Chem II Day VII
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Chem II Day VII






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Chem II Day VII Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Test RecoveryIf you scored under 90% and would like to improve your gradefollow the steps below. 89% is the highest grade allowed onrecovered tests. ½ Credit is given for all questions corrected asinstructed. I. State what yourmistaken question andanswer were. II. Explain the thinkingerror that caused you tomiss the question. III. State the correctanswer. IV. Justify your answerwith a reference in thetext. Show any worknecessary to solve theproblem.
  • 2. Chapter 7 Test ScoringChemical Formulas and Compounds Problems 1- 35 2 points each 70 points possible Problems 36-42 4 points each 2 for correct answer 2 for shown work 28 points possible Total Test 98 points possible 90 points will beconsidered 100% 81+ = A 72 + = B 63+ = C 54+ = D
  • 3. For Next Week Make sure Notebookis turned in byTuesday April 6th There is a Bullock mailbox in both the mainBenson office and theEvening Scholars office Communicate if thatbecomes a problem Read Chapter 8 Complete Phase I andII of Chemistry Project Be ready to show workand sources Have a plan for stagesIII through V Instructor will be signingoff on Scoring Rubrics –self score yourself
  • 4. Jig Saw Project(If your group completes do Combustion as well ) First group is assigned areaction type – Make sureeverybody in the group can – Explain the reaction type andwhy it happens Give and explain importantvocabulary terms associatedwith the type Give specific examples ofeach style of the reaction type Second Groups will haverepresentative from allreaction types – You will – Explain you reaction type –styles – vocabulary andspecific examples for eachreaction type Complete your notes as othertypes are explained Answer the question – Whichof the first four reaction typescould a specific combustionreaction also be considered tobe?
  • 5. Tutorial Extra Credit – 15 points I. Prepare questions you have for tutor – aminimum of 1 question from each of the 3levels. II. Take at a minimum of 1 page of notesfrom tutorial session. III. Have a signature from the tutorconfirming your work with them.