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Cisco Shares Making the Case for B2B Social Media

Cisco Shares Making the Case for B2B Social Media



Presentation by Charlie Treadwell and Chris Johnson at the Arizona Tech Council for Making the Case for B2B Social Media.

Presentation by Charlie Treadwell and Chris Johnson at the Arizona Tech Council for Making the Case for B2B Social Media.



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  • Social Media is not a fadCommunication has evolved from one to one, to one to many, to many to many
  • 65% of adults worldwide …http://thesocialskinny.com/99-new-social-media-stats-for-2012/56% of Americans …., 55% of Americans 45 – 54 …. & 80% of Americans 18 - 24:http://www.convinceandconvert.com/the-social-habit/11-shocking-new-social-media-statistics-in-america/
  • 90% of B2B…/60% of B2B…/53% of B2B… Penton: http://forms.pentonmarketingservices.com/forms/B2Bmarketinginsights73% of all B2B leads… Marketing Sherpa: http://sherpablog.marketingsherpa.com/email-marketing/b2b-lead-nurturing-importance/
  • 67% more leads a month are created… Social Media B2B: http://socialmediab2b.com/2012/03/b2b-social-media-leads-infographic17% of total leads are created… Marketing Profs: http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2012/7501/top-b2b-firms-gaining-230-more-leads-via-social-media-than-peers33% of global B2B buyers… Social Media B2B: http://socialmediab2b.com/2012/03/b2b-social-media-leads-infographic
  • Aberdeen – “B2B Social Media Marketing: Are we there yet?” http://www.aberdeen.com/Aberdeen-Library/7635/RA-social-media-marketing.aspx - 3/1/2012
  • Our response: We are simplifying and unifying customers experience with brand, deep understanding and alignment with where they are in their journey, tailoring the engagement to help them accomplish their goals and have appropriate messaging for them where they areBenefits to Cisco – Drive consistency with field and country levelCrossing disciplines to improve customer brand experience, align to customer journey, and target content
  • FY12 final snapshot
  • GovernanceIWE page: http://iwe.cisco.com/html/index.html#url=/web/socialmedia/governance - please read this page, it will tell you who needs to know our policy, the fact it now must be accepted each year (this is new! So not only has this been integrated into COBC which also must be accepted each year, but now the social policy must be accepted each year as well as a standalone item). We are now able to track who has accepted (i.e., electronically signed) the social policy – I used myself as an example to illustrate what it looks like. Please use the attached screen shot and do not alter it. As you can see, parts of the description have been whited out.
  • Recruiting those whose main job is not social media can help scale your social efforts as well as give these people an opportunity to learn. Cisco has an internal program, Social Ambassadors, that identifies, recruits, activates and recognizes those people who have successfully integrated social media into their day job – even though their day job is not social media. These people are engineers, solution marketing managers, sales people, etc. Here is an example of how these people can help drive business results for your company. LinkedIn Example:Negative comment about Cisco in influential LinkedIn group goes unnoticed for 3 monthsSME, Greg Smith, enabled and activated Within 24 hours the issue was addressed due to SME monitoring, and internal escalation chain between SME, Social Ambassador Program Office & Listening team and SMB representatives
  • Gain insights that can impact your business and help shape your social strategyUncover potential threats, legal issues, negative conversations or press
  • We recognize that we must actively listento the discussions and opinions of our customers and competitors.We want to know what they say about Cisco, our competitors and the industry.With what we learn, we can then engagein meaningful conversations with them to inform and strengthen our relationships with them.
  • Was able to turn a negative post around into positive…
  • Talk here about sales opportunities as well…
  • At Cisco, we believe that a strong social media strategy starts with listening, but when a brand receives over 1.9 million mentions per year, how do we filter through the noise, identify the relevant conversations, and route them to the appropriate teams in a large organization like Cisco?We believe Listening must start with ABCs and 123s. ABCs are action-based conversations, and 1-2-3’s help us prioritize and escalate them.
  • The 7 types of ABCs and which teams we route them to.
  • Prioritization and SLAs (how quickly these need to be handled)
  • The 3 stories hear are real posts captured from WebEx customers by our ABC Agent, simple tags are applied as they are located, ABC type, product or group, and priority. These are automatically pushed into our social automation engine (Social Hub) which uses 1000s of different combinations or conditions to trigger various rules and actions. These are then routed to appropriate teams, i.e. support, PR, marketing, legal, sales, etc. The product or group tag enables it to be routed to the appropriate team, and priority helps recommend a time-frame of response, or helps trigger escalations when necessary (i.e. legal, P1, alerts legal and PR teams immediately). The social hub is a large library of real-time if-then statements that listen for various conditions and creates many actions, including assigning to teams. In this example, the angry post about webex, was routed to webex PR, who responded and ultimately delighted the customer who then reposted a “buzz” or praise of Cisco. This post was then tagged as buzz, webex, p3. Buzz posts are used to highlight positive customer or advocate comments on our Cisco.com product pages.
  • We need a complex ecosystem of people, teams and existing organizations like sales, and support to enable this ABC program at scale. We are not reinventing support, or TAC, we are integrating and extending across all social channels to ensure no customer voice goes unheard, but is also routed to the right team best suited to respond or use the information provide (i.e. product feedback or enhancement requests go to the product development team).
  • 1. Integration (CDC & social examples)2. Content (brand infographic examples)3. Conversations (Twitter example)4. Engagement triggers (Social Rewards, Collab example with “next steps” rolling thunder)
  • We built a story-telling infographic to support Dave Evans (Cisco Chief Futurist) talk at Cisco Live (annual event) in June. The piece ultimately went viral and drove significant Cisco-centric conversation. It was part of a larger campaign to increase Cisco buzz and brand sentiment. The 90-day campaign experienced 30% increase in quantity of conversation and 7% increase in sentiment.There were 3 key factors that drove the success of this particular piece:1)    The data mining we did with Dave ahead of the event yielded a great social infographic.2)    The timing of the release on AllThingsD to align with Dave Evans talk at CiscoLive.3)    And we quickly localized the piece, and syndicated to a global audience. Where we experienced over a million views within Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter).
  • Join badge programComplete profileCommentShare posts/accomplishmentsVisit oftenWatch videoRefer others to the site
  • Cisco Collaboration Virtual Launch Experience (www.cisco.com/go/virtualexperience … live until approx March 2012)For 3 years Cisco Collaboration Marketing has hosted their annual global launch on the Cisco Collaboration Community (www.cisco.com/go/joinconversation) in the publicly-accessible Cisco Collaboration Virtual Launch Experience (VLE). The strategy for the annual VLE evolves according to the strategy of the global launch. The Collaboration announcement strategy for 2011 included a “rolling thunder” series of 5 announcements held October – December 2011 and only 1 of those announcements was made at a physical event (the Collaboration Summit 2011 in Miami, which was an invitation-only event for select analysts, partners, and consultants). The VLE strategy adapted to this approach with a cadence of live online events designed to drive conversations within the community-based virtual experience and continuously lead visitors along a customer journey of learning and engagement within each announcement from overview to deep understanding and then linking one announcement to another. Objectives: Generate awareness, thought leadership and buzz throughout Oct – Dec 2011 announcements Update customers and prospects worldwide on what’s new Humanize Cisco and build trusted relationships through engagementLead audiences to ‘next steps’Approach:Each announcement had:Live Announcement Overview webcasts streamed within the virtual experience page for 3 of the announcements with product leaders concisely summarizing the announcement and how it fit into the larger strategy (averaged 20 min) with live Q&A taken through the community discussion forums. By taking Q&A through the community, the conversations lived on beyond the live event and guided conversations in the community to the level we wanted to encourage. A series of “countdown” video blogs were posted to the virtual experience in the weeks prior to the announcement live webcast. These were strategically designed to place Cisco as thought leaders and – depending on product being announcement -- to educate about Cisco in new markets, combat myths, convey Cisco strategy, inform on industry trends, etc. Faces of product experts were highlighted to put a human face on a big corporation and encourage posting and an army of experts were on call for timely response to discussions“See it in action” product demonstrations provided the majority tech audience with “meaty” details of what’s newFor each announcement, we provided concrete next steps including:attending follow-on live deep dive briefings for 3 of the announcementsLinks to cisco.com for more information, offers and follow-on industry events where Cisco had presenceRESULTS:59,891 unique visitors; 10,859 event registrations with 5,988 attendees; 93 discussions with 256 replies … AND GROWING At-a-Glance FactsSupported 5 announcement from Oct - Dec: Virtualization, TelePresence, Unified Communications for Midsize Business, WebEx/Jabber SDK and Hosted Collaboration Solution announcements 4 live Announcement Overview webcasts (ratings as high as 4.2)1 keynote streamed live from Collaboration Summit 2012 in Miami (rated as 4.5)25 video blogs on blogs.cisco.com/collaboration and community (duplicate posted to more broadly amplify to different audiences)3 live 90-min deep dive briefings (ratings as high as 4.5)Best Practices:Provide content and events geared toward the type of conversation you want to have with your audience to engage audiences at the level you want Use the community discussion forums for Q&A during the live events allowing a much larger number to see the conversations and enabling many others to add to the conversations post the live eventUnfiltered discussion forums put a face on big company Cisco and make us more approachable and openEnsure your community strategy is complimentary to cisco.com and not duplicative … here we entirely focused on communicating and educating on what’s new for each announcement and drove back to cisco.com for “baseline” solution and product information Develop a comprehensive promotion plan including tight integration with cisco.com and social media channels to drive in maximum eye balls Create a well thought out customer journey driving traffic to the virtual experience, engagement and path within the virtual experience, and next steps beyond the virtual experienceSide note … I believe we are first in Cisco to: - Embed the SMS registration process into a community page at Cisco, allowing for a better user experience while leveraging Cisco standard registration system that flows into the CI database
  • Objective: use the viral impact of a Cisco YouTube video to initiate 2-way engagements with potential customers in a unique way and thereafter drive purchase for the ASR 9000Video is highly effective asset in breaking away from traditional marketing processes to increase 2-way dynamic between Cisco and customersHere, social media was used to drive sales metric vs. just being an awareness platformChallenges, games, and contests are innovative and fun ways to engage customersAwards:Winner Best Use of Viral Video  – B2B Magazine, 2011Winner People's Choice Award – B2B Magazine, 2011Process: offer users a live demo to experience the functionality of the ASR 9000 themselves by creating a teaser video that would drive users to arrange for an interactive demo experience with the Cisco account teamTeaser video was used as a marketing effort that challenged users to use a remote controlled arm (“Robot Arm”) to pull out the route switch processor card from the ASR 9000 and try to disrupt the streaming video Interested users sent to website to sign up and then be contacted by Cisco team member who gave users the demo (designed so that ASR 9000 would always beat the “Robot Arm” being controlled by the users) Result: this demo served as a catalyst to begin in-depth technical conversations that eventually influenced over $80M in ASR 9000 sales (as of July 2011)Video wasn’t viral in terms of getting many views, but it had “viral impact” by hitting specific target audience of SPs to increase purchasesVideo won “Best Use of Viral Video” and “People’s Choice Award” in B2B MagazineResources:“Cisco ASR 9000 Test Drive (Robot Arm) Deep Dive” PPT: http://iwe.cisco.com/c/document_library/get_file?p_l_id=44603863&groupId=44603854&folderId=49702713&name=DLFE-84118439.pptx“Cisco ASR 9000 ‘Robot Arm’ Test Drive and iPv6” PPT: http://iwe.cisco.com/c/document_library/get_file?p_l_id=44603863&groupId=44603854&folderId=49702713&name=DLFE-72818444.pptx“Mini Case on Lead and Revenue Generation in Social Media” PPT: http://iwe.cisco.com/c/document_library/get_file?p_l_id=44603863&groupId=44603854&folderId=121107003&name=DLFE-82318404.pptx“Cisco ASR 9000 ‘Robot Arm’ and iPv6” presentation WebEx Replay Link: https://cisco.webex.com/ciscosales/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=52304797&rKey=d71c694354515eb7 (56min) “Cisco ASR 9000” blog post: http://blogs.cisco.com/tag/asr-9000/page/4/“Cisco Viral Video Campaign Drums Up $80M in Sales Opportunities” blog post: http://blogs.cisco.com/socialmedia/cisco-viral-video-campaign-drums-up-80m-in-sales-opportunities/

Cisco Shares Making the Case for B2B Social Media Cisco Shares Making the Case for B2B Social Media Presentation Transcript