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Carbon Offsets Explained
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Carbon Offsets Explained


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Why Carbon Offsets? Taking a look at our carbon footprint
  • 2. What is a Carbon Footprint • The carbon footprint is a measurement of all greenhouse gases we individually produce • World target to combat Global Warming: 2 tons per person • Typical Canadian footprint: 20 tons per person
  • 3. This is what that looks like…. Canada vs. World Target
  • 4. Calculating Tom’s carbon footprint • Owns a small car for out of town trips • Cycles to work • Eats vegetarian occasionally • Does a lot of things an average Canadian does!
  • 5. Look at my footprint! Yes, I was feeling smug…
  • 6. Then I watched…..
  • 7. Inconvenient indeed…! • But I decided to act….. • I switched my home to renewable energy • I did away with our car • I now eat local and organic when available • I installed new windows • I did all those things you are supposed to do….
  • 8. And I reduced my footprint!
  • 9. After so much work…..
  • 10. It was time for a holiday…
  • 11. A few holidays actually… • Nairobi • Amsterdam • Edmonton • Nova Scotia • Iceland • Queen Charlotte Islands • India
  • 12. And my footprint became bigger
  • 13. And bigger…
  • 14. And bigger…
  • 15. And bigger still…
  • 16. And it kept growing…
  • 17. And growing…
  • 18. Until I was back to square one…
  • 19. Just to recap… Before I was aware After seeing An Inconvenient Truth After my travels
  • 20. So what could I do? • I had heard about Carbon Offsets… • But what are those?
  • 21. Carbon Offsets • By investing in offsets you contribute to energy efficiency programmes around the globe. • This ensures that the same amount of carbon your flights produce is prevented from entering the atmosphere in the first place.
  • 22. So I bought carbon offsets… • It cost me CA$175 • To cover all those flights
  • 23. And my footprint was back to… Where it should be!
  • 24. Now it is up to you! • Educate your clients • Offer carbon offsets • Close the offset sale Let’s make our business sustainable! Click mouse to exit