eBooks & eReaders: Past, Present & Future


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Presented @ NEFLIN Tech Day
Jacksonville, FL
19 June 2013

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  • My name is Michael and I’m an eBook Curmudgeon.
  • Mine’s autographed. Oh yeah, autograph my Kindle Mr. Bova!
  • “ The principal components of electronic ink are millions of tiny microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair. In one incarnation, each microcapsule contains positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a negative electric field is applied, the white particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they become visible to the user. This makes the surface appear white at that spot. At the same time, an opposite electric field pulls the black particles to the bottom of the microcapsules where they are hidden. By reversing this process, the black particles appear at the top of the capsule, which now makes the surface appear dark at that spot.” http://www.eink.com/technology/howitworks.html
  • Jenny Levine, Union Station
  • http://www.ectaco.com/jetBook_Color/ $499
  • We are proud to introduce the world’s first e-reader with a flexible 6” plastic display, WEXLER. Flex ONE. Together with LG and its patented flexible display, we are able to offer the lightest and thinnest e-reader available on the market today. At its core is the flexible display, resistive to any damage usually associated with reading devices using glass displays. This truly unique e-reader can be hidden in your pocket, a bag, or a purse. Designed for travel or leisure, you will hardly notice it, until it’s time to read your favorite book. Convenient to carry, and easy to use, enjoy your Wexler. Flex. ONE today! http://wexler-global.com/products/79/347 $199
  • http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/07/plastic-logic-reveals-paper-tablet-computer-a-thin-flexible/
  • ‘ To those publishers here today who believe that you can buy DRM that will stop your books from appearing on the Internet without restriction, I say to you,  “Behold, the typist.” ‘ Cory Doctorow
  • For every book you send to 1DollarScan, you’ll also have to send along a signed waiver stating that you understand you’re having a copy of your books made under the company’s Fair Use Policy. The waiver also frees the company from any liability that they might have incurred for making a copy of a book that you don’t own. Once the contracts are signed, just pop them into the box with your books and ship them off to the company’s offices in California. When the books are received by 1DollarScan, the workers cut the spines off of them. This ensures that the pages of the book lay flat on the scanner, and makes it impossible to resell the hard copy of the book after it’s been scanned. When the scanning’s complete, the pages are shredded and recycled, ensuring that the owner only has access to one copy of their book: the freshly minted digital version, which can be downloaded as a PDF from the company’s website via the user’s password-protected account.
  • eBooks & eReaders: Past, Present & Future

    1. 1. eBooks & eReaders:Past, Present & FutureMichael SauersNEFLIN Technology Conference19 June 2013 - Jacksonville, FL
    2. 2. • Started with theU.S.Constitutiontyped into amainframe• Now containsover 40,000 freee-texts inmultiple DRM-free formats1971: Project Gutenberg
    3. 3. • First computer toinclude searchableeBooks.• Oxford Shakespeare &Oxford Dictionary ofQuotations1988: NeXT Computer
    4. 4. • Foresaw the currentstate of eReaders• Predicted the “end ofpublishing as we knowit”1989: Cyberbooks
    5. 5. • The first “PersonalDigital Assistant”• “Newton Books”• Suspended in 19981993: Apple Newton
    6. 6. • Ergonomic, ambidextrousdesign, about the size ofa paperback• Weighs only 22 ounces• Stores about 4,000pages--the equivalent of10 novels• Speech-quality audio fordocuments published withaudio content• Long battery life--17 to 33hours per charge1999: Franklin EB-500 Rocket eBook
    7. 7. • PC eBook reading software• ClearType technology• Annotations• Pan & Zoom• Highlighting• Dictionary• Battery life dependent onplatform (desktop vs.laptop)• Suspended in 20122000: Microsoft Reader
    8. 8. • Mobipocket Readersoftware• Download content over theair (OTA)• Desktop sync• Annotation• Highlighting• Dictionary• Software compatible withdevices other than the Treo2002: Palm Trēo
    9. 9. • Used incombinationwith MicrosoftReadersoftware• Promoted asa “reader” dueto ability toeasily convertscreen toportrait mode2002: TabletPC
    10. 10. • First eInk-baseddevice• AAA batteries• Available only inJapan2004: Sony Libré
    11. 11. Content is not drawn, but “charged”170 Pixels Per Inch (PPI)Newspaper qualityDoes not need power to hold a display, only to change it.What is "eInk"
    12. 12. • Display• eInk / non-backlit• 800x600 resolution• Rotatable• 4-level grayscale• Three text sizes• 64MB built in storage• SD/Memory Stick cardslot• USB data transfer• Approximately 7,500page turns per charge• Approx. 9oz09/2006 eReader PRS-500
    13. 13. http://www.flickr.com/photos/shifted/1240167805
    14. 14. http://www.flickr.com/photos/shifted/2050405275/
    15. 15. • Not an explicit eBookdevice• Multiple readersoftware packagesavailable• Stanza• Kindle• Barnes & Noble• eBook apps• Backlit non-eInkdisplay06/2007: iPod Touch / iPhone
    16. 16. 12/2007: Sony PRS-505• Minorimprovementsover the PRS-500• 8 levels ofgrayscale• Redesignedcontrols• Additional memorycard slot
    17. 17. • 6” screen• 200-title storage• Download wirelesslyvia “whispernet”(EVDO)• QWERTY Keyboard• Ability to add notes totext• Basic Web access12/2007: Amazon Kindle
    18. 18. • Redesigned controls• WiFi added• 1500-title storage• 16 levels ofgrayscale (eInkPearl)• 20% faster pagerefresh• Text-to-speechoption02/2009: Kindle 2
    19. 19. • 6” eInk display and 3.5” color controldisplay• 12.1oz• Android 1.5• Can share a book once withanother person for up to twoweeks11/2009: Barnes & Noble Nook
    20. 20. • iBooks app included• Kindle app available• “text-to-voice” viaVoiceOver• 1.5lbs• 9.7” backlit glossy screen• Automatic screen rotation• WiFi and/or 3G• 9+ hours of battery lifedepending on Internetconnectivity used04/2010: Apple iPad
    21. 21. • 15.8oz• 7” screen• WiFi• 8GB internalstorage• MicroSD slot• Android 2.2• Rootable11/2010: Barnes & Noble NookColor
    22. 22. • 6” touch-screendisplay• WiFi & USBconnectivity• 600x800 eInk Pearl• 2GB internal storage• microSD card slot• Android 2.106/2011: Nook Simple Touch
    23. 23. • eInk• WiFi• 5.9oz• 16-level grayscale• 6” screen• 1.3GB internalstorage• MicroSD card slot• Built in OverDrivesupport10/2011: Sony Reader WiFi (PRS-T1RC)
    24. 24. • 6” eInk Pearltouch display• WiFi and/or 3G• 4GB internalstorage• Available with orwithout ads11/2011: Kindle Touch
    25. 25. • 14.6oz• 7” LCD touch screen• WiFi• 8GB internal storage• MicroSD slot• Android 2.3• Amazon Silk Browser• Amazon’s competitorto the Nook color &Nook color tablet11/2011: Kindle Fire
    26. 26. • 9.7” 1600x1200 display• Color eInk display• WiFi• MicroSD slot• Text-to-Speech• 10,000 page turns01/2012: Ectaco jetBook• Speech recognition and speechanalysis Language Teacher andU-Learn courses• Pictured dictionaries for 38languages Cross translator for180 languages
    27. 27. • Touchscreen eInk• Built-in light• Front-lit• Adjustablebrightness04/2012: nook GlowLight
    28. 28. • Electronic PaperDisplay (EPD)• Flexible• 1024x768 eInkdisplay• 4mm thick• 3.88 oz.06/2012: WEXLER. Flex ONE
    29. 29. • Flexible (and experimental) e-ink 10.7-inch tablet runs on Intels Core i5processor.01/2013: Plastic Logic PaperTab
    30. 30. • No longerlimited toB&Napprovedapps05/2013: Nook tablets get Play store
    31. 31. • 13.3” 1600x1200capacitive eInkflexible display• Stylus for notetaking•Testing in Japaneseuniversities•Shared documentediting over WiFiplanned05/2013 – Sony Digital Paper
    32. 32. Stephen King says his newnovel will not be released asan eBook. It becomes oneanyway.06/2013 – non-eBook eBook
    33. 33. • Send in print books to be scanned for $1/100pages06/2013 – 1DolarScan
    34. 34. Late 2013: Color eInk Kindle?• In May 2013 Amazon.com purchasesLiquavista from Samsung.• Liquavistamakesscreentechnologiesthat allow foraffordablecolor eInkdisplays.
    35. 35. Michael Sauersmichael.sauers@nebraska.govhttp://travelinlibrarian.info/http://delicious.com/travelinlibrarian/ebooksCC BY-NC 3.0Thank You!