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  • 1. Expressionism   Late 1800s-1920s Presentation by: Derek Goulet and Gaston Olivier
  • 2. Characteristics of Expressionist Paintings
    • - Most, but not all artists use intense color in a symbolic way.
    • - Shows emotions and responses to events through use of facial expressions, actions, and color.
    • - Distorted forms that are two dimensional without perspective.
    • - Motions that they tried to express were simple.
    • - They used rough, agitated brush strokes to convey the mood and/or the intensity of the painting.
  • 3. Käthe Kollwitz
    • "Sharpening the Scythe"
    • - The expression on the peasant's face implies that the scythe could be used as a weapon as well as a tool.
    • - The emotion on his face shows that he is dreaming of revenge.
    • -Kollwitz is known for her ability to express such emotion through little or no color.
  • 4. Käthe Kollwitz
    • "Woman With Her Dead Child"
    • - The pose that the mother is in clearly shows devastation of losing her child.
    • - Its portraying the loss of her son in WWI
    • -Agressive, sketchy lines give off a gloomy energy.
  • 5. Edvard Munch
    • " Separation"
    • -Bold colors, both light and dark contrast the different figures.
    • -Man's face as well as his hand over his heart clearly shows heartbreak or devastation.
    • -The woman's figure is distorted. She has no face and her hair is exaggerated.
  • 6. Edvard Munch
    • "The Scream"
    • -Man's face and body as well as the sky and water are severely contorted and distorted.
    • -Bright, bold orange is used for the sky and a deep blue for the water.
    • -Man's expression shows how he can't stand the beauty of his surroundings.
    • -Munch uses violent, swirling brushstrokes. 
  • 7. Franz Marc
    • "Der Tiger"
    • -Tiger in the painting is a vibrant yellow and the shapes around him are also very colorful.
    • -The tiger looks as though he's been stirred from what he was doing. It is a look of surprise and being startled and disturbed from something.
  • 8. Franz Marc
    • "The Large Blue Horses"
    • -Bold blues, reds, greens, and yellows are used.
    • -Marc used animals in his paintings because they show a more pure andsubstantial connection to the world.
    • -The lines of the horses are clean to show their purity and the backround is painted with more vigorous strokes.
  • 9. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner "Blick Auf Davos"
    • -In this painting their is a lot of clean brush strokes that are used to just express color.
    • -The color is used to show the beauty of the mountains and how bright and peaceful a town within them sits.
  • 10. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner "From the Apocalypse"
    • -In this darker painting brush strokes are more defined in order for people to see exactly what is going on.
    • -The color in this painting is much darker in order to show a very mysterious and deep tone.