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Indias largest R&R ,Loyalty and Incentive managment company .Running 300 plus succesful programs for customer acquistion ,retention and promotions ,employee incentives ,dealer rewards and gifting in India and UAE

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RewardPort - Indias No 1 R & R Company

  1. 1. 360 Degree Rewards & Recognition Products and Services
  2. 2. We Build Relationships You Connect
  3. 3. We Build Relationships You Achieve
  4. 4. Know Us About RewardPort RewardPort provides marketing solutions to over 250, top corporates from various industries, (i.e. Automation, Banking, FMCG, Pharma, Media, etc.) Through strong research and collective expertise, we guide our clients in ways to help them stay connected with their people. Be it their sales force, channel partners or employees. Backed by hundreds of professionals, strong IT back bone and 700 seat multi location tele-assistance help desks; RewardPort has successfully navigated a number of challenges in the areas of: Sales incentives Learning and coaching Rewards and recognition Meetings, events and incentive travel Loyalty marketing Experiential marketing Sponsorship marketing
  5. 5. Over-all Process Step 1: Understanding Objective Step 2 : Study of requirement and budgets Step 3 : Agree on Solutions Step 4 : Development of Creative concepts Step 5 : Implementation and training Step 6: Fulfillment Step 7: Continuous Monitoring and Measurement
  6. 6. RewardPort Offers R&R R&R Services Products
  7. 7. R & R Services FOR • Employees (e.g.- Sales Team) • Customers (e.g.- End Consumers) • Channel Partners (e.g. – Distributors)
  8. 8. Employees - Services Our employee R&R offerings combine informal gestures with the science of formal programs. There is a full suite of R&R tools that enables managers motivate high level performances Example Client – Multinational- a single product focus Objective of exercise: Continuously motivate individuals to achieve targets and goals Method: Acknowledging people who achieve their goals by rewarding them.
  9. 9. RewardPort Solution-Employees Our Programs are customized to address your specific employee need. Managed using a WEBSITE back ended entirely by RewardPort, allowing managers time for strategic business decisions rather than on the mechanics of execution. • Sales Team can log in and view competition/motivational videos/caller tunes/Redeem rewards. • Reward can be selected from a choice of selected brands products/ holiday destinations and fantastic offers • Motivational exercise vide SMS/Telecall/Email- through monitoring each individual’s performance • Top performers’ photographs uploaded, regular newsletters to keep team members and their families involved.
  10. 10. Example Website Key highlights of the website: • Each TSO/ TSE individual account • Help Desk facility (Email id and Call no‘s to instantly connect) • Frequent Updates on Performance • Motivational Communication/ Mail board • Top Ten Performers • Prizes won in the last ten days etc.
  11. 11. Example Launch Campaign 10am, on the launch day, the entire Sales team will receive a message with a common motive • SMS: Every team person will be receiving a motivational sms “Get Set Go! Conquer The Crest.” - Example • Ringtone: A personalized ringtone will be created and will be download from the website. • Email: Announcing the launch of the website and inviting everyone to visit and enroll. • Merchandise Products would be sent to them at regular intervals. T-shirts, Caps, Mugs, Badges, Tie-pins. • Creating the right ambience The entire Sales work area of would reflect one mission through Posters, Flyers, Danglers, Stickers, Buntings .
  12. 12. Mug T-Shirt Tie-pins Caps
  13. 13. Badge Poster Bunting
  14. 14. Monitor Continuous monitoring of individual progress. Day 1 Day 40 Day 70 Day110 Day 10 Day 20 Day 30 Day 50 Day 60 Day 80 Day 90 Day 100 End Launch Get Set Way to go Aiming One up Go for Move Two Up Few Near to Time Well high it Ahead more to Go! up Done! go example 10 day sales update will help to identify success and motivate TSE/TSOs consistently through surprise rewards. This would run continuously as per the plan mentioned above.
  15. 15. Motivate Various mediums to continuously motivate individuals : SMS: Constant smses would keep the spirit alive. Telecall: Constant connection with the team to keep them motivated. Email: Regular Emails with on-going news from different regions. Key highlights – Star performer for the week, Motivational Quotes, etc. Newsletter: Monthly Newsletter would be sent to each region, wherein detailed explanation and photographs would be marked to all.
  16. 16. Motivational Gifts Reebok Sunglass Benetton Bags Television Gifts Laptop Home theatre Benetton Watch Mobile And many more…
  17. 17. Grand Finale ‘Conquer The Awards’ At the end of the R&R period, An event is organized to acknowledge and appreciate the winners. Prizes – Trophies and Certificates will be distributed like the ones mentioned below. EXAMPLE Category Rewards GOLD International holiday for group of 50pax & individual 3N/4D stay at any of the Taj property or 4 star SILVER hotels, Laptop,Lcd etc 3N/4D stay at any 3star property , Television, Home BRONZE theatre etc
  18. 18. Customers - Services Your customers are surrounded by messages from countless brands; it’s a task to hold their attention and their Rupee. Therefore our R&R programs ensures customer outreach and reward programs are essential to better customer relations. Example Client – FMCG-Retail Outlets Objective of exercise: To reward and recognize the consumer’s loyalty to YOUR Brand. To keep buyers focus on the brands of products and help movement off the shelf .
  19. 19. Example Promotional Activity – RewardPort Solution Example- Deodorants and Soaps promotional program Scratch & Win option for deos : SMS offer: A unique code will be hidden on the sticker on the product. Instant option for soaps : Instant Gift :. Gifts will be directly listed inside the wrapper. Above the scratch strip the following message will appear: Dear Customer, TO SEE IF YOU ARE A LUCKY WINNER* , SCRATCH THE SILVER STRIP ABOVE AND SMS THE UNIQUE NUMBER UNDER THE STRIP in the following manner to the number indicated below- The SMS short code assigned for this program will be– 57575
  20. 20. Steps to Redeem Step Step 1 2 Customer buys Products Receives Scratch message on the sticker & scratches off layer Step 3 Option 1 :Customer SMSes to register & gets an acknowledgement Option 2: Goes online/calls
  21. 21. Step 4 Step 5 Customer receives Gifts RewardPort dispatches gifts
  22. 22. Channel Partners - Services Your Channel Partners are the ones most capable of adding value to your business but it takes positive communication and meaningful motivation to achieve the desired results Objective of exercise: Design an incentive program for channel partners so that they are motivated enough to offer your brand products rather than that of competition To motivate them and grow your business
  23. 23. RewardPort Solution- Channel Partners A multilevel program to take care of several segments of qualifier. Channel Partner can be your distributors, stockiest, resellers, retailers, individual or organizations. •Each channel partner receives an intimation for rewards & points on achieving targets •Periodical bonus e.g.- Spa Treatment / Fine dining vouchers/ international holiday. •Variety of choices of branded gifts to choose from- i.e. online purchase discounts/lifestyle and home products
  24. 24. Example : how will this work Company sends sales figures to RP RP fulfills & RP tracks & reports to triggers when company a target is reached RP mails & Auto mail SMS to winner with to RP password Dealers visit site & select frm option
  25. 25. Example of type of Gifts for a qualifying slab: Benetton watch Benetton Bag Reebok bag Wallet Reebok shoes Tupperware products Dinning voucher
  26. 26. Steps to Redeem: Step 1 Dealer select’s the gift, visiting the site Step 2 Step Step Auto mail 2 3 sent to - RP RP dispatches the gifts
  27. 27. R&R Products Delivering Relationships At RewardPort we have created a range of products to help clients reward appropriately and so achieve their business goals and objectives. Our strong research has helped us build customer reward programs which are flexible and easy to adapt. SurePrize E-Sure Prize Cine Rewardz Travel Rewardz - Vac Pac - Air Pac - Leisure Pac Gift Certificate - Travel Gift Certificate - Paylate Gift Certificates - RewardPort Flexi - Dining Certificates - Spa Certificates - Adventure and Sports Certificates
  28. 28. Product Snapshots Fine Dining Voucher Memories Voucher Magazine subscription Voucher Cine Rewards Voucher Spa Voucher Book SubsciptionVoucher Vacation Voucher Shopping Voucher Recharge Voucher
  29. 29. Guaranteed surprise with every purchase This program is the fastest and easiest way to get assured gifts on-the-spot. With more than 100 choices of branded gifts ranging from sunglasses, IPods, wrist watch to air tickets and holidays, your people are in for a surprise. These varied choices of gifts come with a scratch card which can be easily redeemed with every purchase. So you can select and choose gifts appropriately related to your business strategy.
  30. 30. Incentives in Action! People often need break from their busy schedules and stressful lives. Entertainment today has been redefined with all new multiplexes which have variety of options for movies. RewardPort’s Cine Rewardz helps you to motivate your sales team, your channel partners and your employees to enjoy regular breaks with their choice of Hollywood or Bollywood movies. We have tie-ups with leading cinema houses like PVR, Inox, Big Cinemas etc across the country. This assures you get to gift your people their choice of movie at a location convenient to them.
  31. 31. Rewarding memories of leisure Travel, be it in form of leisure or business, brings people together. Relationships are strongly built when one is in leisure mood. RewardPort’s Travel Incentive service has multi- fold options to select and choose one specific to your requirement. Vac Pac: Free vacations that are guaranteed to increase sales at a fraction of your marketing budget carries extremely high perceived value. Air Pac: Fly Free! AirPac offers wide choice of destination across domestic location to choose within a stipulated period of time. Leisure Pac: Free International vacations with luxury experiences. Destinations come with a complete offering including hotel stay where you could select from 4/5 star properties, airport transfers and one sightseeing.
  32. 32. Gifting memories to your people with an array of lifestyle privileges. RewardPort brings to you reasons to bring smile to your people. With a variety of different gift certificates to select from, gifting has now become tailor-made and personalised. Our gift certificates are pre-packaged with multiple choices, custom designed for your promotions. Travel Gift Certificates - Making travel easy, flexible and affordable Paylate Gift Certificates - A travel alternative to help conserve cash and improve cash flow RewardPort Flexi - Flexible alternative to incentive travel Dining Certificates - Making small happiness an occasion. Spa Certificates - Pamper with care Adventure and Sports Certificates - Power packed rewards
  33. 33. Why RewardPort Choice of Multiple Gift options Easy to use and redeem Helps in Customer Acquisition Improve Sales Performance and Customer Service Ease of Operation Low Value per Gift Creates connect with people, both Online and Offline High user satisfaction Motivates key behaviour
  34. 34. We Connect RewardPort B Wing, Fairlink Center, 9th Floor Off New Link Road Andheri (W) Mumbai 400053 T: +91 22 40270000, 26748000 F: +91 22 26735314 E: