CodePaLOUsa 2011 - SQL Azure
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CodePaLOUsa 2011 - SQL Azure



This talk will focus on the benefits, features, and ease of use of SQL Azure. Learn how your projects can benefit from a hosted data storage and query processing service. See by example how to design ...

This talk will focus on the benefits, features, and ease of use of SQL Azure. Learn how your projects can benefit from a hosted data storage and query processing service. See by example how to design your program to use SQL Azure. Real world topics and use cases will be covered including data sync and staying vendor independent while hosting your data in the cloud.



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CodePaLOUsa 2011 - SQL Azure CodePaLOUsa 2011 - SQL Azure Presentation Transcript

  • SQL Azure
    Presenter: Aaron King
    Session Number: 310
  • Code PaLOUsa 2011 Sponsors
  • Code PaLOUsa 2011 Sponsors
  • What is SQL Azure?
    “SQL Azure is a scalable and cost-effective on-demand data storage and query processing service. SQL Azure is a hosted application build on robust Microsoft SQL Server database and Windows Server technologies.”
  • What is SQL Azure really?
    SQL Azure is your data hosted by Microsoft with a strong service level agreement (SLA). The SLA not only ensures high availability but also performance and protection.
  • Azure™ Services Platform:
  • Robust SQL Server Support
    SQL Azure is built on robust SQL Server database technologies.
    SQL Server is a broad data platform that can handle all types of data, from creation to archival.
  • Ease of Development
    • SQL Azure facilitates development.
    • Just like local development in SQL Express.
    • Its flexible data model supports any programming language.
  • Scalability
    • The SQL Azure database fabric is flexible and scales according to business needs.
    • The service is supported by multiple servers.
    • Therefore, it has the ability to provide any required storage capacity.
    • Also, there is no time delay due to server provisioning.
  • Availability
    • Because SQL Azure is accessible via the Internet, it ensures the availability of data to users in any geographic location.
    • Further, SQL Azure uses enterprise-grade hardware and program code, which are optimized for high throughput.
  • Security
    • SQL Azure provides organizations with secure data access and confidentiality.
    • It is built on a relational database architecture that includes data protection.
    • Multiple copies of data that you create or modify can be stored across geographically distributed data centers.
  • Strong Service Level Agreement
    SQL Azure provides you with a strong SLA that assures:
    • high availability
    • guaranteed performance
    • data protection
    • compliance
    • enterprise-level security features
    • real-time mirrored database replication
  • Benefits of SQL Azure
    • Robust SQL Server support
    • Ease of application development
    • Scalability
    • Availability
    • Security
    • Strong SLA
  • Features of SQL Azure
    • SQL Azure provides UNLIMITED data storage capacity.
    • SQL Azure uses a PAY-AS-YOU-GROW pricing strategy.
    • SQL Azure has $0 start up cost.
    • SQL Azure can be located close to your users, even if you’re not.
  • SQL Azure vs. SQL Server
    SQL Azure
    • Anytime from Any place
    • Failure of one server will not impact performance
    • Unlimited amount of data
    SQL Server
    • On-premise data platform
    • Single point of failure
    • Data is restricted by software and hardware
  • Things to watch out for
    • Need clustered index for each table
    • ‘ANSI_NULLS’ is not a recognized SET option.
    • More than two-part column name
    • Data types:
    • text
    • ntext
    • xml
    • image
    • Table hint without WITH
    • Filegroup reference and partitioning scheme’ is not supported in this version of SQL Server
    • fn_listextendedproperty is not supported
  • Pricing
    • Web Edition:
    • Up to 1 GB relational database = $9.99 / month
    • Up to 5 GB relational database = $49.95 / month
    • Business Edition:
    • Up to 10 GB relational database = $99.99 / month
    • Up to 20 GB relational database = $199.98 / month
    • Up to 30 GB relational database = $299.97 / month
    • Up to 40 GB relational database = $399.96 / month
    • Up to 50 GB relational database = $499.95 / month
    Data transfers = $0.10 in / $0.15 out / GB - ($0.30 in / $0.45 out / GB in Asia)
  • Demos, Demos, Demos!
    • Demos, Demos, Demos!
    • How to query in SQL Azure
    • More Demos!
  • Recent News!
    • Production Level App Fabric
    • 50 Gb SQL Azure!
    • hierarchyid
    • Data Sync
    • oData
    • Hudson
    • Database Copy, kinda cool, will get better.
    • SQL Reporting CTP
  • Thank you!
    Questions or comments?