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190 957

  1. 1.     Lotus 190-957 Administering IBM Lotus Connections 2.0 93 Q&A Version: L9.0                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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  3. 3.    1. For each user in LDAP, Tivoli Directory Integrator will map each LDAP attribute or JavaScript function tothe corresponding column in the database. The wizard automatically validates each mapping. Which of thefollowing does the wizard create in the database for each user?A.RowB.TableC.ColumnD.SectionAnswer: A2. Which of the following is the end result of adjusting the pageSize attribute in the Home pageconfiguration file from 50 to 500?A.This will increase the number of widgets allowed on the Home pageB.This will increase the width of the columns on the Home page from 50 to 500 pixelsC.This will increase the number of entries that the indexing process transmits across the network during thecrawling operationD.This will increase the length of the Home page from half default size to 5 times the default size to fit morewidgets and other Home page contentAnswer: C3. Before you begin the process of uninstalling a stand-alone Lotus Connections environment, there is apreferences file that will be is useful if you reinstall Lotus Connections at a later time. Which of the followingfiles should you consider retaining?A.wimcfg.xmlB.ResponseInstaller.txtC.LotusConnections-config.xmlD.lastSessionDefaults.propertiesAnswer: D4. An administrator can reset a users password in case of a lost or compromised HTTP password. In whichof the following locations must this be changed?                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  4. 4.    A.In the Home pageB.In the LDAP directoryC.In the database storeD.In the local Virtual Member ManagerAnswer: B5. You can group WebSphere Application Server processes so that you can administer them as a unit.WebSphere Application Server refers to such a group as which of the following?A.UnitsB.TeamsC.ProfileD.ProcessorsAnswer: C6. In order to federate multiple Lotus Connections profiles into a single cell, which of the following should beutilized?A.Linked Profile ManagementB.Network Deployment ManagerC.Integrated Solutions ProfileD.Profile Configuration IndexesAnswer: B7. Aaron chose not to set up a network deployment and instead installed the Lotus Connections featuresinto separate profiles. Which of the following must be done to include information about the other features?A.Edit the configuration file created for each feature profileB.Run the Lotus Connections Management Utility and specify the alternate locationsC.Open the wimcfg.xml file for each feature and change the port number so that they do not conflict witheach otherD.Open the plug-in.properties file for each profile, import the feature from the other profile, and save the fileAnswer: A                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  5. 5.    8. In the single profile with one server process configuration, the WebSphere Application Server IntegratedSolutions Console is available on which of the following default server processes?A.AserverB.serverC.serverAD.server1Answer: D9. Larry was installing Lotus Connections in a Network Deployment model. He had completed installingBlogs and Communities in two separate server processes in the same profile and placed them into amanaged node. He now wishes to add Activities but is unable to add this feature. Which of the following isthe cause for this issue?A.It is not supported to run the installer on a managed nodeB.He must add another server to the managed node and then install ActivitiesC.He must uninstall the other features and merge them into a single server processD.He must first add a server to the managed node, install either Blogs or Communities on this server, andthen change that installation to ActivitiesAnswer: A10. Which of the following LDAP attributes are required for all users when configuring it for use withWebSphere Application Server?A.cnB.uidC.mailD.shortnameAnswer: C11. At which point in the installation should you enable administrative security and application security?A.After configuring user repositoriesB.Previous to installing any Lotus Connections features                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  6. 6.    C.Following installation of any Lotus Connections featuresD.Before configuring the Home page for users in Lotus ConnectionsAnswer: B12. If you already have WebSphere Application Server configured to use a Standalone LDAP User Registry,you must change the configuration to utilize which of the following in its place?A.Local membersB.Virtual membersC.Global directoriesD.Federated repositoriesAnswer: D13. To establish a global unique ID for the LDAP directory, you must modify which of the following files?A.wimconfig.xmlB.wasLDAP.propertiesC.LotusConnectionsprefs.xmlD.LDAPrepositories.propertiesAnswer: A14. Before creating the Lotus Connections feature databases, the DB2 installation must be registered byutilizing which of the following?A.db2reg.lcpB.db2ese_o.licC.db2_init.exeD.db2license.txtAnswer: B15. The ACME Corporation has planned to create multiple database instances for development andproduction. It has also chosen to use the provided scripts to install the databases. Which of the following istrue regarding this type of deployment?                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  7. 7.    A.The company must run the scripts once for each instanceB.The company must run the scripts one time for all instancesC.The company must modify the script to run once on each instance at the same timeD.The company must modify the scripts to create multiple database administrator accountsAnswer: A16. Which file is built while running the Lotus Connections installation in standard mode that can be utilizedlater in silent mode when you need an identical installation on several servers?A.lcsilent.txtB.LCconfig.xmlC.response.propertiesD.ConfigWizard.propertiesAnswer: C17. The user ID of the owner of the database instance to which you want to install the databases must haveprivileges to create which of the following?A.indexes, users, and groupsB.tables, users, and profilesC.database, tablespace, and tablesD.profiles, databases, and connectionsAnswer: C18. Baxter was attempting to complete the Tivoli Directory Integrator installation. Upon creating the filepaths for the main and subdirectories, which of the following should he avoid?A.Make sure the file path does not contain the name TivoliB.Make sure all the file paths are not mapped to the temp directory for caching of the directory importsC.Make sure the installer is not located in the same location the Tivoli Directory Integrator will be installedD.Make sure the file path in which you create the subdirectory contains directories that have names that donot contain spaces in themAnswer: D                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  8. 8.    19. Bailey has begun the steps in the Lotus Connections installation to start populating the profilesdatabase. Which of the following must be configured prior to beginning this step?A.The profiles database and LDAP server are configuredB.The LDAPconfig.xml and DB2 administrator are configuredC.The security administrator and profiles.properties are configuredD.The Tivoli Directory Integrator and IBM HTTP server are configuredAnswer: A20. The profiles population wizard does not support which of the following?A.SSL bindingB.Open bindingC.Anonymous bindingD.Authenticated bindingAnswer: C21. Edgar chose to manually populate the profiles database due to the number of directory sources he wascombining. Which of the following files must be populated with specific values for him to begin the process?A.wimcfg.xmlB.LCuser.xmlC.ldap_user.propertiesD.profiles_tdi.propertiesAnswer: D22. You had begun processing names from the LDAP server to populate the profiles database. Duringprocessing, however, there was a loss of connectivity to the LDAP source. Where can you verify the lastsuccessful distinguished name processed?A.Collect.dnsB.PopulateDBFromDNFile.logC.LotusConnections-config.xmlD.DirectoryProfileIntegrator.log                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  9. 9.    Answer: B23. While preparing to pull LDAP data into the profiles database in Lotus Connections, Caleb discoveredthat certain fields in the profiles database had a corresponding entry in the LDAP source with another valuename. To define the mappings used when populating the Profiles database from the enterprise directory,which of the following files should be utilized to configure the mapping?A.ldap_user.propertiesB.profiles_tdi.propertiesC.map_dbrepos_to_source.propertiesD.map_dbrepos_from_source.propertiesAnswer: D24. Lotus Connections uses at least two identifiers for entities such as user IDs, data objects, and dataattributes for reliable login functionality. Which of the following is a system-oriented identifier that is used bythe system for searching and indexing?A.Global Unique IdentifierB.Human Oriented IdentifierC.Tivoli Variable IdentifierD.Login Properties IdentifierAnswer: A25. What task should be run if the PROF_IS_MANAGER field in an employee record cannot be determinedfrom the LDAP or by means of a function?A.TDI updateB.VMM configurationC.Mark manager mappingD.LDAP profile serviceAnswer: C26. When installing the Lotus Connections features, Cailyn needs to provide for future growth that may                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
  10. 10.    contain a mixture of server instances and WebSphere Application Server profiles. Which of the followinginstallation types should she choose?A.CompactB.TypicalC.CustomD.ExpandedAnswer: C27. Andrew needs to increase performance by setting a value that allows the Java heap to be containedwithin physical memory. When the heap size exceeds the physical memory, the heap begins swapping todisk, causing Java performance to drastically decrease. Which of the following should be increased toimprove this performance issue in Lotus Connections?A.Verbose JNI SizeB.Initial Heap SizeC.Maximum Heap SizeD.Generic JVM ArgumentsAnswer: C28. When establishing data directories for the features, you have two possible choices. Which of thefollowing represents both options?A.Specify a parent data directory or specify a data directory for each featureB.Specify a remote server location via a mapped drive letter or specify a local folderC.Specify a tablespace in DB2 for each feature or specify that they use a single tablespace areaD.Specify a specific WebSphere Application Server process for each feature or specify a local directoryAnswer: A29. Dahlia is installing Lotus Connections in a Microsoft Windows environment. She has chosen to use thetext installation command window instead of the graphical one. Which of the following commands allowsher to launch the installation console interface on Microsoft Windows?A.install_root.sh                                                                                      www.CertifyMe.com  
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