Getting love from the Facebook Platform


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Trey Philips goes over some basic steps to be successful on the Facebook Platform

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Getting love from the Facebook Platform

  1. 1. Getting love from the Facebook Platform
  2. 2. THE F8 STORY
  3. 3. The F8 Invite • Random invite must have been an accident • Allowing individuals to develop applications before you launch is a good idea (hint hint, impending platform launches).
  4. 4. The F8 Event • Somewhat predictable announcement, but still awesome • From a developer’s POV, this is a great way to rapidly gain a user base • From the user’s POV…
  5. 5. The F8 User “Possibilities” • From the user’s POV…
  6. 6. The F8 User Possibilities • Access to cool, • Additions to Facebook unheard-of web itself that the company applications from never implemented outside of Facebook
  7. 7. The F8 Idea • Really the first time we’ve seen such third- party integration to a major site • Pretty successful • Other companies attempting to emulate its success • Individual platforms are the future?
  8. 8. The F8 Apps • All alone • Coded hardcore for a few hours • Went on family vacation • Had to work from dial-up = tragic • Sold to SideStep – Their current app was a true utility • Fun summer internship with them in Silicon Valley
  9. 9. The F8 Lesson • Listen to your fellow developers. Maybe they’ve got a good idea. Maybe it’ll pay off later. • Love Facebook.
  10. 10. (Introducing the <fb:killer-app /> tag) CREATING A KILLER APP
  11. 11. General tips: start now • Get in early – App fatigue – Flooded directory – No more good URLs (minor but annoying) • Concentrate on your idea – Make it unique – The longer you wait, the more likely it’ll be done
  12. 12. General tips: start now • Don’t spend too much time developing before launching – User feedback will guide you (if it’s successful) – Prepare to respond to it while your app is still somewhat small (a few thousand users) • Make the app sticky
  13. 13. Facebook approach • How to use requests • How to use notifications – “Zombies” was blocked when its developer left for 9 hours to go play Frisbee. The reason? He was using notifications instead of requests to tell people they had been bitten. Now he uses them appropriately and actually sees better results. • Don’t go in just for money – leads to spam apps • Don’t take things so seriously – It’s all experimental – Monetization? Ehh… Although some apps are claiming 100k/year (which is interesting because it’s only been open five months), monetization is really hard. – One really useful effect of applications is building name recognition
  14. 14. Different types of apps • Utilities and games – Useful inside and outside of Facebook – Well developed because they’re feature-filled – Facebook <3s utilities and games, builds around them • New metrics • Preventing abuse • Games are gaining • FBFund • Dave @ Facebook talking about good apps: ggY3LhSw • Facebook extensions – Wall apps – Gifts apps – Poking apps – Extended Info • Fads and seasonal applications – Zombies – Quotes
  15. 15. Define “success” • Total users? • Active users? • Niche users? • Users in a specific demographic? • Happy users – measure this by looking at groups. Try searching Facebook for ‘Funwall’ and clicking the groups tab at the top. Then, try ‘Extended Info.’ • What happens next? – Sell the app • To who? – Bidder with the highest price so you can sit around reading Valleywag all day? – Best bidder for your users? – Take it out of Facebook – Try to maintain it independently
  16. 16. Demographics • Changing fast on Facebook • Most are not students anymore • Most are at least 25 • More females • Is your app targeting all the people it could be? • Mostly English speaking users, for now… – Get in early on multi- lingual apps
  17. 17. Execution • Prepare to scale – You host the most – Facebook app = Facebook traffic – Tyler’s “Coping with success” • Keep up that growth – Deceleration = bad news • Prepare for Tuesday night pushes. Seriously.
  18. 18. Metrics • Think about it before you launch • Google analytics/urchin has its own FBML tag • More advanced analytics means you’ll be able to tell from the beginning what viral methods work and what don’t • Maybe we’ll have more advanced analytics soon
  19. 19. Growth • #1 tip: make it social • Organic growth – Verified by latest stats – News feed • Use images for more visibility • Call to action = cheesy • Now templatized! More users = more likely to appear in news feed – Directory • Often forgotten: think about your icon, app name, and add a screenshot to your ‘About’ page • Abuse (aka spam) – Don’t use notifications in the beginning. They have a tendency to be marked as spam then. • Advertising – Free indie ads from Tyler/Slide ( – Facebook app ad networks like Slide/RockYou/Cubics/several others – Submit your app to review/news sites
  20. 20. Example App • “The Wall, Lah” – Translates wall posts to Singlish – “omg haven’t talked to you in a while” might turn into “alamak! long time no talk lah!” • Who does this target? • Will it catch on? Is it sticky? • How does it spread? • Can it monetize?
  21. 21. Next up • I’ve talked about: – The idea – Planning – Executing • So what’s left? – World domination – Monetization – (cue next speech) • The best applications, the ones that drive Facebook, are supposed to come from developers, so get to work tonight 