Acute Trek Pvt. Ltd. - Trekking Company in Nepal - Trekking Agency in Nepal


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Acute Trek Pvt. Ltd. - Trekking Company in Nepal - Trekking Agency in Nepal

  1. 1. Acute Trek Pvt. Ltd. an indoor outdoor trekking and tours operative takes youthat further way to guarantee you has an unforgettable adventure that you havebeen dream of. Benefit, of course there is the Acute trek part of choice. Wehave your choose of trekking for 3 days or 30 or more days it depending of yourtimetable, sleep under lodges or tent. We always respect our duty to constantlyyour holiday satisfaction in Nepal. Whether you are looking for a quietgateway, a memorable outing with a family or an exciting nature adventure. Weoffer you with the best progressive information and itinerary leading focusedand modified as per your requirements. It is significant to memorize, though, itnecessitate an enough level of physical homework and must remembers that thereis also a psychosomatic assurance in walking in mountains. Acute trek is anattempt to encourage Nepal to the exterior world while striving to defend anaged tradition as well as conserve the surroundings for generation to come.We dedicated ourselves to take each step essential to provide you and skill youwill dotingly look back upon not kind what it cost you, as you will be recurringa wealthier person full of reminiscences. We trekking and tours company in Nepalthat is very believable, responsible and fully offers personage, group, tailoredtravel and trekking excursions in Nepal. If you would like to explorer lifetimeknowledge of Trekking in Nepal and visiting destination of different part ofNepal as well as tours to Bhutan and destination Tibet in a secure and safemode, then we is the exact agency for you. Our trekking tours involve knowledgeall aspect of country, the enormous historical sites, natural loveliness andwildlife, most prominently, they give you the opportunity to get with localpeople and to see their custom first hand. Further you need not have to be ansportsperson, as trekking in Nepal and between the people is itself an wellknowledge as trekking, tour, hiking is not climbing. Anyone with a join up tostrong legs and strength of adventure to discover the exotic will pleasurablethe excitement of trekking, tours and charming discovery. Acute Trek specializein organize excursion such as trekking in Nepal Annapurna base camp, UpperMustang Trekking, Everest base camp trek, Langtang trekking, Kanchenjunga trek,Manaslu trekking are an domestic and international tours running that are apreferred of many Nepal holiday.http://www.trekshimalaya.com
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