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The ant

  1. 1. or
  2. 2. Every day, a small ant arrives at work very early and starts work immediately.
  3. 3. She produces a lot and she was happy.
  4. 4. The Chief, a lion,was surprised to see that the ant was working without supervision.
  5. 5. He thought if the ant canproduce so much withoutsupervision, wouldn’t sheproduce even more if she had a supervisor!
  6. 6. So he recruited a cockroach who had extensiveexperience as supervisorand who was famous forwriting excellent reports.
  7. 7. The cockroach’s firstdecision was to set up aclocking in attendance system.
  8. 8. He also needed a secretaryto help him write and type his reports and …
  9. 9. ... he recruited a spider,who managed the archives and monitored all phone calls.
  10. 10. The lion was delighted with the cockroachs reportsand asked him to produce graphs to describe production rates and toanalyse trends, so that he could use them for presentations at Board‘s meetings.
  11. 11. So the cockroach had to buy a new computer and a laser printer and ...
  12. 12. ... recruited a flyto manage the ITdepartment.
  13. 13. The ant, who had once been so productive and relaxed, hated this new plethora of paperwork and meetings which used up most of her time…!
  14. 14. The lion came to theconclusion that it was hightime to nominate a person in charge of the department where the ant worked.
  15. 15. The position was given to thecicada, whose first decision was to buy a carpet and an ergonomic chair for his office.
  16. 16. The new person in charge, thecicada, also needed a computer and a personal assistant ,who he brought from his previousdepartment, to help him prepare aWork and Budget Control Strategic Optimisation Plan …
  17. 17. The Department where the antworks is now a sad place, where nobody laughs anymore andeverybody has become upset...
  18. 18. It was at that time thatthe cicada convinced theboss , the lion, of theabsolute necessity tostart a climatic study ofthe environment .
  19. 19. Having reviewed the charges for runningthe ant’s department , the lion found outthat the production was much less than before.
  20. 20. So he recruited theowl , a prestigious andrenowned consultantto carry out an audit and suggest solutions.
  21. 21. The owl spent threemonths in thedepartment and cameup with an enormousreport , in severalvolumes,that concluded :“ The department isoverstaffed ...”
  22. 22. Guess who the lion fires first?
  23. 23. The ant , of course, because she“showed lack of motivation and had a negative attitude".
  24. 24. NB:Os personagens desta fábula são fictícios; qualquer semelhança compessoas ou factos reais é pura coincidência. The characters in this fable are fictitious; any resemblance toreal people or facts within the Corporation is pure coincidence…
  25. 25. Adapted from Portuguese by PR. ObrigadoMário.