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Tridens d.o.o.
Zagrebška cesta 22
2000 Maribor

Phone: +386 59 010 975
Mobile: +386 31 627 462
Fax:       +386 5...
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Tridens Brochure


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Tridens Brochure

  1. 1. About us The Company Tridens is an international company providing You Keep. innovative IT solutions, consulting, and software engineering services to help its clients’ businesses become high-performance enterprises. Our mission is to give our customers a clear competitive edge by consistently delivering high quality products and services. Our vision is to be a preferred partner for IT solutions, consulting and software engineering services with a reputation for providing the highest quality in terms of the following: • Commitment to customer needs • Innovative approaches and proven processes • Comprehensive and exceptionally capable tech- nological expertise • A versatile and highly responsive professional team Our values are as follows: Quality, Trans- parency, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Collaboration.
  2. 2. Your Input affects Our Output Why choose us? We always deliver – on time and on target We are in the heart of Europe: We have more than ten years of experience in the Our office is located in Maribor, Slovenia (EU). The nearest airports are Ljubljana, Maribor, Graz, and software industry. Our team includes highly skilled, Zagreb. This advantageous location makes us a highly professional software developers who have a great convenient, “near shore,” outsourcing partner for our deal of experience in many areas of their fields European customers. of expertise. Our engineers, having worked on numerous international projects, know how to What makes us unique: manage such large projects and successfully • Significant cost reduction – up to 50% complete them. Moreover, we always provide the • Reduced time to market – up to 50% highest quality software products at the lowest • Comprehensive and exceptionally capable techno- logical expertise possible cost, and services are always delivered • Outstanding professional team on time. • Intellectual property protection • 100% guarantee: No Satisfaction = No Invoice
  3. 3. We always exceed How we do it expectations. Flexibility By outsourcing a portion of their develop- Our mission is to consistently exceed the ment needs to Tridens, our customers gain a expectations of our customers by providing flexible and cost-effective resource enabling them high quality, flexible Information tech- to increase product ranges, decrease time to nology solutions on time, every time. Our ability to meet such challenges is the result market, and significantly lower development costs. of our proven excellence in building strong teams of dedicated software professionals, all Methodologies of whom are focused on the individual needs By utilizing the project development lifecycle, we of our customers. employ advanced techniques, such as OO analysis and design, rational unified process, or agile soft- “Boštjan is a very reliable and dedicated professional with excellent technical and project ware development and design patterns. management skills. I had the opportunity to work with him on various outsourced development projects, and Partnership I was always im-pressed by his professional attitude and his dedication to the customer. I would highly Tridens is focused on developing a long-term recommend Boštjan for any development project.” relationship with your company. With this goal in mind, we provide the responsive adaptability Thomas Durchdewald that best serves your unique business require- Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard ments, thus ensuring a successful partnership with us. You can choose a fixed price or a time and “I can say without any hesitation that the quality and material business model. professionalism of Tridens and our customer relation with them have been way beyond our expectations. They quickly respond to our requirements and solve our Customer Security problems with practical solutions.” All the work performed for our customers, and their intellectual property, is a sacred trust and Dušan Gašperšić, TusMobil, Billing and VAS department manager will always remain confidential.
  4. 4. R&D Services Maintenance Re-Engineering and Customer and Support Optimization Product Product Development Enhancement Services Custom Consulting Application Development Enterprise Application Migration Integration and Porting Testing and Quality Services Assurance Through our collaboration with state-of-the-art enables our software development designers and technological companies and other prominent cor- our technology consultants to provide excellent porations, we have acquired considerable proficiency support. Owing to the range and depth of our in project management. We have developed sound services, we can assist you by creating solutions for procedures that ensure the highest quality and any of your problems and by defining techniques that have achieved a primacy in innovative foresight that will guarantee full customer satisfaction.
  5. 5. Expertise Want the Best? Over the past several years, Tridens In the World of IT, has gained experience by working on various international projects: both We’re IT! minor and major ones for companies ranging from small-scale businesses to large conglomerates. By virtue of its strong software development background with IT integration services and solutions, Tridens is able to offer leading-edge expertise in many areas. Our platform and vendor-independent approach guarantees that we provide objective advice and deliver at the highest levels of quality, even in highly heterogeneous environments. Tridens’ main areas of expertise are as follows: • Oracle BRM • Mobile Applications • Java • Open source • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  6. 6. Innovations We Make, Make Your Life Easier. Products Tridens is a high-tech provider of Our portfolio: value-added services and innovative • Enterprise Service Monitor applications, especially in the mobile • ClassroomSpy and enterprise areas. Our products, • Fidler Mobile all of the highest quality, have been • Tridens.mobi designed with you in mind to resolve • Widgets your issues and simplify your life.
  7. 7. Tridens d.o.o. Zagrebška cesta 22 2000 Maribor Slovenia Phone: +386 59 010 975 Mobile: +386 31 627 462 Fax: +386 59 010 990 Email: info@tridens.si Twitter: @Tridens_Company