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Social Media Best Practices for Hotel Marketing: Be Involved Without Breaking the Bank
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Social Media Best Practices for Hotel Marketing: Be Involved Without Breaking the Bank


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Learn more about the power of social media and how to utilize it responsibly and effectively in your marketing strategies. Topics to be covered include: …

Learn more about the power of social media and how to utilize it responsibly and effectively in your marketing strategies. Topics to be covered include:

Topics to be covered include:

* What happens if you ignore social media?
* Which social networking site is right for you?
* Tips on using Facebook and Twitter to enhance your brand
* How to find lifelong guests and company advocates
* Realistic results to expect from Facebook and Twitter
* Top mistakes companies make and how to avoid them

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Best Practices
      How to be involved without breaking the bank!
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 2. About Blizzard Internet
      Provide ROI-centric Online Marketing Solutions to the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industries.
      Offer Comprehensive or A-La-Carte plans for SEO, Paid Advertising, Linkbuilding and Social Media starting as low as $500 a month INCLUDING up to an hour of consultation each month.
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 3. About Carrie
      Director of Search Strategies at Blizzard.
      Twitter Addict &Conversion Evangelist.
      Small Business SEM columnist at SearchEngineWatch.
      In the Trenches columnist at
      Questions? PLEASE contact me however you like!
      Twitter = @CarrieHill
      Facebook =
      Phone: 888-840-5893 direct extension: 131
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 4. What happens if you ignore Social Media
      Negative impact on your brand message.
      You open the door for your competitors to grab that market share. Be first and be the best.
      You miss the conversations that matter most.
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 5. Hmmmmmm
    • 6. The Numbers
      100,000,000 - number of users who log on to Facebook at least once each day.
      200,000,000 – number of active users on Facebook.
      3,000,000 – number of Tweets/day(March 2008).
      If social media users were a country, it would be the 4th largest.
      Years to reach 50 million users:• Radio = 38 years• TV = 13 years• Internet = 4 years• iPod = 3 years• Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months.
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 7. More Numbers
      TripAdvisor receives more than 25 million unique visitors a MONTH.
      The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year old females.
      80% of Twitter usage is on Mobile Devices.
      34% of bloggers post opinions about products & brands.
      78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.
      Only 14% trust advertisements.
      Successful companies in social media act more like party planners, aggregators, and content providers than traditional advertiser.
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 8. How do I find them?
      Find the Demographic by Keywords.
      MSN Demographic Tool
      Watch the bloggers that cover your area.
      Search your key terms in Blog Search
      Look at your referral traffic.
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 9. How Far does a Tweet Reach?
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 10. How a few Fans turn into many…
      Friends of My Friends
      My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      My Friends
      My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      My Friends
      My Friends
      My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      Friends of My Friends
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 11. Pretty soon a small network looks like this:
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 12. Getting Involved
      It’s not about being everywhere – it’s about being where the conversations are.
      Choose the platforms with the best chance of reaching a targeted audience.
      Start broad and narrow based on results.
      Watch your analytics for incoming traffic.
      Where are your competitors? Are you there too?
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 13. How do I track the Conversation?
      Use URL Shortners that track clicks. is my preferred is part of Hootsuite – good graphics for stats but frames the landing page of a link
      Correlate Tweets & FB updates with spikes in site traffic – use this to sell the “C Suite”.
      Alerts are always useful.
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 14. What’s The ROI?
      Social Media is a tactic, NOT a platform – an avenue for you to communicate with your audience and market, much like your telephone system.
      It’s time to CHANGE how you think about investing in Social Media
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 15. Facebook Tips
      Be Genuine, Personable and ALWAYS Professional
      Set up a fan page and promote it on your website
      Don’t only post links and promotional material
      Share videos, images & stories that you’re reading
      Answer questions
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 16. Tips
      Short Bursts of 140 Characters
      Grab attention with deals
      Offer exclusive deals & codes
      Promote your presence on your site
      Auto follow or Auto Direct Message new followers
      Post a link in every single update – it looks contrived
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 17. Integrating your approach
      Use a 3rd Party client to help you – my new fave is Hootsuite with Ping.FM
      Post to Twitter, Facebook, Myspace & LinkedIn all at once
      Schedule tweets for future posting
      Save keyword searches to closely watch who is looking for information about your area
      Track link clicks (with or
      Integrate in your staff’s email signature
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 18. You’re Doin’ it Right!
      We set up a Facebook fan page for Chula Vista in May of 2009.
      From May – Today they’ve seen:
      1312 fans added (466 since 9/30)
      1483 referrals to the Chula website since May! (806 since 9/30)
      1135referrals to the Chula site since August 1
      Top demographics are
      Males 25-34 – 43%
      Females 25-34 – 29%
      Females 55+ - 0%
      Males 35-44 - 14%
      Females 18-24 – 14%
      Guests are interacting, adding photos, comments, sometimes over a dozen a day!
      Guests are acting as brand advocates and refuting negative comments and encouraging positive interaction without the managements’ involvement
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter
    • 19. Where should you start?
      Hands on is the best place – give it a try
      Read A LOT!
      See how others are doing and try their tactics for yourself.
      Blizzard can help – contact us about a Social Media Focus Plan!
      Consultation on Social Media and Reputation Management – 1 hour per month
      Facebook fan page setup or overhaul
      Twitter account setup or overhaul
      Create/Claim Tripadvisor listing and update
      Create/Claim Yelp listing and update
      Create/Claim Google local listing and update
      Create/Claim Yahoo travel listing and update
      Flickr account setup and media load
      And Much More!
      Carrie Hill
      @CarrieHill on Twitter