Elcm 390 orientation


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Elcm 390 orientation

  1. 1. Avionics Systems Lab
  2. 2. Welcome to ELCM 390!To orientate ourselves we will be discussing the following: How the lab runs/operates How you will be graded D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM 390 Due dates/submissions etc. Lab/Shop Rules
  3. 3. How the Lab OperatesThere are a total of 13 lab exercises that you will complete in this course.
  4. 4. How the Lab Operates 8 lab exercises will be completed upstairs in the Avionics Lab FA 215 - working in groups of two. These labs are denoted with the letter “A” on the schedule. (A1, A2, A3 etc)
  5. 5. How the Lab Operates 5 lab exercises will be completed downstairs in the hangar – working in groups of three; starting Friday of week 9 (March 15) These labs are denoted with the letter “B” on the schedule. (B1, B2, B3 etc)
  6. 6. How the Lab Operates Students rotate through the various exercises on a per week basis. So each lab, A1, B4, etc will constitute one week (6 hours) (2 classes) of time within the course.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Orientation A1 A1 B2 B2 B4
  7. 7. How the Lab Operates Each crew, consisting of two students, will be assigned a specific lab for the week, posted on the course schedule.
  8. 8. How the Lab Operates Breaks are generally taken as a 20 minute break halfway through the class. A class running from 12 noon to 2:50 pm would have a 20 minute break starting at 1:15 and going until 1:35. Often it is not feasible in the hangar to leave the airplanes. If this is the case the class will be shortened by the appropriate amount of time to compensate for lost breaks.
  9. 9. How You will be GradedAccording to the course outline, the final grade for the course is determined as follows; Lab / Lab Work 50% Final Exam 25% Assignment(s) 15% Instructor Evaluation 10%Total: 100%
  10. 10. How You will be GradedLab / Lab Work 50%Completion of the lab;You were present and able to complete the entire lab.The post lab assignment;Students will be asked to submit a report consisting of results from the lab exercise, post lab questions, and other relevant information.Practical Evaluations;Labs completed in the avionics lab upstairs have a practical component where you will be asked to show the instructor a specific test the unit studied in the lab.
  11. 11. How You will be GradedFinal Exam 25%The last day of class you will write a final exam based on the activities you have completed within the course.
  12. 12. How You will be GradedAssignment(s) 15%The grade for assignments consists of the Pre Lab Quizzes that are required to be done before starting any lab.The Pre Lab Quiz is due at midnight every Tuesday.
  13. 13. How You will be GradedInstructor Evaluation 10%The grade for instructor evaluation is based on your work ethic in the class.This includes punctuality, attendance, willingness to help, doing your own work, tools, and coveralls.
  14. 14. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390Most course components have been loaded to a Desire to Learn Course shell for students to access on the internet.Components consists of: Introduction to Lab Pre Lab Quiz Post Lab Assignment PDF files of lab exercises and supporting documents
  15. 15. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390Lab introductionsgive some general instructions about the lab so you know what part should be done first and any details that might be different from other lab exercises.Eg. The Collins 51RV-1/RMI lab is completed in two 3 hour sessions. The first session will be spent completing the 51 RV-1 lab and in the second session you will complete the RMI lab. There are two practical evaluations (one on each unit) that are required for this lab.
  16. 16. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390Pre Lab Assignments or QuizzesAll Pre Lab Assignments or Quizzes are accessed and completed within D2L.The student is asked various type questions about the equipment being tested in that weeks lab exercise.Reference materials may be provided by the instructor or notes from pre-requisite courses may be need to be reviewed.
  17. 17. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390Post Lab AssignmentsThe post lab assignment consists of a report containing your measured results, answers to post lab questions and any other relevant information that should be handed in.The post lab will be typed and electronically uploaded to the assignment page within D2L.For information that is difficult to upload, drawings etc, you may comment with your uploaded file that this portion will be submitted in person first thing the following morning.
  18. 18. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390PDF files of lab exercises and supporting documentsD2L also contains pdf files of the lab exercises that have been handed out to students. If you lose your information you may open it in D2L and print another copy. There are also some required manuals and general lab information.
  19. 19. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390D2L also contains an orientation quiz that has been written based on the information given in this power point.
  20. 20. D2L – Desire to Learn and ELCM390In the D2L section titled:Welcome to ELCM 390 the student will find a copy of this power point, the course schedule, the orientation quiz and any other information to help with orientation to the class.
  21. 21. Due Dates/Submissions etcPre Lab Assignments or QuizzesAll Pre Lab Assignments or Quizzes must be completed on D2L and have a deadline of midnight on Tuesday, or the night before the start of a lab exercise.If you do not complete your pre lab on time you will be assessed a zero grade for that exercise and you will NOT be allowed into the lab until it is complete.If a pre lab is completed late, you will then be allowed into the lab, but the pre lab will still be graded at zero.
  22. 22. Due Dates/Submissions etcPost Lab AssignmentsPost labs are due at midnight every Tuesday. This means that for a lab exercise you finish on Wednesday, you will have until midnight the following Tuesday to complete the post lab assignment (there is always a weekend to do the work).Late assignments are assessed at a maximum possible grade of 70% until the Friday class following the Tuesday deadline. After this time a zero grade will be assessed and the assignment will not be accepted.In the event of an extenuating circumstance, the instructor should be notified by email as soon as possible and arrangements may be made.
  23. 23. Due Dates/Submissions etcA grade of zero will be assessed in any instance where a student submits work that is not their own.Because you complete the lab work together in the lab does NOT constitute permission to hand in the same work. Each student is responsible for typing out and reporting their own results, answers to questions, and other materials
  24. 24. Lab/Shop Rules •No backpacks allowed on the floor of the lab. This is a safety hazard and student will be asked to remove. •Shops/hangar will be left in a clean and orderly manner after each class. •No inappropriate behaviour will be tolerated. •Lab and aircraft manuals are to be kept in good condition. •Both students must complete the lab. You may NOT use someone else’s results if you are not there.
  25. 25. Lab/Shop Rules •LAB •Before applying power to a UUT (Unit Under Test, ensure proper voltage levels. •Never transmit into frequency counters, scopes etc. Ensure before transmitting anything that no harm will come to equipment. •Do not leave equipment unattended with power on. •Please properly replace equipment in assigned storage area. •Close cupboard doors. •Do not “Hot Rack” equipment on the airplane.
  26. 26. Lab/Shop Rules •HANGAR •Do NOT apply power to any aircraft without instructor approval. •Tools must be brought by everyone in the hangar unless one crew member is willing to share. No screwdrivers will be borrowed from stores. •Treat others in the hangar with respect and allow access to aircraft when required. •If there is any issue with the use of aircraft due to other classes please inform your instructor. •Do not leave power on an aircraft unattended. •Coveralls must be worn in the hangar.
  27. 27. A couple of notes about theAvionics Lab FA 215 Materials required to complete pre labs for the upstairs lab must be signed out from the lab every Monday and returned two weeks later when the post lab is complete. iPods are issued to every student for the duration of the semester in exchange for a tool tag. If you would like videos accessed on your own device, I have DVDs with the files that you can borrow to download the videos.