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TRGMS Corporate Overview
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TRGMS Corporate Overview


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. TRG MS Corporate OverviewThe Resource GroupBPO and KPO | 5,000+ employees | 7 countries | 20+ languagesUnited Kingdom ∙ United States ∙ Philippines ∙ Pakistan ∙ Senegal ∙ Peru ∙ Brazil
  • 2. Delivering Memorable Customer Experiences! The only way to give customers a truly memorableOur Philosophy experience is through creating emotional connections with them.
  • 3. How do we build at TRG?  TRG is a leading UK based business process outsourcing (BPO) provider of marketing solutions. Leading brands partner with us to build lasting emotional connections with their customers.  At TRG we:Listen Analyse Engage Recommend------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------------Have real meaningful Interpret and understand your Show empathy and involve Identify and recommend theconversations where customers’ underlying needs them in discovering possible best solution to truly wowcustomers’ voices are truly to better comprehend their solutions together. your customers.heard. expectations. To deliver personalised solutions to your customers !
  • 4. Solutions Mix Our solutions are designed to help you emotionallyOur Solutions connect with your customers so that each interaction leaves them feeling appreciated and valued.
  • 5. Select your ultimate results Generate Higher Enhance Customer Demand Care Engage Your Build Brand Customers Loyalty Leverage Data Use Multi-Channel & Analytics Touchpoints *To find out more, visit our website at
  • 6. Global Company  $150m global holding company in business servicesGlobal BPO  5,000+ employees across 7 countriesProvider  Headquartered in Washington, DC.
  • 7. TRG Organizational Structure The Resource Group TRG Group CompaniesBusiness / Knowledge E-TeleQuote Digital Globe Stratasoft SATMAP iSKY trg | techProcess Outsourcing Insurance Services BPO / KPO  Call Center  Insurance sales  Call Center  Customer Experience  Digital Marketing  Business Intelligence Sites in Software  Online Medicare Personality Management  SEO / SEM Software  US  Hosted Dialer plans Matching  Market Research  Online Sales  ERP Systems  UK  IVR Technology  Brand Consulting Optimization  Web Dev  Philippines  Quality  Artificial  Customer Surveys  Custom Software Dev  Senegal Monitoring Intelligence  BPO Software  Pakistan Software  Peru  Brazil
  • 8. Global Presence UK 1 Site 100 Employees Pakistan 2 Sites USA 1,200 Employees Global HQ 9 Sites Senegal 2,000 Employees 1 Site 120 Employees Philippines 2 Sites 1,500 Employees Peru 1 Site Brazil 400 Employees 1 Site 500 Employees Onshore Washington, DC | Beckley, WV | Bend, OR | Charleston I, Charleston II, WV Elkins, WV | Hampton, VA | Indiana, PA | Pittsburgh, PA | Spring Hill, TN Off-shore Bristol, UK | Manila I, Philippines | Manila II, Philippines | Karachi, Pakistan | Lahore, Pakistan | Dakar, Senegal | Lima, Peru | Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 9. Corporate Strengths Global BPO provider 17 contact centers | 7 countries | 5,000+ employees Global, blue-chip Senior executives from Convergys, Sitel, Teletech, ICT, experience ClientLogic, AOL, IDT, AT&T Shareholders: World Bank, EMP and AIG | Projected Financial Strength FY 2012 revenue of over $100 million Level 1 service provider PCI Certification Certifies compliance with customer data privacy requirements A key differentiator SATMAP™ Proprietary technology that can be deployed in any contact center environment
  • 10. BPO Technology Edge Our proprietary technology helps us control quality, customisation, reporting and performance of our operations. SATMAP Our flagship Personality Matching technology trg | Dialer Predictive dialer trg | IVR Built-in messaging, recording, reporting trg | Recorder Quality monitoring trg | Agent Customizable agent desktop trg | Messenger Secure messaging tool trg | Portal HRIS
  • 11. Our Clients
  • 12. Thank You TRG Marketing Solutions 2nd Floor, Castlemead Lower Castle Street Bristol BS1 3AG UK Phone: 0800 193 8874 Fax: 0117-3724201