The ABC's of Social Selling


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Have you seen the movie Glengarry Glen Ross? If you're in sales chances are that you've seen or at least have heard of the cult classic. Glengarry Glen Ross depicts the lives of four stereotypical salesmen who regularly use underhanded and dishonest tactics to make sales. The movie is famous for Alec Baldwin's killer monologue and ABC (Always Be Closing) scene. Glengarry Glen Ross, Death of a Salesman and Boiler Room are three works of art that portray sales in a negative light. They also give a glimpse of what sales traditionally used to be about...but no longer is. Sales has evolved and having the ALWAYS BE CLOSING mindset is not enough for a salesperson to be successful in this new age of Social Selling. Introducing the 10 ABC's of Social Selling:

1) Always Be Connecting
Social Sellers love connecting with people & connecting people to each other. They understand that their network is their net worth.

2) Always Be Creating
Social Sellers create content, create partnerships, create mutually beneficial opportunities, create value & ultimately create revenue.

3) Always Be Curating
Social Sellers become an indispensable resource for prospects by helping them filter through the noise & curating the best content from industry influencers. Thereby, becoming an industry influencer themselves.

4) Always Be Collaborating
Social Sellers know that they can’t do it on their own so they seek to align themselves with strategic partners & create win-win business opportunities.

5) Always Be Curious
Social Sellers like to learn more about their prospects. They want to learn more about what they do, how they do it & why they do it. A Social Seller’s curiosity opens up possibilities that they never might have imagined.

6) Always Be Creative
Social Sellers know that there is a lot of noise in our world. So they use creative ways to break through the noise to get their message across. Using creative approaches differentiates the social seller from the average salesperson.

7) Always Be Contributing
Social Sellers love to add value. They want to help out & are on the lookout for ways to do this everyday…even if there is no immediate benefit to them.

8) Always Be Caring
Social Sellers care about their prospects & want to help them become more successful. They care not just before the sale but afterwards as well.

9) Always Be Clear
Social Sellers are transparent & open. They provide their prospects with clarity & make it simple for the prospects to understand them & their intentions.

10) Always Be Classy
Social Sellers know better than to bad mouth their competition. They can pick up on cues when someone’s not interested & can make a classy & smooth exit. They treat small opportunities with the same class as they would the big ones.

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