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  • 1. Timeline Valeria
  • 2. 1765
    • Grenville knows that his country needs money. Britain faces huge depts as a result of the French and Indian war. The solution was to tax the colonists. The parliament passed the stamp acts.
  • 3. 1765
    • More and more people throughout the colonies decided that they did not want to pay British taxes.
  • 4. 1765
    • Henry became famous for his brave speeches in defense of the colonists rights.
  • 5. 1766
    • Stamp act repealed
  • 6. 1767
    • Parliament passed the Townshend Acts
  • 7. 1768
    • British warships arrived at the Boston harbor.
  • 8. 1768
    • Fist fights between soldiers and colonists were a common sight in the streets.
  • 9. 1770
    • On the night of march 5 th , Parliament voted to repeal the Townshend Acts. The colonial boycott was hurting British businesses. So Parliament cancelled all taxes but one. They kept the tax on tea.
  • 10. 1773
    • Committees of correspondence began writing about the Tea Act, a new law passed by Parliament. The Tea Act said that on British company- the Fast India Company – would be the only company allowed to sell tea to the colonists.
  • 11. 1773
    • In the late 1773, three ships carrying British tea sailed into Boston harbor. On the night of December 16 th , members of the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Mohawks. They rode out into the British ships shouting “Boston harbor teapot tonight!” They boarded the ships, chopped open chests of tea with axes, and dumped the tea into the harbor. This became known as The Boston Tea Party.
  • 12. 1773
    • Britain punishes Boston. Soon people are out of work. Other colonies began helping Boston by sending food, supplies, and money.
  • 13. 1774
    • In September, Washington and his fellow Patriots voted to stop all trade with Britain until the Intolerable Acts were repealed. They also agreed that each colony should begin training militias, or volunteer armies. Most colonists hope that their dispute with Britain could be settled peacefully.
  • 14. 1775
    • In March, Patrick Henry made the most famous speech of his career. Speaking in a church in Richmond, Virginia, Henry warned Virginia’s militia's to prepare for battle. War with Britain is coming, he said, and he was ready for it. He ended with these bold words : “ I know not what course others may talk; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”