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Managing social media in 15 minutes a day, a talk at TBU Rotterdam travel bloggers conference by Laurel Robbins of Reach Social Media Training. …

Managing social media in 15 minutes a day, a talk at TBU Rotterdam travel bloggers conference by Laurel Robbins of Reach Social Media Training.

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  • 1. Managing Social Media in 15Minutes a DayLaurel RobbinsReach Social Media TrainingMonkeys and Mountains | Adventure Travel Blog
  • 2. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Social Media in 15Minutes a DayThree parts:1) Finding Out What Works Best andWhen2)Creating Engagement3) Scheduling
  • 3. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Media and the TravelIndustry52% of Facebook users said their travelplans were affected by seeing their friends’photos of tripsOf people who had already made travelplans, only 48% stuck with their original planafter checking out social media channels48% changed their hotel7% completely changed their destination
  • 4. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Media Sites Used to PlanTravel
  • 5. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Past Successes Use:,,, FacebookInsights, Google Analytics, HootSuite What did your top posts have in common? Time they were posted? Photos or links? Was it content shared from “big names” Were the hashtags the same? Were the topics similar?
  • 6. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Past
  • 7. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Past Successes:
  • 8. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Past Successes:Facebook
  • 9. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Past Successes: Pinterest
  • 10. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Best Time to Post?When most of your followersare online
  • 11. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining is Everything: Buffer
  • 12. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Buffer Tip: Add toToolbar
  • 13. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining More Cool Things
  • 14. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Pros and Cons PROS Finds the optimal posting times for you, or you can import Will also find optimal posting times for LinkedIn Continually finding the optimal times for posting, which maychange as you gain new followers CONS Can only have 10 posts in the que w/ the free version The paid version is $10/month
  • 15. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Ways to DetermineTiming: Best time to post on Facebook is on weekends and off-peakhours– not as much competition, posts are more likely to beseen Best time to post on Pinterest is in the evenings andweekends Can then take this data and schedule your posts accordingly,i.e. using HootSuite, Facebook Scheduling
  • 16. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining When Most of Your FollowersAre Online:
  • 17. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Times to Post on FacebookGraphic courtesy of
  • 18. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Pinterest:
  • 19. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTrainingIncludes a free trial periodCan schedule pins by date and intervalCONs:After trial period costs $12 a monthYou must determine the scheduling, there is no suggestedscheduling
  • 20. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Many Times a Week toPost on Facebook?Graphic courtesy of
  • 21. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Often to Post onFacebook?Graphic coutresty of
  • 22. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Often to Post on Twitter
  • 23. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining
  • 24. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining What Can/Shouldn’t BeAutomatedContent to Automate:Blog postsPhotos linked to timely events, i.e. first day of springLinks to relevant articlesWhat Not to Automate:Direct messages on TwitterFuture events that you can’t predict, i.e. “So happy to be on the sunnybeaches of the Maldives” … it’s pouring rainStrive for a combination of scheduled content and real-time contentAlways take 5-10 minutes a day to respond to messages/replies, makecomments on your social media platforms. It shows you are a realperson.
  • 25. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Saving Tips for FindingFollowers on Twitter and Google+Hashtags
  • 26. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Travel Hashtags #travel #ttot country/City #Rotterdam Airport code #LAX Themes: #MountainMonday #BeachThursday #FriFotos #UrWilderness Use these in your tweets and also to find related followers
  • 27. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining of Twitter Parties
  • 28. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Chats on Twitter #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter) #TNI (Traveler’s Night In) #cruisechat #Italychat #LuxChat #NUTS (Not Your Usual Therapy Session) #Tourismchat #TTOM (Traveling Moms) Great way to connect with relevant travelers Host your own Travel Chat
  • 29. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining 1 time fee of $55
  • 30. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining
  • 31. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Free to Unfollow,$12 Month to Follow
  • 32. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Followers on Facebook
  • 33. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Followers on Facebook
  • 34. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Followers on FacebookFacebook Graph Search
  • 35. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Followers on Google+
  • 36. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining BrandAwareness/Engagement Participate in memes, i.e. “#FriFotos”#Caturday,#MountainMonday, on Twitter and Google+ etc. Participate in Twitter parties related to your niche Participate in or start a community on Google+ Host a Google Hangout session – aim to educate or entertain, notto sell Advertise an event through Facebook Events Hold an interactive contest
  • 37. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTrainingAsk questions, have a conversation.You should be talking WITH people, notTO people.
  • 38. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Good ExamplesHold a reader photo competitionCreates user engagementBuilds brand awarenessCreates community good willGenerates potential client leads
  • 39. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Good ExamplesAsk a question to: create engagementBuild brand awarenessQuestions result in doublethe comments. Fill in theblanks result in 9X morecomments
  • 40. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Good ExamplesConversations can:Create engagementEducateGenerate interestSoft sell a destination
  • 41. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Contests
  • 42. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Sure Your Content isEasy to Share
  • 43. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Your Own Photos w/
  • 44. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining More Uses
  • 45. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining Summary 15 minutes/day x 7 days = 105 minutes Monday: Scheduling for the week: 20 minutes, 10 minutes replying/commenting, 5minutes unfollowing in ManageFlitter Tuesday: 10 minutes getting new followers-Tweetadder, 5 minutes replying/commenting Wednesday: 10 minutes getting new followers-Tweetadder, 5 minutesreplying/commenting Thursday: 5 minutes replying/commenting Friday: 5 minutes replying/commenting Saturday/Sunday: 0 time 30 Minutes remaining: Creating/monitoring Facebook ads, Twitter Chat, more commentingetc. Total: 105 minutes
  • 46. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTrainingAnalyzing your past successes and repeat, repeat,repeatSchedule posts on social media once a weekFind a balance between scheduled content and real-time contentCreate engagement: Talk WITH your followers, not TOyour followers
  • 47. © Facebookcom/ReachSocialMediaTraining your top posts: Kred Klout My Top Tweet Google Analytics (for your blog or website)Best Time to Tweet Tweet When TweriodScheduling Resources Buffer HootSuite (variety of social media platforms) PingraphyPhotography PicMonkeyTwitter Party Calendar Twitter Party Calendar
  • 48. © Facebookcom/ you! Enjoy the restof TBU!Questions?Laurel & MonkeysandMountains.comPlease leave your business card to be emailed a copy of this presentation including thelinks to resources mentioned.