Referral Marketing


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Referral Marketing

  1. 1. Know UsRewardPort provides marketing solutions to over 350 top corporatesfrom various industries, (i.e. Automobile, BFSI, FMCG, Pharma,Telecom, Retail etc.)Through strong research and collective expertise we guide our clientsin ways to help them stay connected with their people. Be it theirsales force, channel partners or employees.Backed by a solid team of professionals and a strong IT back bone .RewardPort has successfully navigated a number of challenges in the areas of: EMPLOYEES Experiential Marketing Promotions Rewards and Recognition CHANNEL CUSTOMERS Loyalty Marketing PARTNERS Sales Incentives Meetings, Events & Incentive Travel
  2. 2. Promote CUSTOMERS Retain EMPLOYEES YOUR YOUR Acquire COMPANY ACTIVITIES Motivate CHANNEL PARTNERS Reward PRINT DIGITAL ONLINE Products Solutions Travel Gift Card Movie Pizza Card Customer Loyalty Dealer Incentive Coffee Card Spa/ Salon Promo Lifestyle Card Employee Incentive Promotion Marketing White Goods X Rewardz Loyalty Health1 2 3 4 5 6 DESIGN TECHNOLOGY MONITOR ENGAGE MEASURE FULFILL
  3. 3. What is a Referral Program ? Referral Program’s help in identifying the right target audience for Products and Offerings. They are good marketing tools as they reach the right people at the right time. Referral Programs increase sales and Brand Goodwill. They help in prospect management and creating avenues for a larger customer base. It is a soft connect program which appreciates the customer for helping in expansion of business and brand loyalty .
  4. 4. How Does it Help You?
  5. 5. Features of the program
  6. 6. Process Flow Program Launch No Data used in ‘Y’ buys the future SMS/Email/DM Tele & In store Yes ‘Z’ captures transaction ‘Y’ joins ‘X’ gets the bigger reward the program ‘X’ Joins No ‘X’ Enrolls & online& refers at ‘Z’ refers Rewards dispatched; bonus on the slabs at the end of program Yes ‘X gets instant gifts ‘Y’ gets a invite Dealers dash board gets ‘Z’ gets information on dash board updated. Online registration done by customer service ‘Z’ connects With ‘Y’ to buy X - Customer Y - Referred Prospect Z - Dealer
  7. 7. Role of RewardPort Create and manage the loyalty program  Manage & Capture the flow of information  Report to management on regular basis – at intervals to be agreed on  Create a Software to manage the earn and redeem process  Provide a online/ real time helpdesk  Website development and management  Products sourcing and shipment  Dedicated Resource deployment
  8. 8. and youLet’s discuss
  9. 9. Connecting,alwaysRewardPort316 Woodrow Building,Vera Desai Road,Andheri West, Mumbai 400053O: +91 22 40270040F: +91 22 26735314