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How to hack someones facebook account

How to hack someones facebook account






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    How to hack someones facebook account How to hack someones facebook account Document Transcript

    • How to hack someones facebook accountFacebooks handy Forgot Password page can be used to check if an email address is usedto log into Facebook. Facebook will soon tell you if there is an account associated with it ornot. If it send the password reset email then you know its a Facebook account. Many peoplehave now heard of phishing but at the same time dont realise how easy it is to be fooled.They will send an email to your main email address and make it seem it is off Facebook. Ifthey register a new domain under the name help-desk.com they can set up whats called asubdomain called for example “facebook”. Using this as a mail server you would see anemail coming from noreply@facebook.help-desk.com and in it ask you to update your profiledetails by logging into your Facebook account. This is an old trick and while it might besecond nature to some never to click any links in an email like this instead to go to thewebsite and log in as usual. Sadly however if you already know this then you seem to be inthe minority as this still remains the most common place way that people lose their accounts.Of course clicking this fake link in an email would take you to a clone of the usual loginscreen but instead set up just to capture your password as you log in.The other threat to your Facebook account comes from a family member or spouse using thesame computer as you. There may be suspicion in a relationship with one partner havingreason not to trust what the other it up to. Facebook has caused problems between manycouples so this is more common than you may think. This differs from a phishing attack asthe attacker quite often will have direct physical access to the victims computer so can runmany tools to help them gain access. This is not just limited to your own computer of courseany computer be it school or a cafe is at risk. So if this is a concern for you you will alreadybe logging out of you account when you leave the computer anyway but what other tracesmay be left behind? You would be surprised to see how many passwords are actually storedby a Windows machine without the users say so.Programs such a cain and abel are able to access these protected passwords and displaythem in plain text which is of course true for any password stored on the computer. Somemore specialised apps use more complicated methods to gain log in details. Faceborker isone such application that claims to be able to do this for Facebook and the various videos onYouTube would appear to back this up. Just add special characters such as the underscoreto your password to prevent an attack from these tools. This is where the attacker wouldhave to rely on the built in key-logger mode. Key-loggers represent a real danger to securityas they are able to run in the background silently recording every keystroke the victim makeswhich eventually will of course throw up their password.