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  • 1. Next GenerationTravel Technology Booking Engines XML Gateway Central Reservation Systems Content Management System Marketing Automation Social Networking
  • 2. About Us Travel Carma provides state-of-art technology solutions and services to organizations in different industry verticals with special emphasis on the travel industry. We have a distinctive combination of experience, expertise and cost effectiveness. We cater to customers in the EU, USA, UK, Middle East, APAC, and ANZ and have presence in the US, Germany, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, UK and India.Our Expertise Leveraging our 15 years of experience in software development and our domain expertise in the travel industry, we offer customizable solutions and services in the areas of XML based Booking Engines, Web-based Central Reservation Systems, Industry Standards based XML Integrations, Content Management System, Social Networking and Marketing Automation.Our Solutions From Campaign Management to Online Sales, from Small Tour Operators to Full Service Travel Agencies, for every segment and every IT need in the Travel space, we are in a position to provide solutions and services that help manage your business, from the first mouse click through to realized revenue. In the dynamic and highly competitive environment of the travel industry, our solutions and services help organizations optimize the use of IT for accessing information in real time, reduce communication costs, become more competitive and improve resource efficiency and productivity.Our Value Our multi-location development model and a professional and cost conservative approach, without any compromise on quality results in lower costs and increased reliability. These cost savings are passed on directly to you, the customer, and are reflected in lower operating expenses, a more robust return on your overall investment and increased profitability. Being fully online has never been so easy. Call today for consultation. Our Mission “To deliver Strategic Value through consistent delivery of Technology Solutions, at an extremely Competitive Price, resulting in Comprehensive Business Results.”
  • 3. Booking Engines Booking EnginesTravel Carma offers XML web services based customizable booking engines for Hotels, Rental Cars, Limousines,Taxi Services, Point-to-Point Bus Services, Excursion Buses, Restaurants, Airlines and Tours/Excursions. These bookingengines are extremely user friendly, highly scalable and fully customizable. Addition of suppliers can be done very quickly andthere is no limit to the number of suppliers. The booking engine can be easily integrated into web portals as a white-label orprivate-label booking engine. They come with a built in aggregation module and thus can show results from different suppliersand GDSs. Rules can be applied on the fly, enabling setting up of variable pricing and incentives. Booking Engines Hotel Bus Car Flight Excursion Country* Location* Select Country Select Country Select City Check in Date* Check out Date* 08/08/08 08/08/08 Rooms* Nights Room type Adults Children 01 03 Suit 02 01 Search? web services based Booking EnginesXML ? integration with Travel Easyprovide flexibility of connections to different Portals/Websites/CMS/Intranets (White-label /suppliers Private-label)Easily customizable and scalable. Available for? ? integration with reservation and EasyHotels, Airlines, Rental Cars, Limousines, membership systems of Travel ProvidersBuses, Excursions and Restaurants as Rules can be applied on the fly to offer variable ?composite booking engine or as individual pricing and incentivescomponent Specialty services and amenities section ?? access multiple inventories and showCan Corporate Account management, Group ?aggregated results Accounts services and Affiliates managementAllows Multi Currency? Agency/Concierge modules with extensive ? commissions setup and configurationsFor more information, visit http://avanicimcon.com/act/TravelSolutions.htm or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 4. Central Reservation System Central Reservation SystemTravel Carma offers web-based Central Reservation System (CRS). It offers seamless online reservation, communicationand payment solutions for Online Booking Systems for Hotels, Rental Cars, Limousines, Buses, Chauffeur, Driven Services,Airlines, Excursions and Restaurants.The CRS allows setting up suppliers/members and configuring their businesses. It allows individual members of each businessto manage complete details of their inventory and get real-time reports. The CRS can be seamlessly integrated with multipleBooking Engines. Central Reservation Systems Hotel Car/Limousine Bus Excursion RestaurantAllows management of multiple business? ? web services access to inventory XML(Hotels, Restaurants, Tours etc) by single owner Allow for setting up Pricing Policies, ?Integrated and Dynamic Dashboard for multiple? Commissions and Markupsbusinesses to display business statistics Amenities, Customer Preferences, Special ?Scalable from one business to multiple? Request sectionsbusinesses for single owner Manage and Control Bookings ?Suppliers can manage Properties, Property? Setup Promotions and Packages, also set ?details, Amenities, Rates, Allocations, Stop Sell, Blackout Dates for the sameSeason, Images, Packages/Deals, Policies, & Allows controlled and secure access from ?much more anywhere anytime For more information, visit http://avanicimcon.com/act/TravelSolutions.htm or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 5. Social Networking Social Networking Social Networking SocialTravel Carma Social Networking Suite consists of full range of Travel 2.0 modules like Blogs, Photo Albums,Share Site, Guest Book, Events, To-Do etc. This is a customizable solution and new modules can be added as per therequirement. The site owners can easily change the design and layout using pre-installed library of templates. The socialnetworking site would be created for the customers of the Travel / Destination Portal or users who register on the portal. Theywould get a chance to host all the activities and use various modules to be online in the virtual world. Further, they would beable to create their own Blogs, create Photo Albums and post pictures, share their websites and integrate with other socialnetworking websites.Photo Albums and slide shows? Discussions ?Blogs? Events ?Templates driven? Share Site ?Activity updates? ? many more and For more information, visit http://social-networking.actlcare.com or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 6. Online Travel Portals Next Generation Online Travel PortalsSocial Networking Social Travel Carma offers a complete Online Networking Travel Portal with Content Management Customers System, Booking Engines, XML Web Services Gateway, Rules Engine, Inventory Management Systems (Vehicles, Hotels, Booking Online Restaurants etc), Social Networking, eCRM Engine Travel Portal and SEO services. CMS Our ready to deploy solutions gives you freedom from recurring costs of transaction Marketing Tools and commission based fees for Rules CRM distribution, blocking inventory and other Engine intermediary costs. You will be able to get more control on your live inventory, pricing and utilization. This helps you achieve Aggregation XML Web Services faster and greater ROI. Gateway Engine (OTA Compliant) Our plug-n-play solutions enable you to sell your live inventory through your own Internet Destination Portal. At the same time you Online can continue your existing relationshipsDistributors Travel Portals XML Web Services with Travel Portals or GDS. This, allows you Suppliers to have Multiple Channels of Distribution and Increasing Revenues. Internet Hotels Air GDS Built-in CRM and Social Networking tools helps you control relationships and Vehicles Cruise enhance marketing communication with XML Web Services Travel Inventory your customers and prospects. Gateway Management (OTA Compliant) System Real-time Analytics and Dashboards will offer your marketing and management team to better help compete in today s highly competitive environment. Restaurants Hotels Vehicles Excursions Next Generation Travel Technology For more information, visit http://travel.avanicimcon.com or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 7. Middleware XML Based OTA Compliant Data Exchange Middleware ServerD change Expand your HorizonsDXchange is an XML web services based, OTA (OpenTravelTM Alliance) compliant, fully scalable, easily configurable, WebServices based Data Exchange Middleware Server. It provides travel organizations/Web portals the ability to bundle XMLrequests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consume XML or any form of online data from suppliers. Forsuppliers, DXchange enables them to expose their data/systems as OTA compliant Web Services in a cost effective and securemanner giving them a wider market reach. Additionally, it can support other standards with minimal customization. DXchangeis available in three versions: Lite, Professional and Enterprise.A powerful web-based Business Rules Engine with an easy to use web interface is integrated with DXchange server. Thisprovides travel companies the agility to adapt to travel industry’s ever-changing business requirements without anyprogramming or code changes. Aggregator Connecters Interface Services Supplier Customer XML Web Services DXchange Internet Hotels Air Cars GDS Cruise Applications OTA XML Compliant Middleware Suppliers XML Web Services OTA Business Standards Rules Library Engine! Scalable Services Oriented Architecture ! Aggregates responses from multiple suppliers! Built-in Business Rules Engine ! Enables usage of existing legacy applications! Compatibility with Industry standard XML ! Secured access layer to multiple systems, specifications (OTA and TTI) components and data sources! Platform agnostic - Connects to diverse ! Optional Accounting and Billing modules platforms and data sources ! Faster and better ROI! 24x7 Error Management system Aggregate, Consume, Expose Accurate Data from any Source in Appropriate Format in Real Time For more information, visit www.dxchangeonline.com or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 8. Marketing Automation We Understand The Essentials For Delivering Online Marketing Success CARMA Customer Appreciation & Relationship Management ApplicationTravel Carma Marketing Automation suite - CARMA, customized for the travel industry, offers whole bouquet of SaaS (SoftwareAs A Service) Solutions ranging from sophisticated Marketing Campaigns, Drip Marketing, Business Networking, CustomerRetention, Content Management and “Do-it-Yourself” Websites. Each module is independent and can plug-in to any existingsystems thus allowing you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure. ! On-Demand and Co-brandable modules @ ! Multilingual & Multimedia campaigns Campaign Contact Management Management ! Campaign related Web Extensions Email ! Remote & local printing Bulk Printing ! Drip Marketing Campaign CARMA ! Extensive Campaign Monitoring and AnalysisMonitoring & Analytics Mobile PDF ! Sharable and re-usable content and contacts Company Name PDF About us Customers Products Projects Contact Us ! Contact Networking and Relationship Tracing Web Extensions ! Configurable compliance workflows Relationship Management ! Extensible template librariesWith CARMA one can create template-based multilingual campaigns with repeated periodic scheduling. These can be sent offin the form of Email, Print (PDF, Bulk print). It is backed-up by a ergonomic and well-organized content management systemand a full-fledged compliance workflow. It also adds web presence for individual campaigns by adding web-extensions to thecampaigns. To sum-up and analyze the outcome of these campaigns there is a powerful comprehensive reporting andanalytics module that provides immediate feedback to measure success and improve future marketing initiatives. Thus,CARMA reduces marketing costs, allows users to identify and target most profitable customers and prospects, allowsimplementation of customer retention strategies, helps in building relationships and creating linked business networks. “A complete relationship management application that goes beyond the traditional e-mail correspondence and integrates ability to create campaigns across print and electronic media. This is a multilingual tool giving companies the ability to truly customize their communication with their customers.” For more information, visit www.carmacrm.com or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 9. Do-It-Yourself CMS Take Control of Your ContentTravel Carma Do-It-Yourself Content Management System (D-I-Y CMS) is your chance to maintain your website and webcontent yourself, quickly and cost effectively. It works on the concept of “Do-It-Yourself”, i.e. you can yourself create webcontent like images, text, documents, web pages etc., store them for reuse, and insert them on your website with no knowledgeof HTML and without the help of developers. It is available in two versions: CMS Lite and CMS Enterprise. @ ! Create and Launch Travel Portals/Websites easily ! Do-It-Yourself: Update, reuse web content as and when needed Contact Management ! WYSIWYG site builder Travel Deals ! SEO friendly: Creates Search Engine Optimized pages ! Easily submit your site to search engines ! Integration with Booking Engine and Dynamic PackagingDo-It-Yourself ! Domain specific content: Host the same content with minor CMS Maps & Locations modifications for multiple domains ! Newer business modules, RSS etc. can be easily integrated ! Content management allows sharing of content between multiple applications like marketing automations suite Information ! Linked contact management for storing of site visitors and their Content Management information and preferences for marketing campaignCMS Lite is an ideal, out of the box content management solution specially packaged for small companies and professionalswho want a presence on the Web and would want to update the content themselves.CMS Enterprise is a totally customizable solution designed for small to large enterprises to launch their web sites as quickly andas cost-effectively as possible. An ideal implementation of this system would be the front-end system to a booking engine. TheCMS can be used to update marketing content on a day-to-day or a weekly basis. "Do-It-Yourself CMS gives you independent and full control of your content. Leverage web-centric technology to Create, Proof, Categorize, Reuse, Share and Manage content in an organized way.” For more information, visit http://avanicimcon.com/act/TravelSolutions.htm or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 10. IT Solutions & ServicesThe Travel industry is a major focus for Avani Cimcon Technologies. With 15+ years of software consulting experience we havegained knowledge in terms of systems design, product development, project management and most important, how to makerelationships work. Add to this our experience in the travel domain we present a formidable wealth of expertise and experience.Our Solutions and Services enable Travel companies to leverage IT for business growth and extract the benefits of going online. ! Turnkey Product Development Services Solutions & ! Facility Management ! Quality Assurance Services Services ! On Site Programming, Implementation Services ! Offshore Software Development and MaintenanceWe Believe in Long-term Relationships And Commitment to the CustomersOur XML web services based on-demand solutions and open up a large window of opportunity for our customers and helpwiden their market share. Our suite of solutions comprises of XML based OTA compliant Middleware Server, On-DemandMarketing Automation tools, Content Management System, Booking Engine, Dynamic Packaging, Business Rules Engine etc.All of these solutions make the maximum use of existing data and software allowing customers to optimize their ITinvestments. Our solutions cater to the IT needs of Travel Suppliers, Travel Agents, Web Portals, Aggregators and Consolidators.Apart from solutions, we offer an array of IT Services right from System Architecture, Design, Development and QualityAssurance to onsite Implementation and Training. Solutions Services Company Name About us About usCustomers Products Customers Projects Contact UsAbout us Products Customers Products Projects Contact Us Projects Contact Us About usCustomers Products Projects Contact UsAbout us Customers Products Projects Contact Us About usCustomers Products Projects Contact UsAbout us Customers Products Projects Contact Us Web Services Dynamic Rules Engine Software based Packaging Quality Assurance Designing Development Booking Engine “Partner with our eTechnology and make your products and services stand apart from the competition, improve customer relations, increase visibility, enlarge the target markets, stride ahead in the on-going economic globalization and internationalization.” For more information, visit http://www.avanicimcon.com/act/Services.htm or contact services@avanicimcon.com
  • 11. Travel Carma is committed to providing quality services and ensuring total customer satisfaction through continual upgrade of systems, processes and people.Websites : www.travelcarma.com travel.avanicimcon.com www.DXchangeonline.com www.avanicimcon.comE-mail : services@avanicimcon.comSkype : a.c.t.l.MSN : actlkms Save Paper, Go green - Insist not to print unless you really need to.