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Treks himalaya

  1. 1. Trekking in Nepal is part of world adventure trekking tourism and AdventureTrekking in Nepal. Natures to renew one’s own self regard, to relive oneself, torealize Nepal beauty, to interact with its generous, friendly peoples arehighlights of trekking in Nepal. Trekking is one long term activity that drawsrepeat visitors. Nepal is final purpose for trekking offers numerous optionswalking excursion to meet snowy peaks, their foot hills, valleys but howeverthere is amazing for each who hope trek in Nepal hill, mountain area. Typicaltrekking and hiking in Nepal as unique combination of natural glory, spectaculartrekking trips to hard climbing and Trekking in Himalaya for Everest Base CampTrek is most rewarding way to skill Nepal natural beautification and culturalarray is to walking, trekking, width and the height of country. Trekking isimportant of travel Nepal for trekking tours in Himalaya on description Nepaltour of large range of ecological features for Nepal Travel Holiday. The countrynurtures a variety of flora and scenery. Addition to natural atmosphere is richHimalayan culture. Many of visitor trek to different part of Nepal every year toexperience its rustic charm, nature and culture. Most treks through areasbetween 1000 to 5185m, though some popular parts reach over 5648 meters.Trekking is not climbing, while the climb of Himalayan peaks and enjoy walkingholiday in Nepal and trekking tours in Nepal might be an attraction fortravelers. Every travelers knows for the trekking in Nepal from all over thewords an inspiring knowledge. For your attraction Travel Holiday in Nepal liesin its stunning beauty and its excellent culture.Annapurna trekking has beenwildly recognized as a naturalists paradise. The upper sub-alpine steppe environment harbors some of the rare snowleopards and blue sheep. Other areas of the region protect bird species such asthe multi-coloured Impeyan, kokla, blood pheasant amongst a multitude of otherbirds, butterflies and insects. Many plants native to Nepal are found in thisforest. The conservation area has 100 varieties of orchids and some of therichest temperate rhododendron forest in the world.Everest trekking has been apopular destination for trekkers since the very first expeditions to theNepalese side of Everest in the 1953. To reachthis part of the Himalaya within a limited time, we have devised this two weektrek to Everest which runs directly to and from Lukla. The Everest trekking, avery well known mountain trek, starts at the upper Phakding and follows the DudhKosi valley which climbs up to the Sherpa capital of Namche, a bustling bazaarthat’s a junction for trekkers, the local Sherpa and expeditions en route to themighty Mt. Everest. All along this part of the trail, villages are interspersedwith magnificent forests of rhododendron, magnolia and giant firs. In both theearly autumn and late spring, the flowers on this portion of the trek make itthe kind of walking.Langtang trekking closer toKathmandu and a little less populated than other trekking area in Nepal. Whichtake you to the Langtang trekking that liesjust south of the China Border. Langtang trekking starts from the village ofSyaprubesi, walking on the open and fertile valley. Rhododendron Nepalesenational flower looks beautiful with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains andphoto chance on this trekking are endless. Langtang trek you will notice theChina influence in the villages and lifestyle of the people. The ascent up toTserko Ri 5000metersis a demanding climb, however it offers some of the moststunning Langtang Himalayan views and high mountain passes are intense, which isa definite highlight of the trekking up to the Langtang valley.Peak Climbing in Nepal one of the well liked escapade activities in the planet and there is no othercountry other than Nepal which proffers arraypeaks for climbing lookers from any severance of the planet. Nepal peak climbing are glittery like silverwonderful fort. Acute Trek arranges equipment, guides, high altitude porters,
  2. 2. and all food and accessories. There are diverse rules and restrictions imposedby the government regulating climbing peak due to financial, safety,environmental and society concern. Acute Trek staff knowledgeable groups arecautiously in climbing methods and are exceedingly capable in organize all thehazard of climbing in mountain and using climbing gear. Climbing requiresseveral deliberation before one can embark on definite mountaineering activity.Everest Base Camp Trek wellnoon its spectacular mountain peaks and the devotion and openness of its inhabitants, the Everest region is one of themost popular destination for tourists in Nepal. While numerous of the routesthrough the mountains are difficult, there are plenty places to rest and enjoy ameal along the way. Additionally, dont worry about receiving lost. Just ask alocal the way to the next village on your route, and they will direct you. MostSherpas under the age of fifty can at least understand basic English, and manyspeak it fluently.Annapurna Base Camp Trek isthe major peaks of the western portion of the great Annapurna Himalaya, Annapurna South, Fang, Annapurna, Ganagapurna,Annapurna 3 and Machhapuchhare and including Annapurna first 8091 meters arearranged almost exactly in a circle about 10 miles in diameter with a deepglacier enclosed field at the center. From this glacier basin, known as theAnnapurna base camp trek (Annapurna sanctuary trek), the Modi Khola way south ina narrow ravine fully 12 thousand ft. deep. Further south, the ravine opens upinto a wide and fruitful valley, the domain of the Gurungs. The center and upperportions of Modi Khola offer some of the best short routes for trekking in Nepaland the valley is situated so that these treks can be easily joint with treksinto the Kali Gandaki (Kali Gandaki is name of the river in Nepal) region to thewest.Upper Mustang Trekking Make an escapade beginning from world deepest gorge Kaligandaki valley into worlds highest area of Lo-Mangthangvalley that passes through an almost tree-less barren landscape, a steep stonytrail up and down hill and panorama views of high Annapurna Himalaya includingNilgiri, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and numerous other peaks. The trek passes throughhigh peaks, passes, glaciers, and alpine valleys. The thousands years ofseclusion has kept the society, lifestyle and heritage remain unaffected forcenturies and to this date.Helicopter Tour in Nepal havinghigh mountains and wonderful landscape of countryside but is effortlesslyreachable by land transport, is known ashelicopter tours country. Helicopter services industry in Nepal is now wellwell-known with many types and categories of helicopters for the fly todifferent of Nepal. The pilots are very knowledgeable expert with 1000 of flyinghours knowledge in Nepal. We have service for helicopter is outstandingreputations and established records for reliable emergency and rescue flighttoo. Here we would like to offer some of amazing helicopter tour in Himalayacountry of Nepal. Further more details information about Nepal helicopter touritinerary for helicopter tour in different part of Nepal contact us withouthesitation.Adventure trekking in the southern part of theasia continent there lays a tiny rectangular kingdom squeezed between two hugely populated countries, China to the north and Indiato the south, this country is Nepal a world of its own. Adventure trekking is atype of tourism, involving exploration or travel to remote, exotic and possiblyhostile areas. Adventure trekking in Nepal is rapidly growing in popularity, astourists seek different kinds of vacations. The land of contrast is presumablythe exact way to define the scenery of Nepal for you will find maximum worldhighest peaks high high up above the clouds determined for the gods above.Straight, active and attractive learning experience adventure trekking in Nepal
  3. 3. that engross the whole person and have real adventure. Mt. Everest,Kanchenjunga, Daulagiri, and Annapurna and many more are there for the offeringfor mountain-lovers, adventurers and travelers.Kathmandu Pokhra Tour isan exclusive tour package specially designed for all level travelers. KathmanduPokhara tour package is effortless touralternative for Nepal visitors. This tour package vacation the historicallysignificant and ethnically rich capital (Kathmandu ) of Nepal and the moststunning city of world by the nature, Pokhara. Mountain museum and world peacestupa are another charming of Pokhara tour. Pokhara is the center of escapadetourism in Nepal. Package tour to Kathmandu Pokhara is design to discoverhighlighted areas of Kathmandu and Pokhara valley. Nepal is the country which issocially and geographically different that’s why we powerfully recommend youdiscover Nepal to visit once in life time. It is hard to explore all Nepal inone Nepal tours trip in this way we design this trip to show you the highlightsof Nepal especially in Kathmandu and Pokhara.http://www.trekshimalaya.com
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