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MGI Malaysia Tour, 2010

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  1. 1. MARA GOT IDEAS“Giving youths a chance to riseabove themselves, andempower them to make achange. Going aroundMalaysia, empowering lives,this is what we do”. Benassi, 24 Mel, 21 Bernie, 27
  2. 2. Presents:
  4. 4. What is Mara Got Ideas?
  5. 5. #MARA GOT IDEAS was the brainchild of asmall team of youths, with a vision toempower Malaysian Youths.#A tour of 10 MARA campuses, over thecourse of three months, encompassing theentire Peninsular of Malaysia.#Over 1000 students were presented withkey challenges:“Be innovative. How can you makeyourself better?”“Think outside the box, how can yougenerate income from where you are?”.“What can you do to make a change in thespace you‟re living in?”
  6. 6. “How can you rise above thechallenges that life has presented you, and start #Winning?”
  7. 7. For you see, no one has bothered to ask these beautiful youths about the questions that actually MATTER.
  8. 8. “Stop relying on the compassion ofothers. How can you start helpingothers?”“How can you turn your passions intomoney-makers, at a young age?”“As a youth, do you realize thecollective power that you hold?”“You‟re the next generation that willtake over this country. Are youprepared?”“What can you do to give back to thecommunity?”“How can you make a change?”
  9. 9. “How can we helpyou, help Yourself?”
  10. 10. “When you actually take the time to talk to these kids out of sincerity to help them,with no ulterior motive whatsoever, you‟ll find that in each and every one of them,there‟s a burning desire to make a change, to become better, to rise above the tide.They just don‟t know how. That‟s where we come in” -Bernard Hor, Senior Youth Specialist.
  11. 11. “The whole tour was about engaging theyouths. I guess you might call it a„seminar‟, or a „workshop‟, but I‟d rathersimply call it a „youth-engagementsession‟.It was never about us, making a change.It was always about us being the catalystthat these youths need, to make a changefor themselves. We want to encouragethem to realize the potential that theyhave in themselves.All their lives, they‟ve been following aspecific set of mental rules, how thingsshould be, what was possible, and whatwas not.Now, we‟re not encouraging them tothink outside the box. We‟re telling themto think WITHOUT the box” Zhen cui, Youth specialist
  12. 12. “Training and engagement are very subjective things. They change, along with the course of time. You can‟t expect to use the same method to teach a 17-year-old something as you would on a 40-year-old, right? That‟s why when you‟re approaching the youth of today, you have to be very, very careful. They‟re a lot smarter than kids were 30 years ago. They can see through ulterior motives very easily. To get throughto them, you have to speak their language. We just came in for two days, with the mindset of helping these youths, while having fun. We only got the ball rolling,but then they took it to a whole other level. These kids, they‟re amazing”.-Zamzuri Abd. Malik, Traning Specialist
  13. 13. 10 MARA Campuses. 1000 Students. One Goal:
  14. 14. Engagement.Empowerment. Change.
  15. 15. But then again, don‟ttake it from us. Listen to them.
  16. 16. “MGI ni, memang best la, bagi Alya. Noprogram like it, since I joined KPMIM. Caratrainers approach kami memang lain la, taksangka program motivation boleh jadi bestmacam ni.Setakat ni, kalau pantang ada program je,mesti semua orang tak nak pergi. Dah lakami semua kena paksa masuk MGI ni, solagi la mentality semua orang macam dahtak best dah, tapi first day tu, within the firsthalf-hour, memang semua orang start jadiceria la.Memang layan gila. Trainers best, module diapun best, and I think I learned quite a lot fromthe entire program. Kalau boleh, tahun Alya Sham, 20, Shah Alam.depan nak join lagi!Two thumbs up!”
  17. 17. “Kalau nak ditanya betul-betul la, sebenarnya benda yang paling best pasal MGI ni, is that for the first time dalam sejarah saya kat KPM ni la, saya rasa penting. Saya rasa macam saya sebahagian dari sesuatu yang penting, dan saya terpilih (lebih kepada dipaksa) untuk join program ni. Mula-mula tu, berat hati je pergi, tapi lepas diorang masuk je, memang ada vibe best la. First benda yang diorang buat is suruh kitorang balik tukar baju, sebab diorang nak kitorang rasa comfortable. Tak pernah lagi ada program MARA yang buat macam tu. Lepas program tu, memang rasa sedih la, sebab dah berakhir. Rasa macam dah kenal sangat dengan trainers semua, abang zam, Bernard, Zhen.Siti Hajar, 20, Terengganu Memang diorang pandai ambik hati kitorang. Senang cerita, memang best la!”
  18. 18. “MGI? Gempak! Bukan selalu, ada program yangboleh main campak-campak kertas kat membersebelah! Hahaha. Tapi seriously, memang best laexperience dia. Tak macam program lainlangsung. Kitorang tak expect pun benda fun, tapimemang ceria lah.First time rasa productive sangat. Bila dudukdalam kelas pun, selalunya tidur, tapi kali ni,segar-bugar je. Depa memang pandai buataktiviti yang tak bosan, fun, and sangatlahrelevant. MARA memang teramatlah patut buatlebih banyak program macam ni.Macam-macam idea membuak-buak timeprogram tu. Rasa la kreativiti tu terkeluar sikit.Kalau tahun depan ada lagi, sign me up!” Syed Faiz, 19, Penang
  19. 19. With the proper engagement, sincerity andapproach, we built sustainable relationshipswith the MARA youth, from 10 campuses all over the Peninsular.
  20. 20. See, it doesn‟t really matter what the nature of your business is.If it involves the youth, it involves engagement. If it involves engagement, it involves dialogue. If itinvolves dialogue, it means building a relationship. The entire point of our tour was to speak with theyouth, build relationships, and ultimately, share an incredible experience together. This is what we do.
  21. 21. We specialize in youthresearch, engagement, and analysis. We are in the business of building solid, sustainable relationships with the Youth of Today.
  22. 22. If you‟re interested in theyouth demographic, it‟s time to start asking the right questions.
  23. 23. For more info, you can contactus through the link provided onthe homepage, or drop us a line.  +6017 380 9403