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  • Tablet p4

    1. 1. It seems there has been a surge in interest for tablet PC’s and most of the surge has come from the consumer sectorI believe. If you take a look around it seems people use them to play games, check email, and watch video. Theseindividuals are buying them in droves.As the market booms and more people buy mobile devices, it seems consumers can own this market forever. Like alltechnology, other fields will drive innovation and potential increased sales. The business sector in my eyes is wherethe biggest opportunity for growth exists.New technology, bigger accounts are all huge in this sector and so I am very positive we will see an increase in thenumber of people that move their devices into enterprise.
    2. 2. Apple claims 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are giving tablet PC’s a shot for their business.
    3. 3. How mobile devices have impacted Web Design?It appears everyone uses a PC differently in many aspects. If you think about they are computers that are designed to be used by the masses - in almost an unthinkable way we as the end user can perform many types of applications. What I find is mostpeople really don’t care what a table does they are more inclined to purchase based on the stylish sleek look not on usability. For a business to take notice I believe they must have very specific applications. In terms of how mobile devices has impacted web design it has made it easier for customers. Mobile devices have made it easier for customers to scan and do comparison shopping, on the spot, in your retail store. I believe it may harder for some web developers to keep up with forever changing process but, good for others.
    4. 4. Technology & Accessibility• VoiceOver Screen Reader• Browsers, crawlers to run manual checks on entire sites, tools to annotate pages with icons, and tools for checking specific aspects.• Tools may come in different languages, and for different platforms. Some are free, some are cheap and others cost plenty. Web Accessibility Eval tools -
    5. 5. Bad Examples of websites• HTML vs HTML 5 - Do html sites still exist? If so this might be a bad combination for a mobile or tablet device.• A site with too much flash is a real mobile and tablet device killer.•
    6. 6. Examples of good web design• No Flash• Content specific• Excellent Graphics• Clear call to action
    7. 7. What can my business do to make sure my website can accessed and used on a mobile or tablet device? • I think there are some questions to ask my users before they begin accessing my website. • Is it Truly Mobile? Many of these devices suffer from truly being 100% mobile. • Can it handle flash? • What are the browser capabilities? • HTML 5 compatible
    8. 8. Tablet PC penetration rate of 5% in adults • Mobile - According to the U.S. market research company Pew’s latest report, nearly 90% of U.S. adults have cell phones, MP3 players, game consoles, e-reader or tablet PCs. • 85% of American own a mobile phone, making it the most popular technology products. Pictures of people using mobile phones (76%) than people with mobile phone text messaging 72% slightly more, but in all age groups, these two types of non speech activities are the most popular features. • Tablet PC - As of September, Apple and Samsung Galaxy Tab iPad tablet PCs and other adults in the United States, the prevalence rate of 5%, 3% higher than in May. Apple iPad April last year, just in the U.S. With several Android Tablet PC market, such equipment is expected next year will further increase the penetration rate. As for the Tablet PC penetration rate can go beyond notebooks, •
    9. 9. • Tablet vs Desktop devices.• 90% of the U.S are using mobile & table devices.• Change and update your website for what’s to come in 2012.
    10. 10. WHERE IS THE FUTURE OF THE TABLET GOING TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS?• The table market is definitely on to something. What I see is many companies duplicating what Apple has done with the iPad however, I believe design, and features/Entertainment and what the consumer will come first.• Tablet technology will expand to the point that it can be used specifically for tasks in specialized industries i.e. education, and of course enterprise.