Newbury Math Placement Instructions

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  • 1. Newbury College Instructions for your Math Placement Exam
  • 2.
    • Please go to:
    • On the right is a picture of the Login page.
    • On the right hand corner, please click on Login .
  • 3. Create an Account
    • On the next page:
    • Please click on Create new account on the right bottom.
    • (If you have an account, please fill in your Username and Password, then click on Login .)
  • 4. New Account
    • On the right you, can see a picture of the New Account page.
    • Please pick something you will remember for your Username and Password.
    • Please use your Newbury email address when you fill in the page.
    • When you have completed filling out the page, please click on Create my new account on the bottom of the screen.
  • 5. Confirm Your Account
    • The next page lets you know that an email has been sent to the address you provided.
    • The email contains instructions on completing your registration.
    • Please check your email.
    • It contains easy instructions to complete your registration.
    • If you continue to have difficulty, contact the site administrator.
  • 6. The Confirmation Email
    • Hi Jane Doe, A new account has been requested at 'Newbury College' using your email address. To confirm your new account, please go to this web address: In most mail programs, this should appear as a blue link which you can just click on. If that doesn't work, then cut and paste the address into the address line at the top of your web browser window. If you need help, please contact the site administrator, Moodle Admin (
    • At the right, you can see the text of the email you will receive, asking you to click on the enclosed link to confirm your account.
    • Once you have completed the confirmation process, you can go to and login.
  • 7. Login
    • On this page please fill in the Username and Password you selected.
    • Then click on Login .
  • 8. The Link for the Math Placement Exam
    • On the next page shown at the right you can see a page with a list of courses. At the top you will see
    • Summer 2010
      • Math Placement Summer 2010
    • Please click on:
  • 9. Enrolment Key
    • The first time you click on MATH PLACEMENT EXAM, you will be asked to put in an enrolment key.
    • Your enrolment key is
    • 7145720
    • Please insert it into the blank and click on Enrol me in this course.
  • 10. The Introductory Page
    • You are now ready to begin.
    • Please read the instructions in the center box of the Introductory Page.
    • And when you are done, please click on:
    • Placement Exam
  • 11. The Last Click before you begin
    • When you are ready
    • Click on Attempt quiz now.
    • Remember:
    • You will have 90 minutes from the time you begin.
    • For each question, simply click on the button near the answer you are choosing.
    • You can save your progress and pause, but the clock will keep on ticking.
    • The next slide will show you how to save and/or submit your answers and finished exam
  • 12. The End
    • To save your work along the way, on the bottom of the page, click on:
    • Save without submitting.
    • At this point you can go back and change your answers
    • When you have completed the exam please click on:
    • Submit all and finish.
    • Once you click on Submit all and finish, the exam will be over and you will not be able to get back in.