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LinkedIn Talent Solutions Training Centre
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LinkedIn Talent Solutions Training Centre


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A tip-sheet detailing how LinkedIn Licence holders can access on demand training resources.

A tip-sheet detailing how LinkedIn Licence holders can access on demand training resources.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Talent Solutions Talent Solutions Learning Center GuideAccess the Learning Center Find training that meets your needsWe offer a variety of support to meet your learning needs,including tip sheets, self paced tutorials, and instructor-ledtraining classes. To access the learning center, login to Recruiter,and then select the Training Link in the top right corner of the 1screen. 2Choose which training type is relative to you 3 4 1. Getting Started with Recruiter Here you’ll find a list of the live webinar sessions offered by LinkedIn’s Global Recruitment Product Consultants, as well as a list of short self-paced tutorials. We suggest you take advantage of both the self-paced tutorials as well as the expert-led live webinars. Start with the tutorials to learn skills our experts address in more detail in the live webinar setting.When you enter the learning center for the first time, you areasked to click on the links above. Please choose the Corporate 2. Introductory offerings in other languagesRecruiters field to see your homepage. The Your Courses Here you’ll find live webinar sessions in other languagessection will be empty until you select courses to add to your such as Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese andtranscript. You can search the top right search menu to find Spanish. We continue to add sessions in other languagestopics quickly, or you can navigate the homepage for as they are needed. If you’d like to request sessions in arecommended material. language that is not available yet, contact your local LinkedIn contacts for more information. 3. Advanced Recruiter If you’ve been using Recruiter for a while and want to dive deeper into best practices, you’ll find lists of more advanced self-paced tutorials and live webinar sessions in the Advanced Recruiter section. 4.Check Your Savvy If you are uncertain where to start, you can click the Check Your Savvy link to take the self-assessment. Please note that this is not a test, it is solely to help provide direction to the courses you might find most helpful.©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Talent Solutions Talent Solutions Learning Center GuideChange your time zoneTo ensure that the courses you have registered for display in yourtranscript in your correct time zone, please click the “My Account”option, and choose your time zone from the drop down menu.Register for a live webinar sessionTo register for the live webinar sessions, clickthe title of the course that interests you. Youwill then see a list of times this course isavailable.Please note that webinars are displayed indifferent time zones: Central European Time(CET), Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), USPacific Time (PST) and Australian Eastern Time(AET). When you find a course that you wouldlike to attend, select the title.Select Request next to the session time thatworks for you. The course is now added toyour transcript.When you are ready to attend the session,click the Your Coursestab on top of the page,locate the appropriate course and clickLaunch. If you want to withdraw from awebinar for which you are registered clickWithdraw instead.©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • 3. Talent Solutions Talent Solutions Learning Center GuideDescription of Instructor-led Webinar SessionsLinkedIn 101In this session, participants will learn how to leverage the functionality of their personal accounts to ensuretheir Recruiter activities will achieve the best possible results. (English, Italian, German)Recruiter 101An introductory course on how to use LinkedIn Recruiter to post jobs, search the network, reach candidates, and takeadvantage of the built-in organization and collaboration tools. (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German,Dutch, Swedish)Advanced Search TechniquesPractice using advanced search strings, Boolean modifiers, and advanced search filters to refine search results, andassess search results for additional relevant search terms, phrases, and companies. (English, Italian, French, German,Swedish)InMail Best PracticesLearn InMail messaging techniques, including how to strategically send InMail in bulk and create templates.(English, French, Dutch, Swedish)Talent PipelineAn introduction to the enhancements Talent Pipeline brings to Recruiter. Learn how to add new leads, optimize andimprove leads, and leverage the information you create to conduct more efficient searches, send messages, analyzereports, and increase team communication and collaboration. (English, French)Hiring ManagerLearn how to use the Hiring Manager tool in Recruiter to engage Hiring Managers in the recruiting process. (English)Jobs NetworkLearn best practices for creating job postings in Recruiter that attract passive candidates. . Learn to locate posted jobson and understand the different ways of sharing jobs on LinkedIn. (English)Projects & CollaborationLearn how to use personal and team Projects to save searches, activate search alerts, manage your pipeline, collaboratewith your team and hiring managers, and save jobs all in one place. (English)Administering RecruiterLearn how LinkedIn Recruiter Administrators can add/replace seat holders and customize the tool for the seat holders.Admins will also learn how to leverage In-product reporting. (English)©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • 4. Talent Solutions Talent Solutions Learning Center GuideAccess Self Paced TutorialsTo take a self paced tutorial, select GettingStarted with Recruiter. When you find acourse you like, select the title.Click Request.The course will then show in your transcript.Click Launch to view it.If you’d like to access tutorials you’ve alreadyviewed, click the Completed tab, and clickLaunch as you did in the step above.©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  • 5. Talent Solutions Talent Solutions Learning Center GuideAccess Tip SheetsWe offer tip sheets for on-the-go, just in timesupport. To download tip sheets that you canprint or save to your desk top, click the TipSheets tab.Select the tip sheets that best suit yourrecruiting needs. Are you a corporaterecruiter, or an agency/staffing recruiter?You can then download any tip sheet that suitsyour interest by selecting the title.©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.