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    Presentation2 Presentation2 Presentation Transcript

      • If I choose to live in Wilmington it would be nice weather and at the beach but there would be hurricanes that could damage my possessions, if I decide to live in Cary I would not be at the beach but I would be protected from storm weather such as hurricanes.
      • How to decide if I should get a job or go to college
      • My choices are to go and get a job or go to college.
      • If I get a job I can go ahead and start making money to support myself but I wont get paid as much as if I were to take the time to go to college
      • I think that I will go to college
      • I am taking 4 years of my life to off to get my degree
      • I am happy with my decision because I make a lot more money than I could have without college.
      • I must decide whether to drive or fly to Florida.
      • I can either drive my car or take the airplane
      • If I drive it will probably be cheaper but it will be much longer to get there. Flying will get me there very quickly but is also more expensive.
      • I think I will fly there
      • I pay the money and get there in no time.
      • I am happy with my decision because money was not an issue for me, and I did not have to drive for 12 hours straight.
      • In a command economy, the resources are owned and controlled by the government.
      • Saudi Arabia is an example of a command economy
      • Advantage-You cant really make any mistakes with your resources
      • Disadvantage- You get no control over your resources
      • In a market economy, the resources are owned and controlled by the people of the country
      • Mexico has a market economy
      • Advantage-You control your own resources
      • Disadvantage-Everyone might not agree with decisions that are made
      • Capitalism refers to the private ownership of resources by individual, rather than by government.
      • The United States is an example of capitalism
      • Advantage-Freedom of production and consumption
      • Disadvantage- Individuals could make some wrong decisions and get themselves in debt.
      • A communist economy includes limited choices and supply of consumer goods.
      • China has had a communist economy but is now trying to come out of it
      • Advantage-Direct resources toward economic growth
      • Disadvantage-No Freedom