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Portuguese empire part 1slideshow


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  • 1. Portuguese Empire Part 1
    • Patricia Bigler
    • History 140
  • 2. History of Portugal
    • Portugal is a European and an Atlantic Nation that dates back to the Early Middle ages.
    • Portugal was an early settlement located at the mouth of the Douro River
    • During Europes “Age of Discover” it rose to the status of a world power.
    • Portugal gradually lost wealth and status when the English, Dutch, and French took a large share of the spice and slave trades by conquering port trading posts and territories.
  • 3. Military Decline
    • Spains attempt to conquer England-Battle of Alcacer.
    • Destruction of a lot of the capital city in 1755 by an earthquake.
    • Loss of Brazil during the Napoleonic wars in 1822
  • 4. The Portuguese Empire
    • July 25, 1914-The beginning of the Portuguese Empire.
    • August 21, 1914- Ceuta was conquered by portugal and the Portuguese Empire was founded.
  • 5. Portuguese Empire
    • 1418 Henry the Navigator and Trisao Bas Teixera and Joao Goncalves Zarco were in a storm that brought them to an island they named Porto Santo (“Holy Port”)
        • 1419 they disembarked on Madeira Island and colonized by the Portuguese in 1420
    • 1434 Gil Eanes turned the Cape Bojada marking the beginning of the port exploration of Africa.
    • Between 1427-1431 many of the Azorean Islands were discovered and later colonized by the Portuguese in 1445.
    • The Canary Islands were also discovered by the Portuguese but Castile objected claim by them and eventually they became part of the Spanish Empire.
  • 6. Portuguese Empire
    • 1448- On a small island called Arguim an important castle was built and used as a trading post for comerce with inland Africa.
    • 1470’s Port trading ships reached the Gold Coast.
    • 1471- Port finally captured Tangier after several attempts.
    • 1482- Fortress of Sao Jorge Damina was built.
    • 1483- Diongo Cao explored the congo river
    • 1484- Port regected Christopher Colombus’s idea of reaching india from the West. They believed it would take a lot longer. The long lasting dispute resulted in the Treaty of Tordesillas with spain dividing the world equally between the Spanish and the Portuguese(along a north-south meridian line 1000 miles west of the cape Verde Islands .
  • 7. Colonial Brazil
    • Period from 1500 (with the arrival of the Portuguese) until 1815(Brazil elevated to a kingdom.
    • April 22, 1500 a fleet led by Navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral landed in and took possession of Brazil in the name of the King.
    • During the 300 years of Brazilian Colonial History the exploration of the territory was originally based on Brazilwood extraction, sugar production, and gold and diamond mining.
    • Slaves provided most of the working force in the Brazilian economy.
  • 8. Sources