Ms sillk island - little halong in Mekong delta


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With its wild beauty and charm, Ba Lua (Ms silk) island of Kien Giang is known as “little Halong Bay" in Mekong Delta – a beauty of Vietnam tourism.

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Ms sillk island - little halong in Mekong delta

  1. 1. Discovering Ms Silk island - “little Halong Bay” in Mekong Delta With its wild beauty and charm, Ba Lua (Ms silk) island of Kien Giang is known as “little Halong Bay" in Mekong Detal – a beauty of Vietnam tourism. The population consists of about 45 large and small islands offshore Kien Luong district, located 7km away form the cape of Hon Chong – Binh An on the west and 15 km from the confluence of Hon on the East. There are only ten archipelagos with living inhabitants amongst 40 islands of Ba Lua. The island was named by natives according to the shape, along with legends and anecdotes such as Hon Heo (Pig island), Hon De (Goat island, Hon Ngang (Horizon island) and Hon Duoc (Mangrove island) ... Sea around Ba Lua Archipelago is shallow with many low tides, thus we can go from island to island, the water level is not over the back. Ms. Silk Beach is covered by lots of small and big gravels in different shapes and colors. Marine life here is very various such as grouper,
  2. 2. cobia, trout ... On the island of “little Halong Bay”, there are a lot of rare medicinal plants. On the island of Nhum, there are many pythons, snakes and some birds live in forests and sea forming a biological diversity. "Lau Lau" is strange birds like nightingale, singing to the mountains when sun sets on the sea... If you want to explore the island in one or two days like Robinson on the unspoiled island, see our suggestions below: Travelling: If you want to visit Ms Silk island, you have go to the Hang Pagoda pier - Hon Phu Tu in Binh An commune (Kien Luong). From here, you can rent a boat to explore the sea – the wild island. Each island has about dozens of households. In particularly, there are some islands with only one family. Accommodation and Eating You can bring a tent, hammock and camp on the island because the island has a beautiful beach with spacious ideal and cool space... or stay in the local house. If camp on the beach,
  3. 3. besides preparing hammocks, tents, sleeping bags, you should bring flashlight, lighters, knives, mineral water, personal first aid box and noodle packs. The ship owners often have skillet, pot, rice and food and you can borrow. You can buy the fish of the ship owners and then fry on site and listen to the interesting stories of the sea. The fresh menu often consists of fresh anchovy salad, cobia soup, grilled squid, raw snails with lemon, oyster porridge... Sightseeing around the island In order to visit the islands in Ba Lua, explore the unspoiled island, experience the life of fishermen, you can contact the local fishermen to book a boat tour. It is difficult to visit all islands due to its numerous islands, so you should choose some beautiful islands. Ba Hon Dam - three lagoon islands ( including Dam Duong island, Mangrove island, Wells island) is most discovered by lots of people. The area owns beautiful beaches with many kinds of fresh seafood such as fishes, crabs, squids and snails…
  4. 4. Sunrise and sunset on Ba Lua archipelago are the most beautiful moments of nature. You will see the sunrise and sunset with beautiful clouds on the sky. Hundreds of fishing boats anchor in the bays of Island to hide the wind as well as float on the sea. If you're lucky, you can see dolphins racing, playing and tumbling around the ship on the journey on the sea. It is said that dolphins and sea puffers often appear in the Ms Silk sea, Hon Nghe and Phu Quoc. They seem friendly. Looking at the scenery on the “little Halong Bay”, you surely will wish to become the island owner with a simple, private and peaceful life but not being separated from the outside. -----------------------------------------Travel Vietnam-----------------------------------------1. Mr Manh – Travel Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia – Mobile : (084) 913 025 122 2. Web: 3. Facebook: 4. Twitter: 5. Pinterest: