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A Few Good Marketers provides marketing creative, communications, digital and interactive services by professionals with 20+ years of agency experience.

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Afgm Brochure 20100520

  2. 2. A FEW GOOD MARKETERS ON A MISSION A Few Good Marketers is a network of marketing, creative, and development professionals who come together—just for your project—to provide exceptional work at affordable prices. We believe every client deserves premium talent and superior execution. We believe creativity and innovation drive exceptional marketing—not high prices. We understand the challenges of today’s marketplace and have a model designed with this in mind. WE EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS—NOT YOUR BUDGET! • Matching small teams to your project needs • Experienced resources that hit the ground running • Networked talent pool—but only what you need • Affordable, fixed pricing—you know up front what the project will cost • Pre-packaged service offerings provide solutions “in a box” • Virtual company foundation means very low overhead—and more of your budget dedicated to actual work product a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  3. 3. PROJECT-BASED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES • Branding • Website design and development • Ecommerce • Trade show booths • Onsite promotional activation • Event management • Direct mail/email • Promotional kits • Promotional incentives • Graphic design • Customized applications and devices • Public relations • Media kits • Media outreach • Corporate communications • Strategic marketing/planning • Search engine marketing and optimization a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  4. 4. MARKETING IN A BOX When you need to reach for a marketing solution that gets the job done, is affordable and brings high quality creative to your brand experience—you can count on Marketing In A Box. All of our packaged services were created with our clients, our network partners and seasoned professionals. You told us what you needed and we put it together. Can you really get affordable pricing, quality and creativity at the same time? Yes you can—starting at $5,000.00! GUARANTEED TO EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS, NOT YOUR BUDGET. “… SEAMLESS CREATIVE INTEGRATION.” “AFGM has shifted the focus of our digital execution to leverage open platforms—a sound strategic recommendation for our client websites, with seamless creative integration.” Laurie Null, Co-Founder Thomsen & Null, Irvine, California “… GAVE MY SMALL BUSINESS A BIG LOOK.” “Working with A Few Good Marketers was a breeze—they had all my tradeshow materials ready to go and waiting for me at the airport. The work was outstanding and gave my small business a big business look.” Bryan Hoskinson, Owner, Ralph’s Travel Park, Zephyrhills, Florida “WE LOVE THE DESIGN AND THE EXECUTION...” “We love the design and execution of our invitation materials from A Few Good Marketers. They have made our event even more special, and we truly appreciate their effort, dedication and results!” Lisa Sasaki, Chairperson Women FORE! Women, Vista Maria Charities, Dearborn Heights, Michigan a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  5. 5. MARKETING IN A BOX WEBSITE DESIGN 75 PERCENT OF PEOPLE RESEARCH PRODUCTS OR COMPANIES ONLINE BEFORE THEY BUY… Launch or revive your online presence with our digital design and website package. We will design and launch your new or refreshed website, then provide the tools and training you’ll need to maintain it. At last, a website that works hard for you, not the other way around! INCLUDES: • New web design, site structure and content organization • Training on the open content management platform selected for your site • Content migration and launch readiness a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  6. 6. MARKETING IN A BOX BRAND DEVELOPMENT 3,000 BRAND MESSAGES EVERY DAY The average person is hit with 3,000 brand messages every day…more messages in a single year than our parent’s generation saw in a lifetime! Improve the odds for your brand with our essential brand innovation package. Your brand represents your products and services in the mind of your customer—we’ll help you get (back) on your customer’s mental shopping list. INCLUDES: • A logo treatment refresh • A style guide including brand uses, color palates and guidelines • Four business templates, including presentation, letterhead, business cards, marketing collateral a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  7. 7. MARKETING IN A BOX COMMUNICATIONS MAKE SURE YOUR BEST STORY REACHES YOUR AUDIENCE Yes, it’s true that 94% of reporters reference PR materials in their stories, but more importantly, referrals and word-of-mouth drive purchase decisions. Brand perception is king in today’s customer economy. The role of PR as a brand influencer has become an invaluable part of brand strategy. INCLUDES: • 6 month communications plan focused on business objectives • Four news announcements (i.e. product press releases, corporate overviews, executive biographies, media advisories) • Target media or influencer list (up to 10–including social media outlets) a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  8. 8. MARKETING IN A BOX SOCIAL MEDIA JUST 1 CONVERSATION = 200 TELEVISION ADS 1 billion people are talking on social media sites every month and just one of those conversations about your company can have the impact of 200 television ads. Facebook has surpassed Google as the web’s most visited site. Get connected and start conversations with your customers. Chances are, they’ve searched or talked about your brand on a social media site. Help customers find you with branded social media pages. INCLUDES CUSTOMIZATION FOR ACCOUNTS ON: PERSONALIZED BLOG a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  9. 9. MARKETING IN A BOX WEBSITE AUDIT The Website Audit package is designed to address a select set of critical elements for website design and usability best practices. The Audit can be used to review a website that is just launching, being considered for a refresh, or can be used to assess the condition of an existing website. This package provides great input into other packages or stands on its own. RATED AS “RED/YELLOW/GREEN” THE AUDIT AREAS INCLUDE: • Page Layout • Browser compatibility • Navigation • Color and graphics • Multimedia elements • Content presentation • Functionality a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  10. 10. MARKETING IN A BOX SEO AUDIT Search is the first stop for most internet users, whether their question is related to work, shopping, health, or entertainment. Click-through rates, conversion rates and total revenues are higher when both paid and organic listings are present simultaneously than when paid search ads are absent. The SEO Audit package addresses a select set of basic critical elements for on-site Search Engine Optimization—it’s all about getting your website to show up organically on search engines. INCLUDES: • A four (4) part audit with recommendations • The submission of client website to 5 leading free search directories • Generation of XML site map provided to web developers or placed on site for client • Addition of social bookmarking tool to client website (or instructions provided to web development team with recommendation on placement) a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  11. 11. MARKETING IN A BOX MARKETING PLAN FAST. EFFECTIVE. IN A NUTSHELL. Many small and mid-size businesses think they can’t afford the time and expense it takes to develop a strategically sound marketing plan. We think you can—in fact, we believe that a marketing plan should be part of your core business plan. Our “In A Nutshell” marketing plan provides clarity and guidelines about going to market across seven core areas from target audiences down to messaging. A facilitated session kicks off the plan with your input and develops over a 2-3 week timeline. WE LOOK AT THESE CRITICAL STRATEGIC AREAS: • Unique Selling Proposition • Core Business Overview • Target Audience • Competitive Landscape • Pricing Strategy and Offering(s) • Messaging Paths • Advertising and Promotions (including Search and PR efforts) a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  12. 12. MARKETING IN A BOX ANALYTICS DON’T GUESS: CALCULATE. Can you design message strategies using artificial intelligence? We can. AFGM is the only marketing firm authorized to use or sell what the Rand Corporation called “…one of the more interesting approaches to communication and attitude change we found…” (December, 2009) Even a small business can calculate the likely effect of messages and even calculate which message will work best in any given situation. Don’t guess: calculate. a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  13. 13. TRADESHOW Company: Livemercial Work Location: Miami, Chicago, Highlight: Tampa, San Francisco Livemercial is a company made for the tradeshow circuit, and in less than 2 months we executed 4, in Miami, Chicago, Tampa and San Francisco. As a leading direct response company in the infomercial space, Livemercial represents products of every conceivable category, all of them great fun to have on hand at trade shows. Livemercial is also a leader in promoting innovation and product inventions by everyday folks, which makes experiential marketing a perfect channel. Each venue and each audience objective offers unique opportunities and executional options. We wrap events around booths and promotion around your brand. In the end, it’s all about the experience! a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  14. 14. Work Highlight: INTERACTIVE Company: Assorted We build grand new entrances. Your company website is your front door to products, services, content and interaction with your brand. And it’s a living, breathing asset that needs care and feeding on a regular basis. That’s why we don’t just offer custom websites - which we love to do too - but also offer websites built on content management tools that allow you the ability to maintain your own site. That’s right; with a little training you can do it. a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  15. 15. Work Highlight: SOCIAL MEDIA Company: Assorted What would a branded social media platform look like for you? If Facebook were a country it would be the 4th largest? YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? Really? Dell earned over $3MM in revenue from Twitter offers? President Obama raised $59MM in less than a month via social media? Really? Yes. REALLY. It’s not just a fad, and we’ll show you the ropes. a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  16. 16. Work Highlight: SEARCH MARKETING Company: Wellington Fragrances What’s the first thing a customer does these days when they learn about your brand, your product or your service? They “GOOGLE” you! Or search for you on Yahoo. Or Bing. For Wellington Fragrance, search marketing is their ONLY marketing. Understanding that they shouldn’t pay for their own name, and they should create alternative ads with compelling landing pages has helped drive incremental sales and optimize their spend. And they’re just getting started. Search marketing options are growing - and so are the number of company links being returned in search results. Today’s search marketing techniques require a mix of marketing to your prospects and marketing to the search engines themselves - let us help you navigate this challenging landscape. a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  17. 17. Work Highlight: PUBLIC RELATIONS Company: Recellular Cell Phones For Soldiers has an amazing story behind it. Did you know it was started by 2 teens? Well, a lot of other folks didn’t either…or that they are now young adults attending college and doing an internship right here in Michigan. Public relations should work hard for you—and that’s just how we see it. Whether it calls for custom editorial, media outreach, social network pushes or just plain “pushing your story”—we get the job done! a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  18. 18. Work Highlight: DIRECT MARKETING Company: eHealthSource is a truly unique website offering with a specialized niche in the healthcare benefits industry. So reaching HR benefits managers is critical—we hit the bullseye and not the side of a barn. And we understood that getting product into target audience hands was key to converting prospects. Direct marketing can take any number of forms—postcard mailers, promotional kits, email offers—we know that smart execution and proper targeting drive success. a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  19. 19. LET’S GET STARTED WITH MARKETING ON DEMAND! We provide: • Flexible project and team configurations • Experienced professional services just when you need them • Exceptional marketing without a long term commitment • A compliment to other agency, marketing, or communications efforts • Access to a wide range of talent through trusted networks A FEW GOOD MARKETERS FOUNDING PARTNERS Patty Cox, Principal Owner Patty brings 20+ years of multi-channel marketing and management consulting experience to each and every client project. Over the past 12 years, Patty has focused on the interactive marketing and media space where the combination of her cyber law knowledge and toolbox of consulting skills proved invaluable for clients and agencies navigating the Web’s ever-changing waters. Along her career path as an advertising agency executive, Patty craved ‘a few good marketers’ – often tapping the network of local talent to support projects, timelines and budgets not feasible in a traditional agency environment. In other words, she’s walked a mile in your shoes. Todd Ridley, Principal Owner Todd brings a unique mix of creative direction and execution in both the traditional and digital space. As the former co-founder of an automotive lead services start up, he possesses just the right amount of left brain business sense to make Todd a ‘rare’ find in the creative community. These left brain cells also displaced the prima-donna cells commonly found in exceptional creative talent – lucky for us and lucky for you. Todd’s creative passion also extends outside of the office as a painter, relief sculptor, architectural renderer and a photographer. a few good marketers COMPANY OVERVIEW
  20. 20. Patty Cox: (586) 817-5745 – Todd Ridley: (313) 460-1224 –