Wellness Incentives & Rewards


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Worksite wellness incentive & reward program for corporates to improve productivity of its workforce .Reward employees for maintaining good health and keep them motivated .It also increases employee loyalty and fosters happiness within the company

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Wellness Incentives & Rewards

  1. 1. Worksite Wellness Incentives & Rewards Let’s make our work-place a healthy one.
  2. 2. A company with health and wellness programs has more motivated and committed workforce Why Work Wellness Incentives?Why Work Wellness Incentives? A healthy employee has better productivity Wellness program incentives attempt to build motivation by offering individuals external rewards for taking steps in the right direction for health and wellbeing “ ”
  3. 3. ComponentsComponents A web based, easy to use health evaluation tool to track and monitor key health parameters and reward positive health results Activities and events that help improve health A points based programs that tracks and rewards more than 20 parameters that help build better health A privilege card that gives benefits and offers at more than 1000 health and wellness related outlets Monthly newsletter One to one product/nutritional/exercise training A sweepstakes and end of the year award
  4. 4. How it helps?How it helps? Increase employee retention Real-time dashboard & anonymous analytics Boost morale & improve productivity “ ” Reduce health related costsReduce sick leave “ ”
  5. 5. How it works?How it works? Simple… RewardPort Creates a goal specific program Employees join the program Employees update daily , weekly or monthly their health parameters or take part in company sponsored wellness programs They get rewarded for positive changes
  6. 6. Health ParametersHealth Parameters Worksite Wellness Incentive Program Self Assessment External Assessment Health Assessment • Smoking • Staircase • Diet controls • Sleep • Cardio Vascular • Flexibility • Strength • Program Participation • BMI • Weight • Waist /Chest • Lipid Profile • Blood Pressure
  7. 7. Detailed ParametersDetailed Parameters
  8. 8. Personal Health DashboardPersonal Health Dashboard
  9. 9. Additional ProgramsAdditional Programs 1.Fitness Bootcamp – Twice a week 2.MoveMore - A challenge to help employees to be physically active (Duration : 5 Weeks) 3.Stress Buster – An activity that provides employees the opportunity to practice and adopt strategies to reduce and manage stress. (Duration : 4 weeks /Flexible ) 4.Smart Eat -Smart Fuel - Worksite wellness challenge to help employees eat smart (Duration - 10 weeks )
  10. 10. Additional ProgramsAdditional Programs 5. The Ten –Minute Challenge – An activity that encourages employees to practice health enhancing behaviours such as eating smart, moving more, quitting now and managing stress(Duration : 8 weeks) . 6.Weight Loss Program – A weight loss and maintenance support group which enables employees to encourage and hold one another accountable as each works toward attaining or maintaining a healthy weight (Duration : 12 weeks) 7.Stairwell Program -Stairwell initiatives encourage the use of the stairs as a simple method of adding exercise into your daily life
  11. 11. ChallengesChallenges The Biggest Loser Competition The Fitness Challenge
  12. 12. Indicative Material:Indicative Material: Stressless ChallengeStressless Challenge
  13. 13. Example Of Promotional Poster:Example Of Promotional Poster: Stressless ChallengeStressless Challenge
  14. 14. ComponentsComponents Each program comes with : Challenge Overview Promotional Posters Sign Up Sheets Participant Instructions Activity Log Participation Certificates Newsletter Evaluation
  15. 15. Panel Of ExpertsPanel Of Experts Fitness Diet Wellbeing
  16. 16. Thank youThank you
  17. 17. When your organisation is looking for someone to help you develop a loyalty program for your customers or an incentive plan for your employees or channel partners, RewardPort is your best destination. We’ll help you ideate, advice you on structure, develop and run the program for you. You sit back, analyze the outcome, strategize, and you’ll have the time to up the quality of your product. It could be a short one-off or three month Sales Promotion exercise or even a whole year’s Rewards & Recognition affair, we’re bound to have something that will dove tail your needs. In fact we’ve developed a number of tools and products, supported by a battery of services offerings to cater all your needs. www.rewardport.in Mumbai | New Delhi | Bengaluru | Dubai Call +919322162231 316 Woodrow Building, Veera Desai Road , Andheri (W), Mumbai400053