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  • 1.     Lotus 190-980 Lotus Notes Domino 8.5 System Administration Operating Funda 201 Q&A Version : L9.0                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 2.    CertifyMe - King of Computer CertificationImportant Information, Please Read CarefullyOther CertifyMe productsA) Offline Testing engineUse the offline Testing engine product to practice the questions in an exam environment.B) Study Guide (not available for all exams)Build a foundation of knowledge which will be useful also after passing the exam.Latest VersionWe are constantly reviewing our products. New material is added and old material isupdated. Free updates are available for 90 days after the purchase. You should check yourmember zone at CertifyMe and update 3-4 days before the scheduled exam date.Here is the procedure to get the latest version:1.Go towww.certifyme.com2.Click on Member zone/Log in (right side)3. Then click My Account4.The latest versions of all purchased products are downloadable from here. Just click thelinks.For most updates,it is enough just to print the new questions at the end of the new version, not thewhole document.FeedbackIf you spot a possible improvement then please let us know. We always interested inimproving product quality.Feedback should be send to feedback@certifyme.com. You should include the following:Exam number, version, page number, question number, and your login ID.Our experts will answer your mail promptly.CopyrightEach PDF file contains a unique serial number associated with your particular name andcontact information for security purposes. So if we find out that a particular PDF file isbeing distributed by you, CertifyMe reserves the right to take legal action against youaccording to the International Copyright Laws.ExplanationsThis product does not include explanations at the moment. If you are interested inproviding explanations for this exam, please contact feedback@certifyme.com.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 3.    1. Susan has created a list of IP Addresses for the web server that are allowed access and a list of IPAddresses that are denied access. Both are placed in the appropriate fields. Which field takes precedenceBY DEFAULT when the same IP address is found in both lists?A.The Allow Access fieldB.The Deny Access fieldC.The Substitution Access fieldD.An error will be presented stating an address may not be in both fieldsAnswer: A2. Where does the Domino Server Setup program store the certifier ID file by default?A.In the Domino Name and Address BookB.In any network drive location that you specify during installationC.In the directory you specify as the Domino data directory during installationD.On the Domino Administrators local machine in My DocumentsLotusCertifiers directoryAnswer: C3. You have the ability to set different levels of administration access to users. Which of the followingrepresents the hierarchy order for privileges from greatest to least access?A.Server administrator > View Console administrator > Administrator > User administratorB.Full access administrator > Administrator > Full console administrator > System administratorC.Full Console administrator > System Administrator > Full Access administrator > AdministratorD.Full server access administrator > Console rights administrator > User administrator > View access onlyadministratorAnswer: B4. While you used the Domino Administrator client, what two subtabs may be found under the Messagingtab?A.Router and MailboxesB.Mail and Tracking CenterC.Mail Users and SMTP Configuration                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 4.    D.Mail Statistics and Mail AnalysisAnswer: B5. In which of the following databases may you view all the database ACLs on a server by user name,access level, or by database?A.LogB.NamesC.CatalogD.CertlogAnswer: C6. Ben attempts to send Jerry a Notes mail message. Both users are on the same mail server. Which of thefollowing paths will the message take?A.The Router will receive the message from Ben and deliver it immediately to Jerrys mailfile via SMTPB.The Router will receive the message from Ben and deliver it immediately to Jerrys mailfile via NRPCC.The server will receive the message from Ben and send it to the mail hub for distribution back to the mailserver and then delivery to Jerrys mailfileD.The SMTP task will receive the message from Ben and immediately send it to Jerry after following theSMTP to Notes path defined in the configuration settings documents for the mail serverAnswer: B7. The server Web1/XYZ defaults to Server document settings to obtain configuration information forInternet protocols when which of the following features is not enabled?A.Internet Site documentsB.Global Domain documentsC.Single Sign-on documentsD.Web Configuration documentsAnswer: A8. You are building Domino Domain Monitoring probes in Domino 8.5 and wish to create a standard                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 5.    Possible Solution for all of them. Which of the following document types allow this capability?A.ModularB.EmbeddedC.ComponentD.CorrectiveAnswer: A9. OCSP on the Domino server is enabled through which of the following?A.Server documentB.Security policyC.Server configuration documentD.Certificate authority databaseAnswer: B10. Terry is working on a document in a database on a server that is DAOS enabled. While in the document,Terry replaces the attachment with a new version. Which of the following occurs to the attachment in theDAOS store?A.The server adjusts references to the attachment in DAOSB.The server removes the reference from all mail files that pointed to that original file referenceC.The server removes the previous attachment entirely from DAOS and inserts the link to the newattachmentD.The server sends the full previous attachment to all user mail files that pointed to that original filereferenceAnswer: A11. Jose is creating a new password for himself. Which one of the following will "password quality checking"indicate is the least secure password?A.Mixed case passphrasesB.All uppercase passwordsC.Passphrases containing numbers and punctuation                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 6.    D.Words found in Notes dictionaries during spell checkAnswer: D12. Tom set up a Domino domain and organization. Which one of the following describes the differencebetween a Domino domain and a Domino organization?A.There is no difference. Domains and organizations function in the same manner.B.Domains refer to a companys hierarchical structure. Organizations refer to users who share a commonorganizational certifier.C.Domains are comprised of users and servers that share a common Domino Directory. Organizationsdefine security and naming conventions.D.Domains define security and naming conventions. Organizations are comprised of users and servers thatshare a common Domino Directory.Answer: C13. John is setting up a single domain with a single organization. As a result, all Domino server IDs must becreated using which one of the following?A.The same cross-certificateB.The same administrator certificateC.The same country (C) certificate or a child of that country (C) certificateD.The same organizational (O) certificate or a child of that organizational (O) certificateAnswer: D14. Jon registered a new user. Which one of the following authentication elements is NOT found in thatusers ID file?A.Public keyB.Private keyC.CertificatesD.HTTP passwordAnswer: D                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 7.    15. John registered a new server. In which one of the following was the Server document placed?A.NAMES.NSFB.CERTLOG.NSFC.CATALOG.NSFD.DIRECTORY.NSFAnswer: A16. Which one of the following group types is used to prevent access to Domino servers?A.Mail onlyB.Servers onlyC.Deny list onlyD.Access Control List onlyAnswer: C17. Your Organizational certifier is named Acme. Each city in your company has an Organizational Unitcertifier from the Acme certifier that references the city. Susan wants to create an Organizational Unitcertifier below the city Organizational Unit certifier. Which one of the following must she have to accomplishthis?A.Reader access to the domains directoryB.A copy of the Acme Organizational certifierC.A copy of the citys Organizational Unit certifierD.Copies of both the Acme Organizational certifier and the locations Organizational Unit certifierAnswer: C18. Why did Tom designate Server1/Boise/Acme as the Administration Server for the Domino Directory?A.To make sure that all new users were registered on Server1/Boise/Acme.B.To prevent users from making changes to the Domino Directory on Server1/Boise/Acme.C.To force administrators to make all changes to the Domino Directory on Server1/Boise/Acme.D.To ensure that the Administration Process would process all Domino Directory changes onServer1/Boise/Acme.                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 8.    Answer: D19. In what order would Richard build a naming convention for his organization where user names wouldhave the following format:Chris Maxwell/Amsterdam/AcmeAJ Mathis/Sydney/AcmeA.Create a Common Name (CN) Certifier named Acme and then create Organizational (O) Certifiersnamed Amsterdam and SydneyB.Create an Organizational (O) Certifier named Acme and then create Organizational Unit (OU) certifiersnamed Amsterdam and SydneyC.Create a Organizational (O) Certifier named Amsterdam, an Organizational (O) Certifier named Sydneyand an Organizational Unit (OU) certifier named AcmeD.Create two Organizational (O) Certifiers named Acme and use one to create an Organizational Unit (OU)Certifier named Amsterdam and the other O Certifier to create an OU Certifier named SydneyAnswer: B20. In addition to Notes databases, which of the following files on a Domino server should be backed up inorder to ensure that new users can be created in case of loss of the server?A.Cache.dskB.Certifier ID filesC.The users desktop.dsk file.D.The servers bookmark.nsf file.Answer: B21. Which of the following statements about the COMPACT server task is TRUE?A.The Compact process reindexes views.B.By default, compact runs every day at 3pm.C.Compact may be scheduled via a program document.D.Compact is listed in the TASKS line on all Notes 6 workstations.Answer: C                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 9.    22. Rob runs the task UPDALL with the -R argument on his server. What will this accomplish?A.It rebuilds indices in all views in all databases on the server.B.It discards damaged indices in all views in all databases on the server.C.It deletes all indices so that they can be recreated when users access them.D.It removes unused space from indices in all views in all databases on the server.Answer: A23. Who can run a personal agent?A.Database AdministratorsB.The server where the agent existsC.Any user who has access to the agentD.Only the person who created the agentAnswer: D24. Server4 and Server7 are both in the XYZ domain but are in separate Domino Network Names. Howmany connection documents are required for mail to route from Server4 to Server7 and from Server7 toServer4?A.1B.2C.3D.NoneAnswer: B25. The TCP authentication field for Anonymous is set to "No". What effect does this setting have?A.All anonymous users have accessB.All anonymous users are prohibited accessC.All connections to the Domino server must be made via SSLD.All connections to the Domino server must always be anonymousAnswer: B                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  • 10.    26. The TCP Authentication field "Redirect TCP to SSL" is set to "No". What effect does this setting have?A.To allow clients and servers to use SSL or TCP/IP to access the Web siteB.To allow clients and servers to use TCP/IP and POP3 to access the web siteC.To require clients and servers to use the SSL protocol to access the Web siteD.To require clients and servers to utilize LDAP to retrieve authentication informationAnswer: A27. Miranda wishes to deploy LDAP access to the Domino directory. However, she wishes to restrict thefields available to anonymous users. In what document are the fields selected that will be available toanonymous access?A.LDAP Site documentB.Internet Site documentC.LDAP configuration documentD.Server configuration documentAnswer: D28. Scott wishes to disable LDAP on the only Domino server in the domain. Which of the following notes.inisettings will disable LDAP on the administration server?A.AdminDisabledLDAP=1B.AdminDisabledLDAP=0C.DisableLDAPOnAdmin=1D.DisableLDAPOnAdmin=0Answer: C29. Alan has specified multiple Notes network ports available to TCP/IP on the Domino server. By default,all TCP/IP-based services on a Domino server listen for network connections on all NICs and on allconfigured IP addresses on the server. How does Alan configure Domino to listen to a specific address?A.Bind a port to a specific address in the notes.iniB.Disable all network cards except for the card with the IP address desiredC.Configure the physical server to assign all IP addresses to one network card                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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