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The Making Of An Inspiring Brand


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Lessons from our research project on what makes a brand inspiring. Over 1700 respondents provided input making for a very relevant and robust report. First published in Forbes on May 27, 2010.

Lessons from our research project on what makes a brand inspiring. Over 1700 respondents provided input making for a very relevant and robust report. First published in Forbes on May 27, 2010.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Make your company care again.
    • 2. 50% of the brands recognized by consumers as inspiring outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 45%.
    • 3. What does it mean to be an inspiring company? • Inspiration Blvd., conducted a year long survey to better understand - what the value is for being an inspiring company - what the best practices are for an inspiring company • The ndings were rst published in Forbes on 5/27/2010
    • 4. Most Inspiring Companies Findings • 1700 consumers were asked to name the Most Inspiring Companies in America and what made them so • Over 1,030 explained in detail totaling over 10,000 words • The most common thread for these Most Inspiring Companies was alignment between the principles of inspiration and their business goals
    • 5. One or more of these seven principles of inspiration was identi ed. • Authenticity • Affirmation • Potential/Vision • Story • Markers • Credibility • Servant Leadership
    • 6. Value Pro t Chain • Inspirational Principles serve to align customer engagement, employee attitude, and brand. Progress Affirmation Customer Sentiment Story Credibility Employee Attitude Inspirational Brand Vision Platform Serving Authenticity
    • 7. When there is not alignment • Lack of Authenticity = duplicity • Lack of Affirmation = criticism and cynicism • Lack of Vision = impulsivity • Lack of Story = limited to organic growth • Lack of Progress = paranoia and fear • Lack of Credibility = no loyalty • Lack of Servant leadership = low engagement
    • 8. • A company can choose to be inspiring by aligning it’s business goals with the principles of inspiration to - make the world a better place - intrinsically motive employees and customers to want to participate
    • 9. About Inspiration Blvd. We create alignment between the principles of inspiration and the business goals of any organization.
    • 10. What we provide Creative tactics and What production of marketing assets. Creative Strategies to How carry message Inspirational Why Alignment to business goals
    • 11. Methodology • Discover the inspirational aspects of the brand. • Align the business goals of the organization with the seven principles of inspiration. • Create a platform of inspiration - Campaign to carry message - Assimilate inspirational promise into the life and work of employees - Deploy external campaign for customer/donor engagement
    • 12. Some Examples
    • 13. Four Categories of Most Inspiring Companies Dreamers Do-gooders Aspirational and tap into the dreams of others. Make the world a better place. Heroes Made difficult decisions based on values. Lovers Deep affection for their employees who in turn love their customers.
    • 14. Do-gooder 5% of pre-tax profits donated to communities.
    • 15. Dreamer Taps into the aspirations of its employees through brand clinics.
    • 16. Lover Employees sense a genuine commitment from corp. leadership.
    • 17. Hero Stood by their conviction.
    • 18. We had the data, so we did something with it.
    • 19. Inspiration Index • The ndings in the Most Inspiring Companies survey called us to build an Inspiration Index • Quantitative and qualitative data is gathered from employees, customers, and key stakeholders • Inspiration gaps between all three points (key stakeholders, customers, and employees) are established
    • 20. Creative Strategy Services • Mediated brainstorms led by our creative team to create communications tactics. • These may include: - Initiative brand positioning and tone - Online and Offline campaign strategies - Roadmap for recommendations
    • 21. Creative Production Services • Identity and Logo Design • Online design and Development • Mobile Design and Development • Social Design and Execution • Print Design
    • 22. Other supporting services • Onboarding strategies for engaging new associates into seven principles of inspiration as they relate to Abbott’s inspirational brand platform • Interactive strategies to reinforce brand assimilation, i.e., team competition • Real time and virtual brand-engagement events • Activity guide for team leaders to use to help make engagement interactive and fun
    • 23. Potential Outcome • Listed in Forbes as a Most Inspiring Company in 2011 when scores are achieved • A promise to increase employee engagement and an attributable incremental growth of top line revenue
    • 24. Time line for methodology • Deploy surveys to associates and customers (weeks 1-6) • Conduct in-depth interviews with key leadership and equity interests (weeks 1-6) • Identify the inspiration-gap and index accordingly (weeks 7-9) • Create inspirational brand platform (weeks 10-12) • Brand assimilation strategies deployed weeks 13- 52
    • 25. Let’s inspire your company.
    • 26. Appendix
    • 27. Strategic Rationale • 50% of the brands recognized by consumers as inspiring outperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 45% • Earnings per share of companies with high employee trust out performed low trust companies by 186% ( • 3 out of 5 employees don’t trust their manager out of 13,000 surveyed
    • 28. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Authenticity - con dent and comfortable with who you are. - Transparent - Genuine - Consistent
    • 29. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Affirmation - a willingness to overtly express and receive appreciation for speci c character traits.
    • 30. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Vision - the tension between what is and what is possible that can ignite a sustainable passion for all constituent groups.
    • 31. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Story - the use of metaphor, allegory, symbols, and drama to communicate and perpetuate the signi cance of our work.
    • 32. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Progress - the sequential steps in the pathway of growth that serve as milestones and guardrails as we head towards a certain destination.
    • 33. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Credibility - a willingness to put a stake in the ground, some value, that you are willing to never compromise no matter the price.
    • 34. Seven Principles of Inspiration • Servant leadership - having a willingness to include others into the process of decision making and ultimately provide what’s in the best interest of the other person.