Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEWYou...
Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                                         ...
Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                                         ...
Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                                         ...
Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                                         ...
Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                                         ...
Your Complex Business, Simplified                                                                                         ...
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Zy Connect Crm Solutions Overview


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Zy Connect Crm Solutions Overview

  1. 1. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEWYour Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW About ZY Connect ZY Connect is a business management solutions specialist that designs and implements customer relationship management (CRM) processes and systems that help companies stay connected – across CRM SOLUTIONS OFFERED: the enterprise and between departments, teams and people. Our customized strategies and workflows • Implementations save money and time while supporting critical sales and marketing programs, giving companies the • Customizations & Integrations opportunity and ability to develop and reinforce valuable connections with customers, vendors and • Upgrades & Migrations partners. Our solutions include proven CRM and application integration capabilities. Offering turnkey • Training & Support solutions that go beyond simple strategy and advice, we integrate and consolidate data sources for • Third-Party Plug-Ins streamlined communication channels, support advanced analysis of actionable information, and automate key business operations, including financial management, inventory control, and communications functions. Our Team Since 1997, ZY Connect has provided actionable, real-time information that helps companies develop business management solutions that improve productivity and efficiency. The ZY Connect team is composed of seasoned Microsoft-certified professionals whose extensive knowledge of enterprise- grade applications is enhanced by years of real-world experience. From planning to implementation, the ZY Connect team supports clients in all stages of their CRM initiative. Customer Relationship Management Solutions Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that helps your team identify new opportunities, improve customer loyalty, enhance communication channels, manage internal processes, and share information throughout your company? Become more agile and responsive than your competition by leveraging a flexible and scalable CRM solution that allows you to provide unparalleled service and support to your network of business contacts – customers and prospects alike – while you capitalize on sales and growth opportunities.
  2. 2. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW“ZY’s single-system Microsoft Dynamics CRMsolution allows us to Microsoft CRM solutions, which offer unmatched user adoption, convenience, and business productivity, allow you to quickly consolidate customer information, efficiently manage relationships,share all our customer streamline business processes, and optimize your marketing campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides central access to critical business data, giving your team the ability to collaboratively respondinformation and to customer and internal inquiries quickly and efficiently. And that means better customer satisfaction, streamlined processes, and increased effectiveness.interactions quicklyand easily, putting Why Choose a CRM Solution From Microsoft?critical, actionable As the global leader in business computing software, Microsoft’s innovative products meet the evolving, contemporary needs of any size organization, in virtually every market space. Dynamics CRM offers ainformation in front familiar, intelligent, and connected experience that means sales, marketing, and customer service professionals don’t have to learn a new application. Seamlessly and easily interfacing with Microsoftof everyone whoneeds it, wheneverand however they “ Office Outlook, Dynamics CRM’s rapid customizations and integration with third-party plug-ins mean superior scalability and unrestricted personalization for every department. And you can extend the reach of Dynamics CRM even further to manage and maximize all your critical relationships – including those with partners, suppliers, contractors and others – all at no additional cost.need it. Priti Soni, IT Manager CRM Implementation Options United States Drug Testing Laboratories ZY Solutions is a managed Microsoft Silver Partner with specific competency designation for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. That means we are a recognized industry leader in premises-based and online implementations of Microsoft CRM, as well as mobile solutions that extend the reach of Microsoft CRM. Microsoft offers the power of choice in deployment – enabling you to change your deployment type, should the need arise. At ZY Connect, we evaluate each client’s needs and goals, maximizing the customization potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as we help companies determine the right implementation option for them. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a cloud-based, Microsoft-hosted solution, combines the power of online services with the richness of your everyday business applications. As a trusted provider of state- of-the-art technology and processes, Microsoft maintains a secure, consistent, and interactive experience for every user. CRM Online simplifies management and maintenance through automatic software updates without interruption, freeing IT staff to focus on other, more critical business matters. With a solution that offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, flexible pay-as-you-go pricing, and unparalleled scalability, you can streamline your CRM implementation and realize an immediate business impact while reducing systems management and maintenance costs.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone©2012 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW“We’re continually Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premisesfinding more ways to Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises gives your business ultimate control and flexibility over your customer relationship management system. Leveraging standard Microsoft applications and serveruse it, and it’s easy to platforms, Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premises seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and can be tailored to your unique business requirements with customizations and trusted third-partyadd new processes. add-ons.I’m confident we’llcontinue to grow Beyond Standard CRM Deploymentswith our CRM solu- At ZY Connect, we offer a full suite of strategic consulting services that maximize the value, usability, and performance of your CRM solution.tion, especially with Customization and Integration SolutionsZY Connect at our Because the best solutions are those designed for specific challenges, we work closely with our clientsside. I’m glad we to customize new or existing CRM environments to deliver improved workflows and processes that meet unique needs. We invest the time to understand everything that impacts your ability to run yourused them to imple-ment CRM - theycontinue to be a “ business and then design a solution that addresses your current needs and long-term objectives. Regardless of where operational data resides – in spreadsheets, a database or an ERP system – we can create a fully personalized and integrated experience within your CRM environment. Upgrades and Migrationspillar in our success. For companies looking to upgrade an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, our Microsoft- Rob Osmond, CEO certified team of professionals makes the conversion process painless, easy and effective. But what if Benchmarc Display you’re using a different product? We use proven tools that remove duplicates and cleanse data from other CRM systems, ensuring smooth data migration to your new system, minimizing the risk of data loss and ensuring a successful transition. Training & Support Because you want high performance from your system today and tomorrow, we offer comprehensive training that speeds user adoption – delivering a faster return on investment – along with flexible support programs that allow for adjustments to your CRM solution well after it’s deployed. CRM Benefits by Role CRM is the lifeblood of any company. Our CRM solutions feed virtually all our clients’ critical growth and service roles, maximizing the value of customer relationships and enhancing productivity throughout the organization.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone©2012 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW“They then provided Sales Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the tools your sales team needs to manage accounts, track leads,an effective CRM and monitor key information. You’ll find and convert prospects quicker and act fast when opportunity knocks. Leveraging highly intuitive sales pipeline and revenue analysis functionality, your organizationsolution – integrated can improve financial planning to accurately identify trends and forecast business. Personalized reports and dashboards – defined by roles or group permissions – give critical team members the real-timewith Microsoft business insight that optimizes sales efforts.Outlook – that puts Customer Servicecritical data at our Even the most agile companies can have trouble staying ahead of customers’ ever-changing demands.fingertips, whenever However, those with robust, personalized CRM solutions are best able to respond to shifting customer priorities, effortlessly managing accounts, cases, schedules and contracts. Our customized Microsoftand however we Dynamics CRM solutions employ a familiar user interface to trigger the workflows and notifications that empower your representatives to deliver a consistently high level of support to the most demandingneed it. Their solution customers.– customized to Marketingour specific needs From planning to execution, Dynamics CRM helps your team market efficiently with actionableand seamlessly information and intuitive tools in one system. A streamlined process lets your team segment contacts into lists for targeted marketing efforts that deliver tailored messages, plan and track activities andintegrated into ourbusiness cycle –is intuitive, easy “ events, and compare results to objectives. Field Service & Project Management Solutionsand dependable. We help professional services organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness in the field with proven tools for improved help desk, field service, job costing, and PSA project management Camillo Santomero, President capabilities. Our field service and project management solutions automate and streamline field Guard Hill Holdings operations, improving efficiency and saving money. Complete Professional Services Software Fieldpoint Service Applications’ Alert Stratus enhances Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionality with a comprehensive solution for professional service organizations. Companies with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics GP can now include project management, contract administration, and field service dispatching. Alert Stratus allows organizations to shift their efforts to customer service and away from administrative tasks with integrated office, sales, and service business systems. The devil’s in the details, and so is customer satisfaction. Easily and effortlessly stay on top of all your meetings, phone calls, customer appointments, and all your other business interactions with a single framework that integrates all your prospecting, sales, and service functions.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone©2012 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW“ZY presented Drag-and-drop scheduling, timesheet portal, and project costing features improve resource planning, budgeting and customer billing processes. Link contract recurring billing with preventive maintenanceMicrosoft Dynamics tracking to grow your service offerings while streamlining daily processes. Your team will enjoy increased flexibility and heightened productivity with a well-integrated and user-friendly professionalCRM to us as a services solution accessed within Microsoft Office Outlook or from the web. Designed for maximum impact and efficiency, Alert Stratus enhances Microsoft Dynamics CRM while maintaining the integritysolution to further of your solution’s capabilities, features, budget, and delivery time. Alert Stratus is particularly valuable for IT service providers, MSP’s, engineering, management consultants, marketing firms, medicalimprove our ability to equipment service providers, software developers, and the telecommunications industry. As an Alertcommunicate and Stratus Premier Partner, ZY Connect is the preferred provider of Alert Stratus implementations and integration, offering enhanced Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM capabilities that mean positivetrack our customers’ bottom-line results.activities and require-ments. We have Lead Generation & Data Cleansing Solutionsfound Dynamics Sales, marketing, business development, recruitment – virtually every critical team in a company needs accurate, current customer and prospect information. But most companies continue to use marketingCRM to be easy touse, flexible andmore powerful than “ databases loaded with outdated and inaccurate information – data that brings high opportunity costs and undermines the best sales efforts. Successful companies need current, relevant information that maximizes the time and money investment tied to new business generation. Effective and accurate data cleansing and research solutions mean your team can focus on converting leads and closing deals rather than updating useless contact information.originally planned. The Most Advanced Internet Research Tools Erik Brainard, President Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA ZY has partnered with Broadlook Technologies, a CRM and B2B data specialist, to offer clients a wide range of effective tools that allow them to quickly discover specific details, build comprehensive marketing lists, and find up-to-date contacts and associated information. Broadlook’s solutions automatically aggregate the research of B2B companies and contact information from major Internet sources in real time and then seamlessly transform the data into business-ready information for sales and marketing, business development, and recruiting efforts. Advanced alert notifications directly within CRM ensure your information about your leads, contacts and accounts remains current, positioning you to strike first, capitalize on new opportunities, and close more business. The Broadlook CRM Suite seamlessly integrates within Dynamics CRM and includes innovative built-in features that bring current company and contact data from the web into CRM, cross-referencing data and delivering clean and timely information on accounts, contacts and leads. Remove duplicates by seamlessly and automatically transforming data with standard naming conventions, and eliminate manual data entry into CRM. We integrate Broadlook’s innovative Internet research solutions with systems such as Dynamics CRM, populating CRM with current, relevant, and business-ready data that maximizes clients’ IT investment.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone©2012 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW“What was a surprisefor me, beyond thetechnical expertise,was the assistance ZYprovided in planning Solutions for Email Marketing & Automation Companies today need reliable ways to cost-effectively leverage information from CRM for critical sales and marketing activities. We can help you provide your team with leading-edge marketing automation solutions integrated directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM which deliver actionable high-quality leads to sales teams and eliminate manual processes. Marketing Power for Microsoft Dynamics CRMand implementing ZY Connect integrates the power of Dynamics CRM with CoreMotives’ robust email and web marketing solutions, allowing for direct campaign tracking in a familiar CRM environment while eliminating thebest practice sales dependency on third-party email marketing systems. It’s an effective pairing that gives sales and marketing teams the relevant information to support marketing efforts, qualify leads, and discover freshprocess and work- opportunities. See who has interacted with your website or marketing campaigns, uncover the nature of the interactions, and use the information to close more deals.flows, which, in turn,allowed us to maxi-mize sales force “ CoreMotives’ single centralized system provides email marketing, lead scoring, web visitor tracking, nurture marketing, web forms, surveys, and alert notifications that allow companies to identify, track, and target prospects who interact with their website, email campaigns and other marketing efforts. CoreMotives’ cost-effective solutions significantly enhance base CRM functionality while removingefficiency. time- and money-wasting inefficiencies. CoreMotives’ smart forms not only connect to existing CRM contacts or leads, they also convert anonymous web site visits into known, actionable CRM records in Marc Lawrence real time. Eliminate the cumbersome process of managing campaigns with CRM and then trying to COO, Lawrence Foods execute with a separate email system. CoreMotives’ solutions, which offer robust alert notification and trigger capabilities, let you close business faster. With an intuitive interface, out-of-the-box email design templates, and their code-free web form builder, this is a user-friendly solution from the word go. And since CoreMotives’ solutions are based on the Windows Azure cloud, you can say goodbye to high-cost, high-maintenance software. Mobility Solutions ZY Connect is committed to delivering unparalleled management tools that reduce communication delays and increase efficiency, building a foundation for more agile and effective customer-facing organizations. From top executives to customer service and operational professionals throughout the organization, users everywhere need reliable, functional, easy-to-use tools to access and manage CRM information, increase responsiveness and capitalize on potentially fleeting opportunities. We can extend your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment to key users’ mobile devices with today’s best-in- class mobility solution. The Power of Close® ZY Solutions’ partnership with CWR Mobility, the leading provider of mobile CRM solutions, meets the900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone©2012 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Your Complex Business, Simplified CRM SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW“I always find that ZY growing demand for mobility technologies that boost team productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and grow revenue. With advanced, multi-platform mobile CRM solutions based on the Microsoftcomes prepared with Dynamics CRM platform, CWR Mobility has raised the mobility standard throughout the CRM industry. CWR Mobility’s solutions, which present Dynamics CRM’s familiar look and feel on every device, aresolutions that fit our rapidly deployed, easily managed, adaptive, and They aren’t CWR Mobility’s CRM solution allows field sales, service, and marketing professionals to stay closer to customers and one another, effectively and efficiently. With powerful features, unique IT benefits andtrying to push the unmatched value, it’s the only mobile CRM solution that meets the needs of nimble, customer-centriclatest technology if it companies and their employees, from sales and support staff to technology teams and company management. CWR Mobility’s mobile solution seamlessly integrates an enterprise-class mobile CRMdoesn’t fit our needs. infrastructure into the Dynamics CRM installation. CWR Mobility’s market-leading mobility solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available across mobile platforms, including iPhone®, iPad®, Blackberry®,They always approachour business with ourbest interests at the “ Android™, and Windows® phone platforms. About ZY Solutionsforefront. ZY Solutions is an information technology and multimedia consulting company that specializes in innovative solutions that allow businesses to quickly gain insight into operations, automate processes, Jeff Schullo, VP, Administration build relationships, generate growth, and develop new capabilities. By offering professional interactive Specialty Print Communications media services, paired with best-in-class technical expertise and support, we can deliver focused strategic solutions from design to execution. Contact ZY Solutions at 847.242.7000 to find out how our team of experienced professionals can help you make the most of your business process initiatives. ZY Connect and all ZY Solutions logos are trademarks of ZY Solutions Corporation. All other logos and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.900 West IL Route 22 , Suite 140, Lake Zurich, IL 60047 847.242.7000 telephone©2012 ZY Solutions Corporation. All Rights Reserved.