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Introduction to Front Door Insights' Mobile Marketing Services. Contact us today for further information or a demo.

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Front Door Insights Presentation

  1. 1. 122 St. Albans Lane, Suite B Davidson, NC 28036 © Front Door Insights LLC. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. Brand Loyalty & Customer Retention Services Engage your customers or end users in real-time using our SMS Text Message-based Mobile Feedback Management System™ Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Questionnaires Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Subscription Management Mobile Text Message & Email Marketing Mobile Coupons © Front Door Insights LLC. All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Front Door Insights can deliver Results! Use our Mobile Marketing Services to make an immediate positive impact on your current Marketing Strategy and your Bottom Line. • Improve Customer Engagement • Reach Customers ‘On the Go’ • Improve Customer Experience & Staff Performance • Increase Customer Retention & Repeat Business • Increase your Return on Marketing Investment • Generate NEW REVENUE
  4. 4. Why Mobile Marketing? - Key Statistics at a glance • An SMS Text Message has an average read-rate of 95% and is typically read within 4 minutes of receipt. • 25% of US mobile users remember seeing mobile ads with over 50% of those users responding to the ads. • 77% of all US Mobile Cellular Subscribers send or receive text messages. (258 million USA mobile subscribers as of 7/2009) • Redemption rates on Mobile Coupons are typically higher than 20% compared to less than 5% for traditional Print Coupons. • 50% of people interacting with USA Short Codes (abbreviated telephone numbers for business/text use) are over the age of 35. Reach your Customers or End Users anytime and anywhere! **Statistics are from independent studies conducted by Nielsen Mobile, RCR Wireless & CTIA
  5. 5. Features & Benefits: Front Door Insights • 24/7 Web-based Access with Real-time Analytics & Actions • Launch Instant 2-way interaction Customer Engagement Activities in minutes (Mobile Customer Surveys, Loyalty & Rewards Opt-ins, Text to Vote, etc.) • Targeted Promotional SMS Text “Blasts” & Recurring Alerts • Instant Mobile Coupon delivery, Unique Mobile Coupon ID Codes generated with seamless reportable Coupon Activation statistics • Customizable, exportable reporting • Permission-based marketing compliant with the Mobile Marketing Association
  6. 6. A Dynamic & Flexible Marketing Platform • “Text to Vote”, “Text to Win”, “Text for Awards” “Text for Call Back” or “Text for Info” Campaigns can be set up and activated in minutes • Mobile SMS Text Menu Ordering for Restaurants • Loyalty & Rewards List Management: Use both SMS Text and Email! • Use SMS Text, Mobile Web or Internet to receive Survey/Poll/Voting Data & Loyalty and Rewards Subscriptions • Intra-Company SMS Text & Email Communication functionality
  7. 7. How does Front Door Insights work? 1. Customer or End-user sees Call to Action (Print, 2. A real time data feed to a web interface provides instant analytics, Web, Billboard) on Business Premises and sends in management dashboard and a single SMS text that includes the Client’s unique seamless Mobile Marketing options Mobile Marketing KEYWORD or SURVEY ID Code. for: Hardware? - Restaurants, Hotels End-user with Mobile - Retail Stores FDI does - Airlines SMS not require SMS Text Msg Text Msg specialized handsets: End-users SMS text de-coded simply send and logged an SMS Text from their mobile 3. Managementthe built-in Mobile Marketing feature to engage their in turn use obtain real time feedback on their business and can phone! Customer-base via permission-based SMS text promotions, coupons and incentives. (Instant Delivery or Targeted) Do I need to install software and licences? No – Front Door Insights is a web based solution that does not require installation of software on your existing systems and network!
  8. 8. Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Questionnaires • Obtain real-time & actionable information on your business or organization • Choose from 6 Different Question Types including Net Promoter Score© and Free-form Text Questions • Customer or End Users simply send in 1 SMS Text Message with their answers and feedback (Or use a Mobile Web or Internet Link) • Create real-time engagement and trust with your most valued stake-holders: Your Customers • Instant Tabulation, Instant Analytics, Exportable Reporting
  9. 9. Mobile Customer Satisfaction Surveys Survey Logic Use “High Impact Questions” to obtain actionable, high value data User including: Instructions • Advertising Placement Decisions & Effectiveness of your current advertising • How your customers view your business and whether or not they would recommend your business to friends or colleagues • Service & Product Quality Variety of • Demographic makeup of your Customers Question (Zip Codes, Age Groups, Gender) types • Visitation Statistics (Frequency, Time of Day, etc.) For Best Results 1. Determine Survey/Questionnaire Goals 2. Keep Surveys Concise & Focused 3. Consider offering Incentives to your Audience 4. Select the most appropriate Question type: (Multiple Choice, Rating Scale, Net Promoter Score, Free form text, Multiple Answer)
  10. 10. Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Subscription Management • Initiate a Mobile Customer Subscription Database in minutes • Invite your Customers to Subscribe via a “Call to Action” • Customers / End users Opt-in via a single SMS Text Message (or use a Mobile Web or Internet Link) • Choose a branded VANITY KEYWORD at no extra cost & encourage Viral Awareness (Ex. “Text BURGER to join the Burger Chef VIP Mobile Rewards Club” ) • Opted-in Customers are available for Mobile Marketing “Blasts” and recurring incentive-based messages, anytime & anywhere • Permission-based, customers can Opt-out at any time
  11. 11. Mobile Loyalty “Call to Action” : Two Examples
  12. 12. Built-in Mobile Marketing Functionality - Deliver your Coupon, Incentive or branded company announcement directly into the pocket of your Customers via “Blast” or targeted SMS Text Message - Simple interface, as easy as composing an email! - Reach your Customers anytime, anywhere! - Experience higher Redemption rates with Mobile Coupons Who is Texting? Over 1 Trillion Texts sent in USA in 2008! 82% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 now use SMS texts regularly 72% of Americans between the ages of 25-49 now use SMS texts regularly 53% of Americans engaging with Short Codes are 35 and older Source: Mobile Marketing Association, 2009
  13. 13. Mobile Coupon Engine • Our integrated Mobile Coupon Engine includes seamless generation of unique Mobile Coupon Codes tied to specific Mobile Subscribers and their cellular phone number • Attach Mobile Coupons to Survey response messages, Mobile Marketing “Blasts” or Opt-in Subscriptions • 24/7 access to Mobile Coupon campaign reports Mobile Coupon Process
  14. 14. Mobile Feedback Management System™ - sample view Instant Results, Automated Analytics •Multiple Graph/Chart Views •Trigger-based Mobile Marketing functionality •Drill down to Survey locations, Date Periods
  15. 15. Mobile Feedback Management System™ - sample view Customizable Surveys & Questionnaires •Select from multiple Question types •Configure Weight & Impact of Surveys & Individual Questions •Customize automatic SMS Text delivery to Survey Respondents
  16. 16. Further Information Contact us today for a personal consultation or Demo. Jump In! Call 888.632.1049 Nation-wide Availability, USA & Canada Join the Rewarding, Exciting world of Mobile Feedback & Mobile Marketing and concentrate on •Performance-based Pricing your core business – no Hardware, Infrastructure or Costly Telecommunications Management required. Instant Results •No Annual Contract Requirement Powerful Automated Analytics Built-in Mobile Marketing Functionality •Be Up and Running within 24 hours Build your Brand, Encourage Repeat Business and Drive Sales