Short Sale Agent Referral Program Presentation


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The presentation explains how 1st Choice Loss Mit can work with Realtors on Short Sale listings.

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Short Sale Agent Referral Program Presentation

  1. 1. “The most comprehensive short sale management solution on earth” Bringing your agents Solutions for their Short Sale Challenges 1st Choice Loss Mitigation Office: 336-880-3028 Fax: 888-563-1955
  2. 2. Brokers, Managers, Team Leaders Our Market has Changed 1 in 4 listed homes are a Short Sale 1 in 5 people NEED TO LIST as a Short Sale Foreclosure Rates are hitting Historic Highs The Credit Crisis is affecting our Buyers Agents everywhere are leaving the business
  3. 3. Wall Street Journal “Soon 20% of all real estate closings will involve short sales.”
  4. 4. Brokers, Managers, Team Leaders The UGLY TRUTH about short sales Nationally: 2 of 10 close Time-Consuming Frustrating Require Additional Tools & Resources Too many negotiation pitfalls Lenders STEAL Commission
  5. 5. Brokers, Managers, Team Leaders We have SOLUTIONS for those challenges. Those solutions will mean: MORE Commission MORE Listings MORE Short Sales closed The resources to simplify and adapt to the market
  6. 6. NAR supports Short-Sales November 9, 2008 “Homeowners who are struggling to make their mortgage payments must have more options available to them to avoid foreclosure. Short sales can benefit not only the homeowner in question, but also buyers, lenders and the surrounding community. With their established lender relationships and insights into complicated real estate transactions, Realtors® can add real value for both sellers and buyers interested in short-sales.” - National Association of Realtors® President Richard Gaylord
  7. 7. NAR supports Short-Sales November 9, 2008 “Short Sales give many families in financial difficulties the possibility of salvaging their credit and avoiding the embarrassment of a foreclosure. Realtors® across the country stand ready to help, and NAR will work hard to ensure that short sales are a viable alternative to foreclosures whenever possible.” - National Association of Realtors® President Richard Gaylord
  8. 8. Opportunity for Listings Homeowners are in distress. Who do they look to first? A REALTOR®
  9. 9. Take Control of Your Market The Time Is NOW to make short sales profitable for your team. By working together, you will offer your clients service the competition cannot match We want this new Listing Market to be YOURS for the taking.
  10. 10. Simplifying the Short Sale Process What we will DO FOR YOUR AGENTS?  Provide Lender Specific Requirements  Create Short-Sale Packages for you  Handle ALL Lien Holder NEGOTIATIONS  Assist with Buyer Expectations – Unique to each deal  HUD-1 Settlement statements  Referrals, Selling Strategies, investor network …..SAVE TIME AND FRUSTRATION Have MORE Closings
  11. 11. We Will Support Your Agents We are dedicated to finding ways to help agents with the short sale process. Why? Because the extra work that comes with short sales keeps them from doing what they do best. LIST and SELL Property
  12. 12. What do we do BEST? We Negotiate Debt  Local Team  Experts in our Market  Hundreds of Short-Sales Accepted  Of files accepted, a 90% completion rate  Investor & Retail Selling Strategies
  13. 13. How Do We Get Paid  By the Bank at closing  By Buyer or Seller if fitting the transaction  By Referrals Any referral fees are negotiated at the start of file submission.
  14. 14. No Guarantees As with any real estate transaction, there are No Guarantees. • Stopping Foreclosure • Lien Holder Cooperation • Seller & Buyer Cooperation
  15. 15. OUR PROMISE TO YOU  We only get paid if we do our job!  We will give each file our upmost attention.  We only operate by full disclosure.  We operate by only the most ethical, moral and legal standards.  We will treat your clients with integrity.
  16. 16. ManageMyShortSale “The most comprehensive and time-saving solution for short-sale management.”
  17. 17. ManageMyShortSale  24/7 On-Line Access to Properties/Files  Protected On-Line Accounts  Real-Time Updates sent to your email and all other parties principal to the transaction.
  18. 18. ManageMyShortSale  You will know what we are doing in the office without even having to call  Better yet, your clients will too!
  19. 19. Additional SUPPORT Lead Generation is the KEY for every agent • Listing Presentation Tools • Farming Techniques and Tips • Plug-n-Play marketing Materials • The Competitive Edge gained from working with a “Team of Experts”
  20. 20. Our Short Sale Community • Plugged-In to the latest industry changes • A Nation-Wide Network • Cutting-Edge transaction management • Real-Time Lender updates • Always Ahead of Short Sale trends • Industry Leader Guidance
  21. 21. LET’S GET STARTED The TIME IS NOW to find solutions that will EARN you and your agents MORE. Call our office today and let’s talk. Office: 336-880-3028 All questions are welcomed!
  22. 22. “The most comprehensive short sale management solution on earth” Bringing your agents Solutions for their Short Sale Challenges 1st Choice Loss Mitigation Office: 336-880-3028 Fax: 888-563-1955