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Mike Karnjanaprakorn: Those Who Can, Teach

Mike Karnjanaprakorn: Those Who Can, Teach






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    Mike Karnjanaprakorn: Those Who Can, Teach Mike Karnjanaprakorn: Those Who Can, Teach Presentation Transcript

    • “I never let education get in the way of my learning.” – Mark Twain Michael Karnjanaprakorn, @mikekarnj CEO/co-founder, @skillshare http://skillshare.com
    • I’d like to start with a personal story...
    • 2004
    • Where I took an Economics class on Game Theory.
    • Which is a theory of competition stated in terms of gains and losses among opposing players.
    • I had a really hard time understanding the concept.
    • But I memorized everything for the final exam. And passed!
    • But, I was so focused on passing the test, I didn’t really learn anything.
    • I still didn’t understand Game Theory.
    • Sound familiar?
    • 2010
    • I’m in Las Vegas with Annie Duke.
    • She’s a professional poker player.
    • She was also my poker coach.
    • Who gave me a lesson on...
    • Game theory and decision making.
    • Poker is a game of decision making under conditions of uncertainty.
    • So, my gains are exactly balanced by your losses (sum-zero game).
    • And my success depends on thedecisions of others (game theory).
    • A topic that I found insanely boring turned into the most fascinating topic for me.
    • Because it was something Ipassionately wanted to learn about.
    • I finally understood the concept!
    • That day, I learned another very important lesson.
    • The difference between education and learning.
    • Education is what someone else does for you. Learning is what you do for yourself.
    • Education is about following a linear path.Learning is about following your passions.
    • Retire Have kids Buy a house Get married Get a job Go to collegeGo to school
    • Most folks will follow this path.And there’s nothing wrong with that.
    • But, there is a problem when others are forced to go down the same path.
    • Instead of taking the opportunity to learn about things they love, education forces them into a linear path.
    • They learn because they have to, not because they want to.
    • But learning is inherently personal. It cant be cookie-cutter.
    • Everyone’s journey is different.
    • It looks something like this.
    • Traditionally, education is organized whilelearning is something that happens individually.
    • But, what if we changed that?
    • What if education gave us the toolswe needed to pursue our passions?
    • What if education and learning could beaffordable, personalized, and adaptable?
    • What if education can be community-focused withcollaboration and knowledge sharing at it’s heart?
    • We can do this with the Internet.
    • I believe the world’s most abundance resources are excess knowledge and skills.
    • It just needs to be shared.
    • "People learn best when pursuing something they findpersonally meaningful and useful, in collaboration with peers and experts, and working towards mastery of a set of skills and/or body of knowledge in the real world."
    • We can combine the power of individual learning with the magic of communities.
    • I believe anyone can be a teacher.
    • Remember that old saying,“Those who can, do. Those who cant, teach."
    • Here’s a new one,“Those who can, teach.”
    • I believe we can start a teaching revolution.
    • Remember that poker story?
    • When I got back to New York,all my friends asked me to teach them what I learned.
    • Our vision is to democratize learning by empowering teaching. Our mission is turn every city andcommunity into a campus, every venueand address into a classroom, and every inhabitant into a student & teacher.
    • Skillshare is for the doers, not the academics or theorists. We exist on this planet to makeeducation meaningful, collaborative and accessible.
    • Learning is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom.
    • Now, we can learn anything from anyone.
    • Anyone can be a teacher.
    • Imagine a world, where graduations became obsolete. Because everyone is a lifelong learner and teacher.
    • Imagine a world, where you could createyour own learning path, aligned with your passions.
    • Imagine a world, where you could receive a brand accreditation from the folks at Nike.
    • Piquing your interest, finding new passions,and sharing skills should be a life-long process.
    • Everyone can be a life-long learner.
    • Better yet, everyone can be a life-long teacher.
    • Here are some from our community.
    • 37 Classes Less than $1,00010 Mistakes First-Time Founders Make | Hacking Gmail | Financial Modeling for Entrepreneurs| Planting the Seed: How to Raise Your First Round | Charts for Great Good | 5 Ways to Acquire Users for Free | Winning Negotiation in Three Steps | Startups Unplugged | Hustle 101: Get More Clients & Close More Deals | Managing Teams and Group Process | Hacking the HumanBody: Greater Results in Less Time | This Shit Ain’t Legal | The Art of the Cold Call | Life Hack: How to Live Rent-Free in NYC | Introduction to Ruby on Rails | Rock Your Board | Craft a Gorgeous Web Application from Scratch | Tips for Early Stage Companies Looking to Break-Through | Hacking Incubators: How to get into Techstars | 7 Steps to a Successful Team | SEO is Your Friend | What Measured Gets Done | Building a Product-Focused Startup Culture
    • Here are some more from Twitter.
    • "People learn best when pursuing something they findpersonally meaningful and useful, in collaboration with peers and experts, and working towards mastery of a set of skills and/or body of knowledge in the real world."
    • To close, I’d like to share an emailI received a couple of weeks ago.
    • “I’m imagining one day my kids might be able to get their education just from stringing together a curriculum of Skillshare classes.”
    • We can create a new world where people pursue their passions.
    • We can start a teaching revolution.
    • “Those who can, teach.”Michael Karnjanaprakorn, @mikekarnj CEO/co-founder, @skillshare http://skillshare.com