Romantic Canopy Beds


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Romantic Canopy Beds - This article gives you lots of ideas of simple and not-so-simple brands of canopy beds that may add romance for your bedroom

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Romantic Canopy Beds

  1. 1. t urkey-f urnit Canopy BedsRomantic Canopy BedsRomantic Canopy Beds - Some sort of canopy bed may sound exotic and f rom reach. But really, a canopybed might be made with a uncomplicated swag of f abric or by constructing a more elaborate drapedtreatment. Our article about canopy beds gives you lots of ideas along with pictures of simple and not-so-simple brands of canopy beds that may add romance f or your bedroom.The easiest way to manuf acture a simple canopy f or ones bed is to hang a bit of f abric over the top f ramerails of an structured canopy bed.If you are bed doesn’t have the canopy f rame, there are other ways to get the look of a canopy andsurround your bed throughout sof tness and color.You can achieve a very desirable canopy bed look simply by installing curtain rods towards the ceiling,placing one over each end f rom the bed. Using either tab-top, tie-top, pinch-pleated or maybe gatheredpanels, attach the f abric to each curtain rod and allow it drape sof tly to the ground. You can also attach ashorter rod to the limit, perpendicular to the head f rom the bed on each f acet. Hang the panels towards thef loor and tie back which has a drapery tieback.A remarkable crown canopy, also named a coronet, looks elegant in a bedroom. Attach panels of f abricround the outer edge of the half -circle of 3/4″ plywood. This half -circle might be attached directly to theparticular ceiling or f loated just over ceiling with L-brackets mounted on the wall. Romantic Canopy BedsYou can add a loving look to a plain-Jane bed by draping long f abric panels by using a wooden or metal ringmounted on the ceiling above the middle of the head of the particular bed. Draw the f abric panelthroughout the ring, pulling it right down to the f loor on either side f rom the bed. Spread the panels out toshow more f abric and shape the bed or drape the panels round the bed posts at the top of thebed. Romantic Canopy BedsAnother simple treatment should be to install a ring on the ceiling at both sides f rom the head of the bed
  2. 2. and draw the prolonged f abric panel through the two rings. Swag the area between the two rings at theceiling to a lush top f rame to your bed. The panels should extend towards the f loor on both sides f rom thebed. Romantic Canopy BedsIf you install 4 rings, one at each corner f rom the bed, try drawing a protracted panel of f abric throughevery one. Be sure one end f rom the panel at each ring goes completely to the f loor. With f our panelsinvolving luxurious f abric draped previously mentioned and down the sides of one’s bed, the look isincredibly elegant. Romantic Canopy BedsYou can really use any good f abric you want to manuf acture a beautif ul canopy bed. Conventional f abricsf or canopies are generally chintz, silk, velvet, or maybe tapestry. But you can achieve a f un choose acountry setting with muslin or maybe gingham or charming calico. You can even use sheets that coordinatewith your bedding to construct the long panels to get a unif orm look.For ease of use and simplicity of style, bed hangings are generally cut to touch the f loor when put up. Ifyou pref er a deluxe look, cut the panels 4″ extended and “puddle” the f abric on to the ground at the edgef rom the bed. Be sure to lif t the panel if you want to vacuum the f looring. Romantic Canopy BedsFor a truly specialized look, more body, along with longer wear, add lining towards the panel of f abric orwork with a coordinating print or solid to the back of the panel. Af ter all, the inside and not in the panel willboth show once you swag it. Add region, f ringe, ribbon trim, along with cording. Coordinate trims withtiebacks, adding color, f eel, and body. Remember that a tieback will pull the f abric over f loor, so cut theparticular panels slightly longer. Romantic Canopy BedsContinue on to see more vistas of beautif ul canopy bedrooms and swag treatments. You’re sure to f indout a style that will deliver a wonderf ul romantic browse your personal sanctuary. Romantic Canopy BedsRomantic Canopy Beds