NYC MTA Subway & Bus - Digital Marketing Plan


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This is a digital marketing plan for New York City's MTA Subway and Buses I developed with a group in my NYU Integrated Marketing program.

Check out Elisa Tsang's profile at ( She was a member in the group.

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NYC MTA Subway & Bus - Digital Marketing Plan

  1. 1. NYC MTA Digital Marketing Campaign Travis Leone! Xiaofei Li! Elisa Tsang! Yishan Zhang! Meng Zhao 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 7 A C E B D F V G L S Q R N J Z
  3. 3. AGENDA The Problem Situational Analysis Brand Analysis Objectives Marketplace Trends Competition Digital Strategy
  4. 4. Why are we here? Consumers’ View Trains overcrowded during rush hours! ! Late arrival – longer wait time! ! No official mobile app with real-time ETA or alerts! ! MTA asks for money to renovate while constantly increases fare! ! L 4 5 N Q R 6
  5. 5. Why are we here? MTA’s View MTA measures subway lines based on ! • On time performance! • Wait assessment – percentage of trains that arrive at stations within 25% of the scheduled wait time! ! Satisfaction Survey ! • 71% overall satisfactory rate! • Leading questions with biased scale ! • Scale from 1 to 10 with 6+ being ! satisfied! 1 2 3
  6. 6. Numbers Are Interesting Average Ridership Subway: 5.38MM Riders per weekday Average Ridership Bus: 2.17MM Riders per weekday 2013 Annual Operating Budget: $9.9 Billion Projected 2019 MetroCard Monthly Pass Cost: $143 B D F N Q R M
  7. 7. J MTA Digital Presence Digital Tool Website Visitors / Fans Current Purpose • Hold all information about MTA as Z Engagement MTA Page: 20,790 Likes 105,725 Followers • No current active engagement • A tool only to provide information • Page for each service: MTA, NYC N/A an agency including services, timetables, press releases, news, etc. • Only original posts, no comments Transit, Arts for Transit, MTA Museum on comments • Posts on alerts of service and news • Complaints from riders • Speaks to active service to making services better depending on situation • Feed on service changes for each service: @NYCTSubwayScoop and • Only Retweets on weather news @NYCTBusStop and @MetroCardCity and none with other Tweeters (promotions) Videos of board meetings and 4,142 Subscribers • marathon footage 1 Contact • No engagement • No push for views on YouTube • Showcases photos of NYC subway • No engagement around the city, construction, and • No clear purpose of this medium board meetings
  8. 8. J Brand Architecture G PURPOSE! ! Provide the best connections to ! enable people to be where they need to be! BRAND VISION! ! ! e ag F! n OO tio PR rta a! po ric ns e tra Am lic rth ub No yi nc n pe rie BELIEF! Reliable transportation ! help people achieve their internal and external ! goals! O! EM VALUES! COMMITTED, INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBLE, SAFE & SECURE, CONNECTED! TD GE RS PE d an ed to ac ces -p r st ou le! fa s a re sty ng ed ife vi ne is l li is we h th t T! YC but wi H N , G p in life p u SI g e e N I n vi iv ke Li act New Yorkers, Tourists, ! Daily commuters, Weekend ! travelers, drivers! ! R TA pe e, bl za ni l ! og pfu ec el ! ,R ,H TY ed ble LI nc a nd NA O De TE S! tp Ex AT TR IB U es ! 24/7 transportation! to get anywhere in NYC. Variety of ways to get to places. Reliable.! rg u by yo e ! als ! ac ty o o pl Ci al g to g E y k EN an Yor son ed B to er ne el ew g p ou av N in y Tr e in iev re e l: h The only available ! na to b Ac wh tio l: ou and cheap transportation ! ! unc na y to provide access to ! io ing F ot tt all points in NY! e Em g DISCRIMINATOR! S! IT F Reliable transportation for on-the-go people! La ne ed ! Build and enhance the best travel community! BRAND ESSENCE! Z
  9. 9. Objectives Primary 1 2 Change and increase the perceived value of MTA Improve the riding experience through digital tools Secondary 3 Understand the mindset of riders 4 Build a stronger relationship with riders
  10. 10. Trends in Market - Global Paris & London • 2D bar codes at station • Obtain real-time information about the next bus or tram arrival • Twitter handles for its tube lines • Push timely information to passengers about service Singapore and Seoul • Using travel data to optimize capacity Shanghai Metro • Virtual supermarkets in 70 of its metro stations • LED screens advertise products • Purchased electronically • Delivered within 48 hours Austin and Salt Lake City, Isis app • Mobile wallet launched by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile Korea, T-Money Card • Digitally refill card B D F M
  11. 11. Trends in Market - Travel Travel not Transportation Focus on Destination Mobile • Booking • Boarding passes • Games TV Loyalty Programs 4 5 6 S 6
  12. 12. B Competition Brand Positioning Audience Location Advantages Disadvantages Digital Presence • • wheels when you want them • • • college students married w kids middle class urban - suburban DIYers • • International • • No cost of owning car Gas included Pay by hour • • • • Penalty charges Accidents Costs add up • • • • • A simple, easy way to get the most out of NYC Seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through our apps • • • • • • • • • • singles - married middle class urban commuter cost conscious single - married w/o kids middle class urban - suburban affluent socialites • • NYC • • • Convenience Inexpensive Exercise Green • • Dangerous commute Availability • • • • • • • International • • Convenience Simplicity Appearance • • Expensive D • • • App! Blog (UK) Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ YoutTube App! Blog Facebook Twitter App! Blog Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
  13. 13. Why Digital? Commuters = Wireless/Mobile Value perception links to relationship Travel industry building brands through digital Connection is Key 1 2 3 A C E
  14. 14. N MTA Riders Q R OUTSPOKEN RIDER! MUNDANE COMMUTER! THE TOURIST! “I’m always late when taking the bus or subway, and I hate it. I let others know it too.” “The easiest way to get to where I need to go is taking the MTA. It’s not the best, but I have to deal with it.” “New York City is amazing and nothing I’ve ever seen before. The subway and bus is definitely not what I expected.”
  15. 15. Digital Strategy Objectives
  16. 16. Digital Strategy Foursquare Personalized Transportation Twitter Entertainment Facebook Partnerships Objectives Central Hub Loyalty Program Transit Blogger Tracking Tools
  17. 17. Campaign Idea L 4 5 6 1 2 3 A C E J Z G NY’s best connection,! now better.
  18. 18. Connection Campaign L 4 5 6 1 2 3 A C E J Z G The MTA Connection Dating Series The Secret Connection Check-In Connect The Monopoly Pieces with McDonalds The Green Connection NY’s best connection, ! now better.
  19. 19. B Purpose Strategy The Main Hub for Information on MTA and Service Re-format Page for Cleaner, Simpler Aesthetics Give Riders What They Want:! • Clean, Easy Navigation! • Relevant Content Re-Organize, Consolidate Content F N Website D Q R M
  20. 20. 4 6 Blog Purpose Strategy Engage with Riders via Developing Content Based on Initiatives, News Create MTA Transit Blogger Utilizing Current, Known Blogger from NYC Offer a More Personal, Friendly Outlet of Content 5 S 6
  21. 21. L Social Outlet Purpose 5 1 Social Media 4 2 6 3 Strategy • Engage with consumers via sharing of • Combine pages of MTA subway and content, news, alert, lifestyle topics! buses! • Drive conversations amongst users to ! • Develop page for Arts and Music and gain higher engagement! events! • Listen to fans and understand mindset! • Create a Facebook app on maps for • Connect better with users and riders! both buses and subways, that provides • Contests and giveaways updates on services and delays • Central social hub for quick and timely alerts of subway and buses! • Provide travel tips and solutions! • Create conversations around NYC events and spread awareness of partnerships • Twitter handle just for travel tips and alerts (as is) Another handle for promotions and events (as is)! • Speak to tweeters and increase engagement! • Develop promoted tweets to download our new mobile app and any new promotions with our partners! • #MTAConnection • Increase awareness of station and bus • Input subway and bus stop as stop locations! searchable locations! • Understand travel by riders in a fun way • Create badges for station riders
  22. 22. L Z 1 Mobile App Map J 2 3 Home Account Travel Social Balance Directions Social Media Gift Maps Photos Destinations Geo-targeting Safety Powered by HopStop Games
  23. 23. 4 Partnerships NYC Coupons & Discounts Holiday promotions 6 J Promotions 5 Z G Loyalty Program Tier program based on Metrocard Offerings based on usage Tiers Tasks Offers Tier 1 Set up Account Limited WiFi Tier 2 Automatic credit card reload Personalized Card Tier 3 Purchase unlimited rides Unlimited WiFi Access
  24. 24. A Tracking C Social Media Listening Campaign Launch Measure 3 months Measure 6 months Measure Baseline Monitoring • Establish metric • Gather data regarding brand • Real-Time monitoring • 3 month reports 9 months Measure 1 year Analyze E
  25. 25. Thank You 1 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 7 A C E B D F M G L S Q R N J Z