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Measuring Online Results: The Best Ways to Measure Your Online Progress
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Measuring Online Results: The Best Ways to Measure Your Online Progress


A seminar designed to help the CEO/CMO/CFO measure and manage their marketing.

A seminar designed to help the CEO/CMO/CFO measure and manage their marketing.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Measure Your Online Presence
    How to measure and affect your presence
    By Trent Blizzard, PresidentBlizzard Internet Marketing, Inc
  • 2. Measuring causes results because it:
    Keeps your attention focused
    Lets you see your progress
    Provides direction for employees
    Half of the battle is determining what to measure (and therefore manage)
    What Gets Measured Gets Managed
  • 3. Ultimate Goals are the Goal
  • 4. Results Based
    Backward Looking
    Problem: You cannot alter the past
    Definition: Final End Measurable Result of Online Marketing
    What are the Ultimate Goals of your website?
    Ultimate Goals of Your Website
  • 5. Measure What Matters
  • 6. Question: What are the measurable factors that affect whether you achieve your goals?
    These are real-time measurable events.
    These impact your overall return and directly correlate with achieving your business goals.
    Question: What are your KPIs?
    Key Performance Indicators
  • 7. Measure What Matters
  • 8. Activities and Actions drive your KPIs
    Activities are Actions are the Critical Drivers that help you reach your goals.
    Measuring and Monitoring activities :
    Keeps your focus
    Provides direction for employees
    Lets you see your progress
    Activities and Actions
  • 9. Measure What Matters
  • 10. Links from:
    Link:www.yourdomain.com in Google
    Yahoo Site Explorer
    SEOmoz Tools (Linkscape)
    Google Webmaster Tools “Links to your Site”
    New Links Earned
    Search Results
    Actual traffic from search engines X bounce rate
    SEMRush reporting
    Webmaster Tools “Search Queries” Report
    Specific Measurables
  • 11. Site Activity
    # visitors X inverse of bounce rate
    Average $ per visitor
    Total revenue broken down by source
    New content added to website
    Social Media
    New Fans and Followers
    # of Facebook, Blog and Twitter Posts
    New Reviews
    Management Responses to Reviews
    Traffic from Facebook to website + $$ earned
    Specific Measurables
  • 12. Email
    # Emails Sent
    bounce and open rates
    Inbound email inquiries and revenue
    Average response times
    Visits and clicks from PPC (adjusted for bounce rate)
    % ROI
    Frequency of adjusting and touching account
    Specific Measurables
  • 13. Miscellaneous
    Load time (Yslow and Google Webmaster Tools labs)
    Brand Mentions (Google Alerts)
    UGS and Web Mentions in Google Places
    Traffic from Google Places
    How Deeply is your site indexed
    Webmaster Tools
    Yahoo Site Explorer
    Exit Rate and Bounce Rate by page (find the leaks)
    Specific Measurables
  • 14. Only Activity will Improve KPIs and Results
    Why Measurement is a Waste of Time
  • 15. Website: www.blizzardinternet.com
    Blog: newsletter.blizzardinternet.com
    Email: info@blizzardinternet.com
    Phone: 888-840-5893
    Address: Blizzard Internet Marketing, Inc 1001 Grand Avenue Suite 203 Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
    Blizzard Internet Marketing