Mobile Facebook Application for J2ME Android


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Mobile Facebook Application for J2ME Android

  1. 1. Mobile Facebook Application August 2009 Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  2. 2. Business proposal • Together publish mobile Facebook application • Revenue generated via adds • Revenue generated via mobile carriers – per download • New location based features like • My location • Where is my friend? • Meet me • Nearest shop, pub, cinema,... • Location target advertising Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  3. 3. Market Opportunity • The Mobile Phone is the largest gaming platform in the world today – 4 Bn in 2009 • Time spent on mobile phones : significant and increasing • Active user spends 17 hrs/wk : 13 talking; 4 data services • Mobile Social Networking will become the largest revenue generator for mobile entertainment by 2011 (Gartner) Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  4. 4. Mobile Advertising • World-Wide Reach • Large base and growing: 2.1+ Bn (2006) to 5+ Bn (2011) • 22% of Companies advertising online are starting mobile marketing in 2008 • Mobile advertising is fastest growing market : $2.7 Bn (2008) to $12.8 Bn (2011) (Gartner) Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  5. 5. Advertisement The full screen, interstitial adverts are interactive and enable the user to visit an advertiser’s mobile site or even click to call or text the advertiser. •Text •Picture •Link •Combination of above Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  6. 6. Application Process 1 2 3 4 Community menu Pre-Ads Application Post-Ads User starts Fidler Mobile 1-2 Ads are shown, user No further ads until game User exits the game and and after successful login can either click on the Ad exit ensuring an receives 1-2 Ads is ready to receive or go to the application uninterrupted gaming mobile ads. experience Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  7. 7. Already implemented features • Read messages • Watch friends • Read wall content • Read friends wall • Check your newsfeed • See photos • See albums • Create album • Watch events • Watch groups • Notifications • Update status • Upload photos • Chat Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  8. 8. Screenshots #1 Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  9. 9. Screenshots #2 Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  10. 10. Work to be done • Facebook implements server side of location based functionality • Tridens implements client side of location based functionality • Tridens integrates mobile application with Facebook advertisement system Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  11. 11. Why we? • Experience in mobile area • Already developed facebook application • Software development references "Bostjan is a very reliable and dedicated professional with excellent technical and project management skills. I had the opportunity to work with him on various outsourced development projects and I was always impressed by his professional attitude and his dedication to the customer. I'd highly recommend Bostjan for any development project." Thomas Durchdewald Program Manager, Hewlett-Packard Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  12. 12. Summary • New location based features • Application is menu-driven, fast, and makes staying in touch with your Facebook friends quick and easy. Menu-driven interface is more responsive, especially compared with Facebook's mobile Web page. • The menu allows you to cycle through common tasks: Update status, Upload Photo, etc. To speed-up those tasks, you can type single-key shortcuts, and there's a type-ahead feature that fills in the rest of friend names. • You can directly take the photo and upload it to the album you wish – or create a new album and upload it there. • In overall Fidler Mobile client is just plain fast and user friendly. • Automatic upgrades for new releases • Advertising supported – additional revenue can be generated via target advertising and advanced location based advertising Tridens d.o.o. Confidental
  13. 13. Tridens d.o.o. Zagrebška c. 22 2000 Maribor Slovenia (EU) Phone: +386 31 627 462 Fax: +386 59 010 990 E-mail: Tridens d.o.o. Confidental