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Location-based marketing overview
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Location-based marketing overview


Published on

My Marketing 380 Showcase

My Marketing 380 Showcase

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. By Trevor Jackins
  • 2. So who am I?
  • 3. Currently a junior at Nevada Marketing Major / Journalism Minor
  • 4. Work Experience Account Coordinator – Inkblot Ad Set Association – Kohl’s
  • 5. Inkblot Inkblot is a part of ASUN that is responsible for providing students, clubs, and orgs the necessary tools to promote themselves, their events, or their clubs on campus
  • 6. I’m responsible forcommunicating with the clientsand managing their work orders
  • 7. So why location-basedmarketing?
  • 8. Location-basedmarketing is arelatively untappedfield of marketing.There is a lot ofpotential to makemoney is this field
  • 9. But what is location-basedmarketing? Location-based marketing is a form of marketing that is specifically targeting a group of people in a certain area.
  • 10. There are many reasonswhy location-basedmarketing has a lot ofpotential.
  • 11. 1: The Internet is spreading andbecoming more accessible
  • 12. 2: Mobile phone indeveloped countries is high
  • 13. 3. Location-based services andtracking are becomingincreasingly popular
  • 14. So take advantage of location-based marketing!
  • 15. So how do you successfullyuse location-basedmarketing?
  • 16. Bottom line, you want to findand target people that areor have been nearby, orwho you expect might cometo your business
  • 17. Some Do’s and Don’t’s
  • 18. Don’t: send mobile ads topeople just because they arenear your business This is the most common misconception with location-based marketing. This strategy quite simply does not work
  • 19. When people travel to acertain area, usually it isbecause they are on aspecific mission. So unlessyour ad is offering anunbelievable deal, it will beineffective.
  • 20. Do: track where people havebeen At this point, you may be asking what is the point of location-based services if you don’t want to send ads in your area.
  • 21. Because you can still discovertheir preferences!
  • 22. Sense Networks has learnedthat by tracking where peoplelike to shop, you can predictwhere they would most likelyshop at next. Which means youcan send ads to people who aremost likely to respond.
  • 23. So how can you startlocation-based marketing?
  • 24. Hire a firm that specializes in it. Sense Networks is one firm that specializes in marketing through location-based services. They will help your marketing campaign be as effective as possible
  • 25. Other tools you can useinclude: Foursquare Geotoko
  • 26. But again, this field is still prettyuntapped. There is lots ofmoney up for grabs forcompanies that can figure outhow to successfully utilizelocation-based marketing
  • 27. Where can you look for help If location-based marketing interests you, then be sure to check out the LBMA!
  • 28. The Location-Based MarketingAssociation is a group ofprofessionals dedicated toincreasing everyone’sknowledge on location-basedmarketing.
  • 29. Members can get Access to events and meeting Access to all research sponsored by the LBMA Access to member directory Access to the blog and podcast, which members can also contribute to
  • 30. Again, why should you do this? Location-based marketing is simply marketing done smarter. You are targeting people based on the knowledge of where they’ve been and where you can predict they will be going.
  • 31. The End