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TriFusion Newsletter - June.'08

  1. 1. JUNE 2008 Welcome to the Tri Fusion Newsletter Board of Directors Special Edition! Tiffany & Fatkinsons Off Road Tri Tricia, Phaedra & Ben & No More, Tips & Nutrition Roger, Natalie, Myths Debunked page 2 page 8 page 4 page 6 pages 10 Greg & &11 BoD, Steve Jessi & Recipe & Mark, Sponsors, & Tim, Jim, FYI’s, page 7 Calendar, page 3 page 5 page 9 page 12 MEET THE BOARD! THIS SPECIAL EDITION WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR NEW BOARD OF DIRECTORS... • In addition to new applicants for our board of directors, This past month we have been receiving several of our current board of directors members re-applications for our Tri Fusion Board of Director positions, applied for the same position or applied to represent Tribecause the first two-years term will be coming to an end Fusion in a different board of directors position. Thosein July. While we are thrilled that several of our current members are: Roger Thompson; president, Jessiboard members applied to represent Tri Fusion for another Thompson; secretary, Jim Powers; vice presidentterm, we are also blessed to have five new faces ready for (change), Ben Greenfield; website director, Nataliethe challenge! Most of this newsletter will be dedicated to Gallagher; newsletter director, Mark Hodgson; mentorintroducing or re-introducing to these applicants to you. director (change), and Greg Gallagher; event director (change).• Our original board of directors from the beginning of Tri Fusion are Roger Thompson; president, Kevin Best; vice Originally, we had anticipated that we would need to president, Kim Ellis; treasurer, Jessi Thompson; hold an election at our July membership meeting. secretary, Kathi Best; social director, Mark Hodgson; However, the applications we received for board of event director, Jim Powers; membership director, Ben directors positions were uncontested, so we do not need to Greenfield; website director, Scott Ward; sponsorship vote as a general membership! We will be ready to go with director, Kirk Wood-Gaines; mentor director, Sam our newest board of directors in August, when we move Picicci; clothing director, Greg Gallagher; assistant to all, from our current board members to our new and renewed and Natalie Gallagher; newsletter director. board members.• Five different Tri Fusion members have applied to join A very big “Thank You!” must be extended to the Tri Fusion’s board of directors for the upcoming two- applicants for having the drive, energy, enthusiasm, years term and they are: Tiffany Byrd; clothing interest and genuine concern that it takes to successfully director, Tricia Cudney; social director, Steve Anderson; represent a large multisport club such as Tri Fusion! Your membership director, Tim Swanson; treasurer, and dedication to our club is immensely appreciated and Phaedra Cote; Kids Club director. valued, because we need YOU! [1]
  2. 2. Board Position: Clothing DirectorName: Tiffany ByrdRelated Experience: I’m a seamstress so I would like to actually make the TriFusion clothes myself on my loom at home. I will sing songs to the gods ofspeed while I work so that all of you may race faster in your new team clothing.Reason you would like to obtain the board position:My involvement in this club has done a lot for me personally, so I’d like to giveback to the group. Aside from that, I think that all the hard work has been doneup to now (thanks, Sam!).Time involved in multisport:___1_____ years ___8_____monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: ____1____years ____2_____monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position:I’m a thorough and reliable person. Since the majority of the creative work hasalready been done, it seems that this board position will mostly require good organization to get orders tallied andthen sort and distribute the orders when they arrive. I’m also good at communicating with others which will also benecessary to field clothing questions from members, communicate with the treasurer, and with the contacts atSugoi. I’d also like to get feedback from members about additional casual clothing they’d like to see in the TriFusion e-store and take the initiative to make that happen!Board Position: Social DirectorName: Trish CudneyRelated Experience: I have organized the Parent Volunteer Luncheon atBrentwood Elementary for the past 2 years. I have also served on the socialcommittee there and helped with various activities throughout the year.Reason you would like to obtain the board position: This club has had a hugeimpact on my life and I’m looking for a way to give back. This club is full ofamazing people and I think this position would allow me to get to know themeven better.Time involved in multisport:___1_____ years ___8_____monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: ________years ____7_____monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position:I definitely have a social personality. I’m incredibly organized and responsible.I’m a hard worker, but I also like to have fun while I’m at it! [2]
  3. 3. Board Position: Membership DirectorName: Steve AndersonRelated Experience: Project ManagerReason you would like to obtain the board position:The experiences I have had while in Tri-Fusion have been great. Iunderstand there is a commitment that goes above and beyond just being amember and I feel this is a task I can handle. I would enjoy working toimprove the club and getting more involved is the first step.Time involved in multisport: 2 years 2 monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: 1 year 1 monthPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position:I am always willing to lend a helping hand. I am a quick and enthusiasticlearner. Plus I enjoy the positive atmosphere Tri-Fusion has created.Strengths:I have ability to manage several projects at one time.I work in the design field and speak with clients on a regular basis.I am an active Tri-Fusion member.Board Position: TreasurerName: Tim SwansonRelated Experience: Current job is in EWU Financial Services, where we handleall incoming financial transactions for the universityReason you would like to obtain the board position: I love this sport and ampassionate about generating more interest in the local triathlon scene. Anyway I can make a positive impact to that end, I’m all for it!Time involved in multisport:____3___ years ____6___monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: ___1____years ____8____monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position: Cashmanagement, receipting/depositing large amounts of public funds, MS Excelproficiency, exceptionally detail oriented.Strengths: - Positive attitude - Always willing to help out - Organized, attentive to details - Love this sport…I can’t get enough of it! [3]
  4. 4. Board Position: Kids Club Director Name: Phaedra Cote Related Experience: I’m already a part of the kids club committee as well as on the forefront- planning the kids triathlon. Not to mention, I have kids myself and they are “wanna-be triathletes”. Reason you would like to obtain the board position: I am very passionate about the sport of triathlon and even more passionate about exposing children to this life-changing sport. I believe it’s the best way for me, personally, to give back. Time involved in multisport:____2____ years ________months Time as member of Tri Fusion: ________years ______9___months Positive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position: I have already been involved on the kids-club board and have a clear idea of what it takes to organize and successfully launch the first kids club meeting. I am excited to continually improve our “Tri-Fusion Kids” experience. I think we have the perfect avenue to have a great impact on the health and well being of our young triathletes-to-be. Strengths: Enthusiastic, positive attitude, relate well with peers and children alike, a great vision for the future of our kids club as well as kids’ races, love for children & the sport of triathlon.Board Position: PresidentName: Roger ThompsonRelated Experience: President of Tri Fusion for the past 2 yearReason you would like to obtain the board position: I have enjoyed the challenges we have been faced with in getting Tri Fusionup and running. It has also been a lot of fun and rewarding working with such adynamic Board that is always able to see the big picture even if we all havediffering opinions. I still feel I have the energy and drive for another term.Time involved in multisport:__12___ years ________monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: ___2__years _________monthsStrengths: I feel that I have a broad range of knowledge in the multisport arena.From events to sponsorships to membership, through the last 2 years I havegained a great deal of knowledge about the positive workings of this club andavoiding some pitfalls. As an athlete as well, I understand many of the needs ofthe members and work to maintain a balance of offerings for the elite athletes aswell as the first timers.Another strength is that I know Jessi Thompson. [4]
  5. 5. Board Position: SecretaryName: Jessi ThompsonRelated Experience: I’ve served as the Secretary for Tri Fusion for the last two years.Reason you would like to obtain the board position: Although this positioncan be a lot of work at times, I am passionate about the club and itsmembers. I love the sport and feel like the club atmosphere is an incrediblesupport system for members at every level. I believe I get back 10 foldwhat I put into it!Time involved in multisport:____3___ years ____6____monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: ___2____years _________monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position:I am good at multi-tasking and organization which seem to be the keyreasons I feel like the last 2 years have been successful for me. I’m able toplan meetings, make agendas and minutes, answer lots of emails frommembers, and organize things like club insurance, communication withsponsors, and help with events, etc. all at the same time. I’m also a peopleperson and I LOVE getting to have all the contact with the members. That’shonestly my favorite part of this job!Board Position: Vice PresidentName: Jim PowersRelated Experience: 2 years on Tri-Fusion Board as MembershipDirector, 5- ½ years on Spokane Guilds School Foundation Board- 4years as VP and incoming President-elect for a 2 year term.Reason you would like to obtain the board position: After beinginvolved in the initial start up of the club as a board member I wouldlike to stay involved in the growth and helping with the direction ofthe club.Time involved in multisport:______5__ years ________monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: _____1___years ___10______monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position: Theexperience and knowledge I have gained on the Tri-Fusion Board ofDirectors and also on the Spokane Guilds School Foundation Boardhave helped me have a thorough understanding of what is expected of the position. After watching what we haveachieved in a short amount of time and the people that we have formed great relationships with, I am excited to beinvolved in the future of the clubs direction.Strengths: Swimming, Biking , Running- well not so much swimming , but working at it! As far as the boardposition;-7+ years of combined experience as a board member-Passion for the sport [5]
  6. 6. Board Position: Website DirectorName: Ben GreenfieldRelated Experience: Previous website director for the past two years.Reason you would like to obtain the board position: This is just the way I feel Ican effectively contribute to Tri-Fusion team! And I’m a geek!Time involved in multisport:________6 years ________monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: ______2__years _________monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position: Previousexperience designing and maintaining the Tri-Fusion website and maintainingseveral additional personal and business websites.Strengths: Basic HTML programming, web design, complete graphic designsoftware suite which I’ve pilfered from my wife’s personal library, and aknowledge of how to run programs like forums, calendars, forms etc.Board Position: Newsletter DirectorName: Natalie GallagherRelated Experience: I have been the newsletter director for Tri Fusion for thepast two years. I also create weekly newsletters for Northwood’s track & fieldteam and Northwood’s cross country team while in season.Reason you would like to obtain the board position: I have enjoyed myposition as newsletter director very much and feel that I am able tocontribute positively to Tri Fusion by creating and updating our newsletter.Putting together relevant, informative, interesting and professional multisportnews for my fellow teammates is fun and keeps me well informed as well!Time involved in multisport:__newly - 2_ years ___6_____monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: _2 _______years _________monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position: I have a degreein secondary educational English. I am a published writer across differentgenres. I have a respectable degree of technological knowledge and I amable to use various publishing programs with ease.Strengths: I feel I am able to design and create a publication that isinteresting and informative for our readers and I thoroughly enjoy my job asnewsletter director for Tri Fusion and wish to continue contributing as such! [6]
  7. 7. Board Position: Membership MentorName: Mark HodgsonRelated Experience: Previously served a two year term on Tri-FusionBoard of DirectorsReason you would like to obtain the board position: I have beenserving Tri Fusion since the beginning, and I would like to continue togive back by welcoming new members aboard!Time involved in multisport:3 years 6_monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: 2 years _________monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position:I think that I am outgoing, and very positive. The membership of tri-fusion has proven time and time again to be its greatest strength.What began as eight people sitting around a table discussing triathlonhas now become a non-profit corporation with well over 100 activemembers. As membership mentor I would hope to continue to facilitate membership in such a way thatTri-Fusion could still grow as a club, but it could still maintain a “family” feel.Board Position: Event DirectorName: Gregory GallagherRelated Experience: Co-0rganizer of the Newman Lake25k Run. Numerous years of volunteering at run andtriathlon races. 17 + years of racing.Reason you would like to obtain the board position: Ifeel that I have the knowledge and understanding ofwhat a well-attended and fun race event entails. I havethe vision for small and large details that are importantto racers and I am able to consider all aspects of asuccessful racing venue. I would like to continuecontributing to Tri Fusion in a way that affects a largenumber of our members.Time involved in multisport:__17____ years_______monthsTime as member of Tri Fusion: __2____years _________monthsPositive qualities you possess to qualify you for this position: Attention to details, ability to listen towants/needs of our members and others, initiative to build a positive racing atmosphere! [7]
  8. 8. “Fatkinson’s” to Ironmen in “09” Things like the Polar Plunge, To seal the deal, and as a symbol by Michelle & Jay Huskinson running races like 5k’s and 10k’s. We of our commitment, I bought her the would later throw around the ideas of ‘basic” M-Dot necklace she wears daily. By February 2003, we had marathons and jokingly talked about how With the promise that; when she crossesbecome morbidly obese. While amazing it would be to do an Ironman. the finish line she will get the M-Dot withoverweight all of our adult lives, Jay‘s But, these were never solid plans. Jay had a diamond and gold chain at the finishweight had soared above 300 pounds developed a foot injury which derailed line. We began working with our coachand Michelle’s had topped 260 pounds. exercise, caused weight gain for both of Ben Greenfield who did metabolic testingWe had always thought of ourselves as us, and ultimately Jay’s weight began to and only did minor adjustments to ouractive people, but our lifestyle had creep up again. diet, but completely overhauled ourbecome more and more sedentary. Food workout regimen. Two-a-dayhad become a major part of everything, workouts became the norm and wecamping meant camping food, hiking affectionately referred to it asmeant Camelbacks with snacks so on “Death by Ben” as we were sure heand so forth. As our weight continued to was trying to kill us! Last year weballoon out of control, we began to did our first ten mile run, halfsuffer a new onset of a variety of health marathon and most importantly,issues. Jay began developing signs and our first triathlon. This is where wesymptoms of diabetes i.e; elevated blood found the “challenge andsugars and peripheral neuropathy adventure” we had been looking(painful numbness and tingling in his for. Where the prospect of Ironmantoes). Michelle developed chronic fatigue became a passion and not merely asyndrome, labile moods and severe goal. Through Ben we weredepression. Both of us were irritable and introduced to Tri-Fusion andgot to the point where we never felt good became members in November of Fast forward to June 2007- I wasand had no energy. This is a viscous 2007. We were welcomed in with open not working out regularly and we werecycle- the more depressed you get, the arms. Since working with Ben and joining unsure about what we were going to do.more you eat and ultimately the worse the club with all of the training runs and We knew we had a good plan for losingyou feel. This whole scenario was making swims, Jay has dropped an additional 50 weight, but, we had no direction in termsus feel helpless as we tried diet after diet pounds and Michelle an additional 20 of working out. Basically the way we hadand the only result was more weight pounds. It has been an amazing year for been doing things had become boringgain. us, both physically and emotionally. and provided no challenge or adventure. Losing weight alone was not enough, we We went to the Ironman expo for Just after Christmas 2002, Jay needed direction, a challenge and some Ironman CDA and Jay became inspiredwas talking to a co-worker who was just adventure to complete our lifestyle and proposed that perhaps we could doas large, but was full of energy and had transformation. Through Ben we have the Ironman in the future. Michelle hesitatedbegun to drop weight. This is when Jay roadmap, trouble -shooting help and only because we had planned on doinglearned about Atkins-not just the through Tri-Fusion we have an amazing the Portland Marathon in ‘07 and thosemisconceptions everybody likes to quote. support system. But, most of all we have plans were cancelled due to a lack ofHe began to learn how it really worked. each other and thanks to this new training. It was at that moment that IHe bought the book and spent a couple lifestyle we’ll have each other for a much realized that I had let Michelle down byof weeks trying to get Michelle to read it longer time than if we had let the not enduring to get back on track withwith him and finally she did. More out of “Fatkinson’s” continue to rule our lives. the diet and exercise after my injury. Isupport for him then because she was took Michelle in my arms right there ininterested. After reading the book, As of June ‘08 Jay is clear of all the middle of the Ironman expo and withMichelle decided to join Jay for a trial of diabetic signs and symptoms- blood tears in my eyes I apologized for letting sugars are normal and the neuropathythe Atkin’s Nutritional Plan February 16th, her down and promised her that we2003. That was the day our lives would has completely resolved. Michelle no would do what needed to be done to dochange forever. longer suffers with irritability and severe Portland Marathon. I asked her if she depression and has more energy than would commit to Ironman CDA in 2014- Over the next 10 months she knows what to do with. We are on we would be 45 then and this wouldMichelle would lose 90 pounds and Jay track for the Portland Marathon this year allow us the time needed to get ready. and we are signing up for Ironman CDAwould lose 120 pounds. We beganlooking for things to do that we would 2009!! Thanks Ben! Thanks Tri-Fusion!never have conceived before. [8]
  9. 9. A Well-Rounded Meal From Phaedra CotePineapple & Cilantro ChickenIngredients: * 6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts * 5 limes, juiced (approx 3/4 cup) * 1 bunch cilantro-finely chopped * 1/2 cup warmed honey * 1 Corona Beer * 1 16 oz can crushed pineapple with juice * 1 tbsp minced garlic * fresh ground salt and pepper to taste Combine all ingredients in a 13x9 baking dish,add chicken and marinade for 3-4 hours or more. Grilluntil done (approx 15 minutes). When serving, sliceavocados and lay on top of chicken.Cilantro-lime RiceIngredients: * 2 cups white rice (I prefer a shorter grain white rice-it makes the best sticky rice and works better forleftovers as it does not dry out) * 3 1/2 cups chicken broth * 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice * 1 bunch cilantro, finely chopped * 1 tbsp minced garlic (seeing a pattern here?) * 2 tsp Tabasco brand green pepper sauce * fresh ground salt and pepper to taste Cut off top and bottom of pineapple and then cut skin off of outside. Lay pineapple down and cut into2 inch slices. Grill 5 minutes per side. This needs no marinade. Its delicious. Throw it all together and youve got dinner! The hardest job of this whole meal is juicing the limes. Itsa pain in the butt however, DO NOT use "pre-squeezed lime juice". NO NO NO. There is absolutely nocomparison. What I often do is, squeeze a bunch of limes and keep the juice in the fridge. It keeps well. Agreen salad with a light, citrus dressing would go well with this. Ill work on that! :)FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI FYI Wanted: A #2 Reminder! VOLUNTEER to Register your kids for create and maintain a Reminder! Register your the Tri Fusion Kids Club, web page devoted to the kids for the Kids Triathlon contact Tri Fusion Kids Club! Contact on July 26th @ www.tri- ASAP Please! [9]
  10. 10. Off-Road Triathlons: Five Tips for a Faster Off- Increase your cadence.Road Bike Leg Because of our focus on three disciplines, triathletes have aBy Nick White, CTS Pro Coach limited capacity for power production on the bike. The power available can be produced in two ways: through As the competitive pedaling at high cadence and low resistance, or in low season hits its stride cadence and high resistance. High-resistance pedaling and you find yourself means that your body recruits more fast-twitch muscle prepping for races fibers to do the work. You generate a lot of power, but these rather than another muscle fibers fatigue quickly. As endurance athletes, you training session, it’s mostly rely on slow-twitch muscle fibers that can fire important to remember repetitively and nonstop for hours, but only at lower that success in off- resistance levels that come from pedaling at a higher road triathlons isn’t cadences (90-100 rpm). By pedaling faster you’re actually completely about holding the fast-twitch muscle fibers—necessary for fitness. You’ve got to explosive power—in reserve for use on steep hills, fast have the skills to pay transitions, and the sprint to the finish. the bills, and the competitor who Practice your balancing act. produces the most Keeping the rubber side down seems to be a fairly easy and power at lactate obvious way to improve your bike split time, but the gnarly threshold doesn’t trails featured in some off-road triathlons, make it easier always reach the finish said than done. Improving your balance on the bike is a line first. In off-road function of being comfortable moving around the cockpit oftriathlons, dexterity, skill, balance, and experience combine your bike. Sliding up to the nose of the saddle and puttingwith fitness and endurance to produce a much different set your weight over the handlebars (great for steep climbing),of challenges than you experience during a classic road sliding off the back of the saddle to keep your weight backtriathlon. It’s often the competitors who run and ride on descents, and leaning the bike to the right or the leftsmarter races that end up standing on the podium. while keeping your body vertical are all skills that you’llFortunately for you, you can still learn how to race need to maneuver your bike while out on a technical raceintelligently and limit wasted time and effort. And the course. To practice, simply go to a grassy field and ridebiggest gains in your racing IQ come from the skills you can around at super slow speeds, holding a line through a turn,develop for the mountain bike leg. Take some time to and eventually riding in a tight circle as slow as you possiblypractice the following tips and then execute them on the can to mimic a narrow switchback turn. The slower you canmountain-bike leg of the race. Done right, these small tips ride without falling, the better your bike balance and thecould shave minutes off your bike split time and deliver you faster you can ride over rough the run with fresher legs. Get on a road bike.Don’t kill the momentum. Technique on the mountain bike is a huge component inUse the brakes sparingly and efficiently in order to maintain maintaining speed during an off-road triathlon, but you stillyour forward motion. Control your speed into turns rather have to be a strong rider. Due to the very nature ofthan pedaling hard right up to them and then braking hard. mountain biking withYou want to conserve as much of your momentum as its uneven terrain, it’spossible, but when you brake hard into a turn you often hard to produce thecome to something close to a complete stop. This means long and steadyyou’ll have to use a tremendous amount of power to get efforts necessary toback up to speed as you exit. And try to keep your wheels boost your aerobicrolling through the turn; power-sliding is not only bad for capacity. For that, it’sthe trail, but it burns off more speed than you think. best to hop on your road bike when yourPick a quick line. training schedule callsThere are usually more tight turns during the bike section of for intervals lastingan off-road race than your typical road triathlon. Poor lines several minutes orare slow lines, and seconds add up to several minutes when make bad choices on a technical course. For downhillswitchbacks, you’ll want to enter the turn wide, cut to insideof the turn at its apex, and exit wide. On uphill switchbacks,start wide and steer your front wheel through the outside ofthe turn. And on bends that are 90-degrees or shallower,keep a light grip on the brakes and be nimble over the bike;you’ll be surprised how much speed you can carry throughthese turns. [10]
  11. 11. Top Ten Nutrition Myths (Part I) Bottom Line: Load up on natures heart-healthy foods--wholeBy Jill Weisenberger exposes some grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds--to avoidlong standing nutrition myths artery-cloggers. And read a products nutrition panel carefully.Published Tuesday, May 27, 2008, @ Myth #4: Eating fish is the best way to get heart-healthy omega-3 fats.Myth #1: Eating late at night will make you fat. Fact: The omega-3 family is credited with myriad healthFact: Calories are calories--no matter what time theyre eaten. benefits, ranging from promoting brain development in infantsThere is no magic hour in which your body decides that to improving cognitive function in the elderly, but it is perhapsincoming calories must be stored as fat. If you routinely most recognized for its role in shielding the heart fromoverindulge after dinner, its the overindulging thats disease. Fish and marine-based supplements are the onlysabotaging your weight-control efforts, not the hour on the ways to get EPA and DHA, two important omega-3 fatty acids.clock. For some people, the "no calories after 8 p.m." rule is an However, walnuts, flaxseed, canola oil, soybeans and someeffective diet strategy because it means they take in fewer other plant foods offer ALA, a third omega-3 fatty acid. Youcalories and less saturated fat over the course of a day. But need all three types of omega-3 fats for optimal health. Plant-what if dinner is late or youre hungry before bed? By all based omega-3 fatty acids offer distinct benefits you wont getmeans, eat. Feed and fuel your body. No harm is done if youre from fish. Without ALA, youd have scaly skin and problemsbalancing your calories over the day and not scarfing down with hair growth and wound healing. There is even evidencejunk food. Finally, if you train in the evening, eating at night is that diets rich in ALA decrease the risk of fatal ischemic heartnot optional: You must to replace the nutrients youve just lost. disease (the result of narrowing or hardening of the arteries,Depending on the activity, youll need water, electrolytes, which impedes blood flow).carbohydrates and protein. Fish or marine-based fatty acids, EPA and DHA, areBottom Line: What you eat--and how much--is far more recommended by many organizations, including the Americanimportant than when you eat it. But do make a point to spread Heart Association, to decrease the risk of cardiovascularyour food intake out over the day to sustain your energy. disease because of their strong triglyceride-lowering effect, says Penny Kris-Etherton Ph.D., R.D., professor of nutrition atMyth #2: Eating extra protein builds muscle. Pennsylvania State University. In addition, it appears that theFact: "To build muscle, you must have three key components: marine-based omega-3 fats are especially important in aidingadequate calories, a good intake of protein and a good cognition.strength program," says registered dietitian and American "Based on the evidence we have at this point, I recommendDietetic Association spokesperson Roberta Anding, a certified that people include all omega-3 fatty acids in their diets," saysspecialist in sports dietetics. Without enough calories, "some Kris-Etherton.of the dietary protein will be used as an energy source."Likewise, protein intake beyond your needs will either be Bottom Line: For optimal health, include both fish- and plant-stored as fat or burned for energy. based omega-3 sources in your diet.The timing of your protein is important. "After resistancetraining, consuming a source of protein, such as whey, along Myth #5: Athletes dont get osteoporosis.with some carbohydrate has been shown to build muscle," Fact: "Your sport may determine your risk for osteoporosis,"Anding adds. says registered dietitian and certified personal trainer Cathy Leman, owner of NutriFit, a nutrition and fitness consultingBottom Line: To build muscle, you need to eat a healthy diet, company in the Chicago area. Osteopenia--low bone mass,which includes a normal amount of protein, and strength train which precedes osteoporosis--is fairly prevalent amongregularly. women who participate in sports that place a significant emphasis on low body weight, such as gymnastics and dance,Myth #3: Cholesterol-free foods are heart-healthy. Leman says. When female athletes over-exercise and limitFact: While its a good idea to limit egg yolks, whole milk, liver their calorie intake, they frequently lose their menstrual cycle.and other high-cholesterol foods, its just not that simple, says When these three things occur together--called the femaleDina Kimmel, New Jersey-based registered dietitian and athlete triad-- women are at a high risk of developingnutrition counselor. Even more detrimental to your blood- osteoporosis and calcium wont do any good, says registeredcholesterol levels are the amounts of saturated and trans fatsyou eat. There are plenty of supermarket shelves that contain dietitian Lisa Dorfman, certified specialist in sports cholesterol, but are rife with artery-clogging saturated and The triad has been reported to occur in 12 to 15 percent oftrans fats. Scrutinize the nutrition facts panel carefully to see elite athletes and at least 5 percent of normally active females.whats in your cholesterol-free margarine, shortening, cookies Although both running and strength training decrease theor crackers. Chances are good that theyre loaded with either chance of osteoporosis, they wont protect against the diseasesaturated or trans fats, or both. The FDA allows a product to if the triad occurs. Also, there are many nutrients beyondclaim cholesterol-free on its label if there are no more than 2 calcium important to bone health including vitamin D, vitaminmilligrams cholesterol and 2 grams saturated fat per serving, K and magnesium.but theres no limit on trans fat. And your portion may bebigger than the listed serving size, so your meal could be Please look for Part II of this article, including the last fiveserving up a not-so-healthy dose of fats. nutrition myths, in the next newsletter edition! [11]
  12. 12. The Board of Directors, Sponsorsand The Calendar of Upcoming Events...Board of Directors We would like to extend a generous thank you to our• Kathi Best - Social Director truly amazing sponsors!• Kevin Best - Vice President• Kim Ellis - Treasurer• Greg Gallagher - Exotic Dancer• Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter Director• Ben Greenfield - Website Director• Mark Hodgson - Team Event Director• Sam Picicci - Uniform Director• Jim Powers - Membership Director• Jessi Thompson - Secretary• Roger Thompson - President• Scott Ward - Marketing Director• Kirk Wood-Gaines - Mentor Director June/July Calendar Races/Runs=> Upcoming Events=> Training Opportunities=> Clinics: • June 21: Trailblazer Sprint at 1 pm Wednesday, July 23: Nutritional at Medical Lake, WA Seminar at Champion Sports @ North Spokane -- • June 22: Ironman Coeur d’ Alene!!! at 6:30 pm! Monday - Friday @ 5:30- am: Masters 7 Cd’A, Idaho @ 7 am. Swim at Whitworth College $75/month Next Membership Meeting: • June 29: Plunge, Pedal & Plod Sprint Tuesday evenings: BLTs @ 5 & 6 @ at Witter Pool, Spokane, WA July 16th, 2008 @ 6:30 p.m.: rotating places around 7-Mile. Watch • July 4: Firecracker Triathlon (Sprint) General membership meeting at the Tri Forum for details! at Elma, WA location TBA. Saturdays @ time TBA: Probable outside bike ride meeting location & time • July 6: Lake Stevens 70.3 at Lake posted weekly on the Tri-Forum. Stevens, WA Next Tri Fusion Kids Club Mon. & Wed. evenings @ 5:30: Open • July 13: Valley Girl all women’s Meeting: water swim, starts at the Liberty Lake triathlon at Liberty Lake, WA Village Beach. Always a variety of Wednesday, July 9th @ Brentwood swimming levels, so please feel welcome Elementary from 6:15-7:45 p.m. to join the fun! [12]