you haven’t tried a massage, I suggestyou delve in and see what the experience is all about. Perhaps the deep-est of deep tissue isn’t the right place to start. Maybe it is. Eitherway, consider seeking the massage therapy services offered by Ele-ments. Let me know if you have any questions or would like some rec-ommendations. I have plenty to offer. 13
  14. 14. Thai Fried Rice INGREDIENTS: 3 cups jasmine rice, steamed 2 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, cut in small cubes salt and pepper to taste 1/4 teaspoon crushed cayenne pepper 1/2 large yellow onion, minced 3 cloves garlic, minced 2 scallions, chopped 3 egg whites, scrambled 1 whole egg, scrambled 1 red bell pepper, chopped1/2 cup fresh pineapple, cut into 1/2 inch portions3 Thai chili peppers (optional)4 tsp vegetable oil4 tsp low-sodium soy sauce (or more to taste)2 tsp fish sauce *Thank you Spokane Dinner Club for the RecipeDIRECTIONS:Prepare rice ahead of time according to package instructions. I steamed ours. Its best if its made slight-ly on the dry side.Heat a wok on a high flame. Meanwhile, season chicken with salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.When the wok is very hot, add 2 tsp oil. When the oil gets hot, add the chicken and cook on high afew minutes, tossing so that it browns all over. Remove chicken from wok and set aside, add the eggsand cook a minute or two until done. Set aside.Add the remaining oil to the wok and add the onion, bell pepper, scallions, and garlic. Saute 1 minute,add the Thai chili pepper, and pineapple and stir in all the rice. Add soy sauce and fish sauce stir tomix all the ingredients. Keep stirring a few minutes, then add egg and chicken back to the wok. Adjustsoy sauce if needed and stir well another 30 seconds. Serve with toasted coconut, and fresh cilantro. 14
  15. 15. Healthy Chocolate Chip Granola BarsIngredients:3 cups—Rolled Oats (not instant)1 cup—Flaked Almonds1 cup—shelled sunflower seeds11/4 cups—Semi-sweet Choc. Chips11 oz.—Sweetened Condensed Milk1/4 cup—Coconut oil Directions: Turn oven onto 325 F. Grease the baking sheet. Combine all 6 ingre- dients in the bowl. Mix very well. Mixture will be stiff. Put into the bak- ing sheet. Press down evenly using waxed paper. Bake on the cen- ter rack in the oven for 30 minutes or until golden. Cool on wire rack for 15 minutes. Cuts into 20 bars. Thank You Rosi Guerrero for the recipe! 15
  16. 16. The Board of Directors, Sponsors and the Calendar of Upcoming Events…. BOARD OF DIRECTORS • ERIC BYRD ~ MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR • JAROD CROOKS ~ TREASURER • MEGHAN FAULKENBERRY ~ MENTOR DIRECTOR • NATALIE GALLAGHER - SOCIAL DIRECTOR • GREG GALLAGHER - VICE PRESIDENT • RENE GUERREO - WEBSITE DIRECTORWe would like to • JENNIFER LITTLE - CLOTHING DIRECTOR extend a • MELISSA ERICKSON~ SPONSORSHIP LIASONgenerous Thank • ALISON STITT - NEWSLETTER DIRECTOR • JESSI THOMPSON - SECRETARYYou to our truly • ROGER THOMPSON - PRESIDENT amazing sponsors!! April ~ May 2013 J Training Opportunities: Races: • Whitworth Masters Swim, offered Check Forum “Races” for other posted FREE to Tri Fusion MEMBERS events. Also find lots through Race Rag , every Sunday am. Sign up on the & various online sources. forum as limited spots, and confirm • April 21st Spokane river run times. • May 27th Spring Festival, Tri & Du, • Running workout opportunities Moses Lake posted on the forum and/or Face- • June 23rd Ironman CDA book. • July 14th Valley Girl, Liberty Lake • Continue to post & check for any training swim/ride/run on the Fo- • July 28th Race the River, CDA rum, Facebook page and/or send • August 18th Wunderwoman, Medi- out an email! We encourage all of cal Lake you to post your workouts there as well! • Sept. 21st Grand Columbian Tri, Electric City • Fitness Fanatics holds a Thursday night “shop ride” starting at 6pm. All levels welcome. Next Membership Meeting: Upcoming Events: Join us at Twigs every 3rd Wednesday of the month, next meeting will be: • April 24th, Fitness Fanatics Shop- May 15th 6:30pm ping night. 6:30-8:30pm, w/ appe- tizers & beverages! Come get the new season gear you need! • June 15th, Kids Triathlon Sign up to volunteer on the forum and/or con- tact a board member 16