Alexander the great!!


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Final Project by: Haley Clerc

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Alexander the great!!

  1. 1.  By: Haley Clerc
  2. 2.  Alexander was born in Pella in the ancient capital of Macedonia. He was born on July,19,356 B.C
  3. 3.  His dad cared more for his troops than his family. His mother said “she was pregnant by Zeus king of the gods. She was the daughter of Neoptolemus the king of Epirus. Alexander did not get along with his dad, but his dad was proud of his son.Alexander was closer to his mom. His family split when his father Married another women.
  4. 4.  His fathers name was Philip 2nd of Macedon. His mothers name was Olympias of Epirus. He had no sisters, or brothers.
  5. 5.  He was tutored by Leonidas (Possibly his uncle.) Alex (Alexander) loved school and loved to read the same book every night. He studied Literature and learned how to play the Lyre.
  6. 6.  Alex (Alexander) loved to learn and read but he was also very Athletic he liked to sword fighting.
  7. 7.  Alexander the Great married Roxanne and he met her at a festival. Alexander also had another wife and her name was Stateira she was a Persian Princess. Alexander had a son with Roxanne and his name was Alexander IV but Alexander the great died before he could meet his son.
  8. 8.  Alexander the great also had two more wifes. Ones name was Bactria. The other one was named Parysatis. There was conclusion that there was two other women who were possible pregnant by Alexander but it was not clarified.
  9. 9.  Alexander had the most amazing military campaign by guiding an army consisting of Greeks.
  10. 10.  Alexander the Great is without doubt one of the best military leaders of history. Not only did Alexander of Macedon take over enormous areas of the known world but also he demonstrated good leadership and masterful strategy on a large scale and tactics on the battlefield.
  11. 11. 1. Responsibility: Alexander always took care of all of his important people in his life.2. Perseverance: Alexander never gave up and he never even thought about it.3. Integrity: Alexander was fair in his wars and with his people.4. Courage: Alexander had the courage to fight in wars with his beloved horse.5. Care: Alexander cared for his wife’s and his horse.
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