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Session One of ActionCLUB Online. Today, you'll learn about improving your learning capacity, the importance of choosing a destination

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  • Leave on Screen as you enter. Remember to ask your two opposing questions. 1 min. TOTAL TIME FOR EVENING … 3 Hours.
  • Edit with your picture and details. Here you must Earn the Right to be their mentor/coach for the day … tell your story and tell it well … 2 Mins
  • Ask questions about what does each side of the brain control. Explain we want both sides of the brain working together. Explain how colours are for the right hand side of the brain. Ask if anyone has had a feeling that they couldn’t put into words. Mention leaving the end off of sentences. Get them to call out a few words and hold your hand up to your ears. Mention raising hands and get them to all do it so they can prove they can, now have no excuses tell them. Do the raise your hands, cross over, spin palms towards each other, clench together, spin back up inside and point to see if they can move the right fingers. Remember not to touch the fingers. Explain that it’s about both sides of the brain working together and that’s why they go into … CONFUSION … explain how in school they would shut down, in real life should ask yourself another question, and another and so on … may take a few days but the answer will pop into your head. Total 5 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 8:07 Start with just FAILURE on screen … Ask how many made mistakes … raise hand … Now, how many are experts at it, raise both hands and one leg. Learnt to walk by falling down … notice your kids are not crawlers etc Get agreement that everyone is willing to play 100% today at least. Total 4 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 8:35 Still sitting on the stool - - This is what we do If you are not learning, you become stagnant and you do not grow – the same thing happens to your business Work harder on improving yourself than your job Constantly work on increasing your knowledge – that is why you came hear tonight – I hope Never wish your job was easier – wish that you were better
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:35 Anyone with teenage kids … experts at this … Yeah I Know Mom … When older do it a little more politely … cross arms and say it to yourself … “Yeah, I know…” But, this approach KILLS the possibility that maybe you can learn something from this conversation. Get agreement everyone will treat today as a totally new experience Introduce ISN’T THAT INTERESTING … ? Always keep an open mind to the possibilities
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:40 Get it called out with a SMILE …
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:42 Explain the BFO is the “aha” moment – and our role is to help stimulate some of these for the audience.
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:56 Make sure to target them to work and the business … Give 3 minutes to do the exercise but them run as long as it takes. List 11 things … Start background music that has no words whilst doing writing. Introduce to changing pen colors and CHEATING – Market research. Get everyone in the room to call out one each to start and then get any extra’s.
  • What they just did by setting a goal was set their RAS tracking … Talk about someone who just bought a new car and now they see them everywhere. Things show up to help those who are truly committed 1 Min
  • Spend a few moments going over any work you set the group. It is important to position homework well here; this will get them used to doing tasks you set them during each session.
  • If you don’t know where you want to end up, what direction do you need to travel in to get there?
  • Start by thinking about the vision you have for your company. We are talking BIG PICTURE stuff here.
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 6:26
  • Again, we are talking BIG PICTURE here.
  • Again, we are talking BIG PICTURE here.
  • Spend a few minutes discussing the importance of this.
  • A Mission Statement is a living document, not something that sits in the business owner’s desk drawer. It tells the team how they are going to achieve the Vision.
  • Spend a few minutes discussing the implications and importance of these four sections. Give the group a few minutes to think about theirs.
  • You could get them to model theirs on ours. It could include 12 points or 14. It could have 8. What’s important is that it must be as a result of a team effort and it must be relevant to them and the business.
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:24
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:23
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 8:10 So, brings up 2 goals … to get more profitability and to work less hours. Design a business that works without you. Explain Systems and how they should run a company and you should just monitor the company.
  • Why do very few employees ever stand a chance of becoming rich? Explain how the economy is set up to favour business owners and not employees.
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 9:25
  • Why is it an expense? Should it be? In most cases yes! Why, because marketing campaigns do cost money because they were poorly conceived Do you know that 8 out of 10 ads do not work. In the book, the author states that he has seen an 2 ads for the same product where one ad sold 19 ½ time more than the other ad..
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 6:28
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 6:33
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 11:20 To finish up … Idealization … To make a dream come true, first you have to have one … dream bigger … Visualization … You must focus on that dream day and night to make it a reality in your mind, only then can it become a reality in life … Materialization … When you’re truly committed it’s amazing what happens to create your new reality … Total 6 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 11:26 Most people ask for too little in life, today as a company what we’re doing is asking for more, asking for something bigger and better … Stress that you choose your reality, good or bad with the seeds you plant in your mind each and every day. Total 6 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 11:32 If time permits, do a visualization of the new business in each persons mind. Stress the importance of believing, especially when it feels like it’s not working … Focus them on planting the right seeds in their mind. Total 4 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 11:38 If time permits, get them to make their list now. They will need to bring to volleyball in the morning … Total 6 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved End 11:44 Remind them to visualize every day twice a day … even to do a dream chart and a list of goals … Total 6 Mins
  • Copyright© 2007 ActionCOACH All Rights Reserved 10:00 Complete
  • Action club session_1

    1. 1. Copyright 1993 – 2008 ActionCOACH LtdActionActionCLUBCLUB- Purpose …- Purpose …
    2. 2. Your Presenter ...CoachTreyThree Reasons I’m Here:• My Faith• My Family• Helping Others
    3. 3. A Little Bit AboutLearning• Clenched hands exercise• Left V’s Right Brain ...• CONFUSION ...• Using Colors• Calling out answers ...• Raising your hand ...
    4. 4. PARTICIPATEIs the Failure toThe ONLYFailureGive 100% today and you’llget 100% ...
    5. 5. Give a person a fishand you feed them fora day ...Teach a person to fishand you feed them for alifetime …
    6. 6. I KNOW!To make sure you getthemost out of yourlearning …
    7. 7. What you can expectfrom theworkshop… ?Blinding Flashes of the Obvious …What do you do if you get oneBFOs…
    8. 8. What I want out oftraining …Be asspecificas YOUcan ...
    9. 9. Your Reticular ActivatingSystem ...It’s theIt’s theCOMPASSCOMPASSfor yourfor yourbrain ...brain ...Your ReticularActivating System
    10. 10. Homework Review…• Your 100 Questions BusinessNeeds Questionnaire …• Any 1-to-1 Tasks you were Set …• Introduce Yourself and yourBusiness …• You Quick Questions andAnswers …
    11. 11. Setting Your Future…
    12. 12. Your Company Vision…• Vision - must be somethingalmost unattainable, likereaching the farthest star. Itshould be set at least 100 yearsinto the future.• Another option is to set theVision of being the best in yourindustry in your region or eventhe world …
    13. 13. Vision ...
    14. 14. Your Vision …
    15. 15. Your Vision …
    16. 16. Your Vision …Your Vision …• What words would best describeyour business?• What qualities do you see in yourbusiness?• What qualities would you like tosee in your business?• What are the qualities that setyour business apart fromothers?
    17. 17. Your MissionStatement …
    18. 18. Your MissionYour MissionStatement …Statement …• 4 Sections to cover …• Who are we … ?• What business are we in … ?• Who are our customers … ?• What makes us different …
    19. 19. Your 12 Points ofYour 12 Points ofCulture …Culture …• Again 4 Sections to Build yourCulture …• 3 Values that are vital to you as theowner …• 3 Values that are vital to yourbusiness succeeding …• 3 Values that are core to yourcustomers buying from you againand again …• 3 Values that are important to yourTeam/Staff wanting to do their best …
    20. 20. Why Set Goals …
    21. 21. Goals need to beSMART ...SMARTpecificeasureablechievableesultimeframe
    22. 22. Action’s Definition ofa SuccessfulBusiness …A Commercial,Profitable, Enterprise- that works -withoutYOU!
    23. 23. Most people onlyever have a ...
    24. 24. Goals For YourBusiness
    25. 25. Your Homework …part 1 …• Your Vision … at least a start …• Your Mission Statement …• Your 12 Points of Culture ….• Your Goals for 1, 3 and 5 Years …• Your Dream Builder (Hand-out) …• Handout – ActionCOACH’s as anexample …
    26. 26. Marketing - TheAccounting View…Your accountant will teachyou that Sales & Marketing isan:
    27. 27. Copyright 1993 – 2008 ActionCOACH Ltd
    28. 28. How much do youmeasure?Test Advertisement A BAdvertisement Cost $1000 $1000No. Of Leads 1000 100Conversion/Sales 100 50Avg. $$$ Sale $500 $1000Avg. $$$ Profit $200 $200Lifetime Value $5,000 $10,000Referrals 10 2
    29. 29. Would you like anunlimited marketingbudget ... ?
    30. 30. Your Homework …• Test and Measure at least 2 areasof your business …• Handout – Test and MeasureSheets …• Activity NOW … Select which twoare most important now anddiscuss …• Reading … The Business Coach …
    32. 32. IDEALIZATION …• Stretch your mind with possibility …• Look for what you REALLY choose …your IDEAL …• CHOOSE that it is already yours …• Usually about 10 Year Goals …• Remember … ‘WANT’ means youassume you don’t already have,therefore you have to push it away …
    33. 33. VISUALIZATION …• Relax first … 10 minutes in themorning and 10 in the evening …• Picture your ideal as if it is alreadyreal …• BELIEVE that it is already yours …• Remember … your sub-consciouscannot decide what’s real and what’snot, keep planting the right seeds …
    34. 34. VERBALIZATION…• List 20 positive ‘I AM’ statements aboutyourself and your life as you choose itto be …• Repeat each and every statement atleast twice a day with Passion …• YOU must state it in Present Tense OR“in the process of..”• Be passionate, the more often you do itthe better it works …
    35. 35. MATERIALIZATION…• The Seeds you plant will manifest …• More energy and emotion brings yourgoals about faster …• You must truly believe for this to work …• Remember … you can only do what youare, and you are what you think, sovisualize often …
    36. 36. To Finish Up ...
    37. 37. Copyright 1993 – 2008 ActionCOACH LtdWords can inspire,Words can inspire,thoughts canthoughts canprovoke,provoke,but onlybut only Actiontrulytrulybrings you closerbrings you closertotoyour dreams …your dreams …Quoting Bradley JSugars ...ChairmanActionCOACH ...
    38. 38. Now it’s time to ...