Trichup Hair Fall Control


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Trichup Hair Fall Control

  1. 1. Hair Fall Control therapy
  2. 2. This presentation Includes – Hair Loss – Impact of the problem – Causes of Hair Loss – Types of Hair Loss – Symptoms – Treatment Options for Hair Loss – Hair Loss from Ayurveda perspective – Product, USP’s
  3. 3. HAIR• Hair is the most important cosmetic addition to our appearance• Healthy Hair is sign of healthy body and charismatic personality
  4. 4. HAIR LOSS• Falling of hair is a natural process.• The hair growth becomes thinner or weakend or doesnot grow at all. This is called HAIR LOSS.• Alopecia is the medical term used to denote HAIR FALL
  5. 5. Causes of Hair Loss• Hereditary (Genetic factor)• Inadequate protein in diet• Low serum iron - Iron deficiency sometimes produce hair loss• Thyroid or Liver disease• Immune and autoimmune system responses• Infections mostly fungal• Starting or stopping birth control pills• Use of chemical based hair care products• Cancer treatment• Stress and tension• Pollution, dirt, grime etc.
  6. 6. IMPACT OF HAIR LOSS• Although hair loss is common but it becomes very tough to live with , specially when it changes your appearance• Hair Fall affects 35 million men and 21 million women in united states alone• 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by age of 35• 65% of men have hair loss by age of 60
  7. 7. CYCLE OF GROWTH OF HAIR• The normal cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 3 years.• Each hair grows approximately 1 centimeter per month during this phase.• About 90 percent of the hair on your scalp is growing at any one time.• About 10 percent of the hair on your scalp, at any one time, is in a resting phase.• After 3 to 4 months, the resting hair falls out and new hair starts to grow in its placeIt is normal to shed some hair each day as part of thiscycle. However, some people may experienceexcessive (more than normal) hair loss. Hair loss ofthis type can affect men, women and children
  8. 8. TYPES OF HAIR LOSS• Male Pattern Baldness/Female Pattern• Baldness ( Androgenic Alopecia) -This is the most common type of hair loss• Trichotilomania• Alopecia Areata
  10. 10. SYMPTOMS OF HAIR LOSS• abnormal scalp skin (red, scaly, etc.)• bald spots anywhere on the body• gradual appearance of bald patches• hair falls out after brushing or combing• pain or itching of the scalp• patches of hair fall out simultaneously• receding hairline• thinning hair
  11. 11. TREATMENT• Vitamins and minerals supplementation• Maintaining proper hair hygiene• Hair Transplantation
  12. 12. HAIR LOSS ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA • According to Ayurveda, hair is considered to be a tissue which uses the same nutrients as the bones and is formed as a bi-product of the bone tissue • Ayurveda has classified the hair type according to the three basic body types-vata, pitta and kapha. According to Ayurveda, people falling under any of these body types have different hair features as per their doshas • Ayurveda says that excess of pitta dosha(heat) in the body is the chief cause for alopecia
  13. 13. AYURVEDIC HAIR LOSS REMEDIES• Try to locate the factor in your diet/lifestyle which is aggravating pitta and rectify it• Always use natural shampoo or soaps to wash your hair• Oiling and massaging the scalp is highly beneficial in preventing hair loss , certain herbs like bhringraj, amla , almond and coco’s are known as ancient treasure for blissful hair• Consume raw vegetables and fresh fruits• Certain herbs like licorice, black pepper and lemon are also well known to heal the bald patches• Use relaxing techniques like yoga pranayam and avoid hairstyles which pulls hairs and consequently damage it
  14. 14. PresentingTrichup Hair fall control Therapy
  15. 15. Trichup Hair fall control OilComposition:• Til Oil - 80%• Trunaraj oil - 20%Made Siddhi with• Yashtimadhu - 1.6%• Jati - 1.6%• Mandukparni - 1.6%• Kamal - 1.2%• Bhringraj - 1.2%• Neem - 1.2%• Nagarmotha - 1.2%• Amalaki - 0.8%• Dhatura - 0.8%• Japa - 0.8%• Jatamansi - 0.8%
  16. 16. Role of Herbs• Bhringraj increase the blood circulation and provide nourishment to the hair strengthening the hair roots to promote healthy hair growth.• Neem has antifungal and antibacterial activity. It protects hair shaft and prevents it hair loss due to fungal/bacterial infections.• Jati nourishes the scalp to give you soft, smooth and healthy hair.• Jati oil is also effective at adding strength, protection and shine to hair.• Amla prevents premature graying and falling of hair.• The yashtimadhu or licorice root cools the brain and has a sweet fragrance.
  17. 17. Directions for use Regularly apply and massagescalp to stay dandruff free. Forbest results, keep overnight.
  18. 18. Trichup hair fall control shampoo• Trichup hair fall control shampoo is enriched with natural goodness of amla, bhringraj and other well known herbs.• It makes hair strong and healthy from the roots and protecting the hair shaft against breakage.
  19. 19. Directions for use Apply to wet hair. Lather. Leavefor 1-2 minutes and rinse.Repeat if necessary.
  20. 20. Trichup hair fall control therapy • Trichup hair fall control therapy gives hair a flattering uplift by toning, exercising & providing nourishment to the inner surface to cuticle and follicle. • THFC, a splendid combination of natures best herb to create environment for fresh hair growth.
  22. 22. FMCG MarketFMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for dailyor frequent use. Typically, aconsumer buys these goods atleast once a month.
  23. 23. FMCG Market• Detergents• Toilet soaps• Toothpaste• Personal Care• Food products• Confectioneries• Beverages• Cigarettes
  24. 24. PERSONAL CARE• Hair Care• Skin Care• Fragrance• Exfolliators• Inactive Ingredients• Oral Care
  25. 25. HAIR CARE – OILS• Indian Hair oil market is huge , valued at Rs. 6 bn growing at 6-7% in volume terms despite high penetration level• according to AC Nielsen data, the Indian hair care market is worth Rs 8,683 crore. The sector witnessed a 17 per cent value growth driven by hair oil and shampoos. The hair oil industry plays a dominant role in the hair care segment and is valued at Rs 2,800 crore.• The penetration of hair oil is fairly high at around 87% and evenly distributed among the urban and rural areas.• Major Players are – Godrej – HUL – Marico – Cavinkare
  26. 26. HAIR CARE – SHAMPOO• The shampoo market in India is valued at Rs 4.5 bn with the penetration level at 13% only.• The Indian shampoo market is characterized by a twin-benefit platform: cosmetic and anti-dandruff.• While the awareness level is high, the penetration level is very low even in the metros which is only 30%. Urban markets account for 80% of the total shampoo market, The penetration level is rapidly increasing due to decline in excise duty, which was 120% in 1993 to 30% currently.
  27. 27. PresentationTrichup Hair fall control Oil:• Packing: 100mL• Case lot: 72• MRP: Rs.100/-Trichup shampoo (Hair fall control)• Packing: 6mL / 200mL• Case lot: 1200 / 36• MRP: Rs.3/- / 105/-
  28. 28. Thank You